Once again, DWTS  was the most watched show on Television last week.   This week, the Contestants will take on the Instant Dance.  This part is always fun to watch, because it is interesting o see which Contestant will rise to the occasion of  performing a 2nd dance to music that they

As the stars enter, I have been looking at Kirstie every week, but tonight, I realize how much weight she has lost.  Her face looks great!  Wow! 

 Chelsea and Mark:  They danced the Waltz.  Chelsea kind of put Mark in check this week for complaining about their scores last week.  She doesn’t want to be associated with a bad attitude.  Mark hopes to redeem himself with a Waltz where they totally connect.  I think that the young lad has redeemed himself.  This dance was beautiful, graceful and elegant.  Can we say fabulous? Len: thinks that occasionally there is too much emphasis on the story and not the dance.  But this was very musical, great posture overall I liked it.  Bruno:  Mark you found the perfect setting to have Chelsea shine.  Exquisite, but timeless waltz.  Fabulous.  Carrie Ann:  You’re right, you can’t come out here and just expect to be given great scores, you have to earn them and tonight you earned perfection.  (MAC-10)    Carrie Ann- 10, Len-9 (always tripping), Bruno-10= 29   800.868.3401  Instant Dance:  Get Busy by Sean Paul (interesting)        Video

 Feedback from the Judges on Instant Dance: This will be the toughest dance of the season!  I would say so, to find out what song you will dance to right before you perform and find a way to connect to the dance and the music!    

Hines and Cheryl:  They danced the Foxtrot to Natalie Coles’  This will be.   Their story tonight (that they are hoping to convey to the audience)  is that Hines proposes to Kym through the dance. Very cute and charming choreography and for some reason, it makes me  think of Doris Day.  I really enjoyed it.    Bruno:  Yes, Yes, Yes!  Beaming with a sense of happiness.  It reminds him of one of his favorite movies and he compares him to Fred Astaire.  Bruno says that Hines got him for that!  Carrie Ann:  Disagrees, she sees more of Gene Kelly (in Hines).  She feels that he is a guys guy.  She loved it.  Great job!  Len:  Your dancing has such great appeal.  Your personality radiates such a joyful experience.  Unfortunately your feet….   It might be a bit cheesy.  If that is cheese….I love it.  (MAC-9)   Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-10= 29   800.868.3403   Instant DanceChantilly Lace  Video

Romeo and Chelsie:  They danced the Tango to Britney Spears’ Hold it Against Me.   Romeo has to make a comeback tonight, since last week, he struggled.   Tonight, Romeo gave an excellent and passionate dance, even though I think that the music could have been the one missing factor. When will they learn?  When you put classic Tang Music to the dance it ups the performance value!  Romeo and Chelsie have such great chemistry that come out with such intensity, that I always enjoy them from star to finish!  Hot!    Carrie Ann:  Someone is in it to win it.  You are dancing like you really mean it.  She loved the intensity.  She notes that hedid a one little strange thing with your feet.  Len:  Last week, I told you to up your game and that is what you have done.  He notes that so far the 3 couples who have performed have been  fantastic and Romeo is right up there with them.  Bruno:  You dance like a real man out there.  (MAC-10)   Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-9= 27   800.868.3405    Instant Dance:  Tequila   Video

Ralph and Karina:  They danced the Viennese Waltz.  Poor Ralph!  He suffered a Ruptured Baker’s Cyst on the back of one of his legs during the week and was not able to utilize much of his practice time.     They were only able to practice 9 hours as opposed to their usual 40.  Inspite of the injury, Ralph did really well.  There was some clunky funky moves in there, but to have only have had 9 hours, that is to be expected.  I thought this was his best dance in weeks!  I Loved the choreography, especially since he was so in to it.   Len– He thinks that his adrenaline got him through it with such a limited rehearsal,it  was well done.  Bruno:  You were like vampire lovers dancing from moon to am.  It’s astonishing how you were able to do what you didwith  limited rehearsal.  Carrie Ann-   You did an amazing job inspite of your injury.  Unfortunately, we have to judge you  on the dance.   (MAC-9)   Carrie Ann-8, Len-8, Bruno-9= 25   800.868. 3408  Instant DanceStuck in the Middle   Video

Kirstie and Maks:  They danced the Argentine Tango.  In practice, Kirstie keeps falling out and I’m a little worried about about her; apparently she is not eating enough and she is weak.  Look Kirstie, as much calories you are burning in rehearsals, I think that you can eat a bagel before you go to practice.  This might be Kirstie’s best dance!  Fantabulous.  Her and Maks have such great chemistry and she has lost so much weight that Kirste does so many lifts in this wonderful, difficult and entertaining dance!  Loved it!  Bruno:  Just the right amount of passion.  Your body is shrinking and your talent is growing.  Carrie Ann:  I felt like I was watching real life in front of me.  She thinks that she topped her Cha Cha.   Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-10= 28   800.868.3411   Video

