We are finally down to our final four.  In two weeks, we will be off to the Nokia Theatre for our finale.  It is truly anyone’s contest at this point.

The contestants will sing 2 songs tonight.  The first will be a song that inpire them.  The second will be the music of Jerry Leiber and Mike StollerLady Gaga will be the guest Mentor tonight.  Tomorrow, Jordin Sparks, Julio Iglesia and Lady Gaga will perform. 

James Durbin:  He sang ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ byJourney.  Hmm….did he sing this before?  Maybe, I just have too much Glee in my life.   James is such an incredible performer that it is almost unfair to the other contestants.  This guy has been performing for some time now and it shows in a big way.  I keep saying it, but I don’t know if it is actually his voice that is his biggest asset.  He is the whole package.   Steven:  Little indication of what is to come.  Randy cuts in (he loved it).  You picked the right song, it is kicking ass and so are you.  Jlo:  She loves that he always pulls out the bravado at the end.  Randy:  Paying such a great homage to  Journey and in particular lead singer  Steve Perry.  I’m glad that you are giving him props.  Randy likes that James is seriously doing his homework and  he is even dressed like Steve Perry.    That was the highest degree of difficulty and you did it.    866.436.5701 or 866.436.5705    Video

Oh no….Ryan just said that Haley is going for the King of Pop….like in Michael?  Ooh….very dangerous!

Steven Tyler is a best selling Author.  I hear that.

Haley Reinhart:  She sang ‘The Earth Song’ by Michael Jackson.  Hmmm….Not sure how I feel about this.  Truly, this was probably the best MJ song that she could pick, because it’s not one of the classics  that everyone heard 60 times a day when it was out.   But I don’t know if this was good singing, it sounded like a whole  lot of yelling to me.  Even though this wasn’t a MJ classic, he put his heart and soul into it and when you heard him deliver this , it was mesmerizing.  This was not mesmerizing.  This is not the kind of song that a top 4 American Idol should pick to secure a place in the top 3.   Casey is there clapping his sweetie on.  JLo:  What she loved is that Haley picked a song that inspired her.  But at this point of the competition, Jlo thinks that she  has to think more about picking a song that will win, especially after James sets the bar so hight with such a great song.  Choose the hit records.  Randy:  He agrees in a big way.  Keeping it real, who wants to win.  What I didn’t like.  Confused me as what kind of Artist you are.  Also, this song doesn’t suit her.  He felt like she was screaming out of her range.  To sing this like the great MJ,  She felt it.  He didn’t think she delivered it.  Screaming at the end.  Steven :  Don’t listen to them.  They are both wrong.  That song showed me that you can.  Randy is fighting to be heard and he should be.  It didn’t work…..at all.   Haley is really angry.  Wait….who am I kidding?  Haley is pissed and she looks like she wants to hit Randy upside his head. 866.436.5702 or 866.436.5706.   Video

Scotty McCreery:  He sang Where were you When the World Stopped Turning by Alan Jackson.  Wow…. sometimes it is so hard to believe that he is only 16 or 17!   I have to give Scotty some major kudos  for picking this song.  I have never heard this song before, but the timing is impeccable.  For Scotty to sing a song about where were you on 911 the week after Bin Laden was killed can be summed up in one word: Genius.  Randy:  That is a great amazing song.  He can tell that this song means a lot to Scotty.  Perfect song choice for where we are as a country.  He hopes that he keeps the simple guy singing a simple song quality.  Very nice.  Randy hopes that  he makes it.  Steven:  Very nice.  Beautiful.  JLo:  I’m in love with you, she can’t help herself.  She can tell that he knows who he is and that he thinks about the music that he picks.  She is glad that they are there to witness it.  Video   866436.5703  or  866.436.5707 

 Fellow American Idol Alum Paul is there with Casey cheering on his pals.

Lauren Alaina:  She sang  Anyway  by  Martina Mcbride.   Another great song with great timing.  Lauren is singing this song inspired by the devastation of the storms in her home state Georgia.  Slam dunk.  She is delivering the big notes and she seems more confident than she has been in weeks.  Steven:  You did it again, you broke my heart again.  He is in love with the buckles on her shoes (what is Steven talking about?  Lol).  He thinks that she is the whole package.  JLo:  This was very good.  So proud of you.   The Judges are  trying to help her get in the finals.  That (performance) was exactly what she has to do.  Great vocal peformance.  Beautiful.  Randy:  Last week, he was a little worried.  But tonight, Lauren is back in it to win it.  That was hot.  That was everything.  Amazing.  This was  great time to do it.  866.436.5704 or 866.436.5708  Video

Ryan calls the rest of the Idols out, so he can have some fun.  He ask the Judges,  ‘Who won that round?’

JLo:  Everybody did well.   (The PC answer)

Randy:  It’s a tie between Scotty, James and Lauren.  (OUCH….Haley must feel like 2 cents).  He feels that  Haley has to up her game. The Judges  believe that she can do it.  (The I don’t give a F*** answer).  If looks could kill, Randy would be a goner.  Video

2nd Round

The Great Lady Gaga Mentors the Idol Hopefuls for their interpretations of Stroeller and Lieber classics.

Haley Reinhart:  She sang ‘I, who have nothing’.  Lady Gaga thought that she was amazing,but she would like her to get a little psycho and theatrical during the performance, so that things don’t get boring.  This song was so much better for Haley,  because she is really singing and having a ball with it.  If Haley makes it to next week, she is going to have to nail both songs like this.  The Judges give her a standing O.  JLo:  This is why we can’t take it easy on you.  Look what you are capable of, because you are that amazing.  One of the best performances of the year.  Randy:  everyone needs a moment tonight.  You probably got mad at us earlier, but you just had a moment that put you in it.  That was amazing.  Best vocals ever. (Haley still looks pissed under her little smile).  Steven:  He always knew it.