Instant Dances

Chelsea and Mark:  They danced the Salsa to Sean Paul’s ‘Get Busy’.   Mark brought in DWTS’ Alum and fellow Disney chum Kyle Massey to inspire his pal Chelsea tackled the challenge of the Instant Dance without a snag!  She nailed it!  Kyle is a better coach than he knows.  Len:  the instant dance is like a normal competition where you find out what song you will dance to when you perform.  It kicked in; your  waltz was cool and this Salsa was  hot.  Bruno:  you put so many steps in there.  You are setting the bar high.  Fully driven and  right on the money.  Carrie Ann:  She thought that they did very well, but there was no connection to the music tonight. (boos from the audience, Len and Bruno)  (MAC-10)    Carrie Ann-8, Len-9, Bruno-9= 26 for total score of 55.    Video

Hines and Cheryl:  They danced the Jive to Big Bopper’s Chantilly Lace.  Hines was a little worried about doing the Jive for the Instant dance.  I would imagine that the Jive would be one of the more difficult dances to perform for the instant dance, since it requires so much energy, but  Hines adapted well.  He is so likable when he performs that he never really has to worry about too much.   Bruno:  Like watching Mr. Happy feet.  You make me smile.  All of the kicks were flat footed, really like a penguin.  Carrie Ann:  You did an amazing job.  She loved it.  It was like the audience lifted him up.  Len:  He can tell that he worked really hard.  This is a real tough dance and you did a fantastic job.         (MAC-8)   Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-8 (Boos from the crowd)=26 for a total score of 54.    Video

Romeo and Chelsie:  They danced the Salsa to Tequila.   Chelsie encouraged Romeo by taking him to a real Salsa club and getting some on the spot lessons from  the Ladies.  This was a good dance and Romeo was working his hips with the right amout of intensity and sexuality.  Initially, I thought that Chelsie was doing most of the dancing and it was somewhat uneven, but as things progressed, Romeo held his own.  Carrie Ann:  Felt like we were in a club.  Something was a little off towards the ends. She thought that the dance should have been more in-sync.  Len: doesn’t know why his colleagues are so nasty.  You came out and danced!  He thought he was the cool dude who conquers the hot chick.  Len loved it and he was with it.  Bruno:  Yes, you have the part down, but you cannot lose the fluidity.    (MAC-9)  Carrie Ann-8, Len-9, Bruno-8= 25  for a total score of 52.   Video

 Ralph and Karina:  They danced the Cha Cha Cha to Stealer’s Wheel’s Stuck in the Middle.    Ralph is still suffering through his injury.  They are unable to practice the instant dance routine at all.  Luckily, they did perform the Cha Cha in the group routine, so he is familiar with the dance.  I gotta give Ralph some points for performing through his pain.  He kept a smile on his face, but you could tell that he was in pain and stiff from his injury.  Pity.  Len:  He admires his perseverance and dedication.   Bruno:  this dance is about the passion.  You lost it in the end.  You coped very well.  Carrie Ann:  amazing, you pulled it off without any practice.  Something new about you tonight.  She really admires him for pulling through.   (MAc-7)    Carrie Ann-7, Len-7, Bruno-7= 21 for a total score of  60.  Video

Kirstie and Maks:  They danced the Salsa to Cobrastyle.  Maks tells him that she has the biggest hips in the competition, so she needs to move them to make this dance work.  Good ol’ Maks is back!  He throws a temper tantrum in practice and throws his microphones. .  Kirstie looks like she had a ball.  I’m not sure what it was, but something was kind of off with this one.  It was an okay perforance, but no where near as good as the first one.  The Cha Cha was slower and I think that I look forward to the high energy of typical Salsa Choreography.  Once I got over my stuff, I enjoyed it.   Bruno  You flirtatious vixen.  Traditional salsa.  Lost sync 3 or 4 times.  Carrie Ann:  she really enjoyed it.  She thought that they were totally in sync and she loves their chemistry. It really works for them.  Len:  This was a slower more rhythmic salsa.  More basic dance.  He thinks her hips were working and it was oily.  Well done (oily?)  (MAC-8) Carrie Ann-8, Len-9, Bruno-8= 25  for a grand total of 53 out of 60     Video

Weak Link:  Ralph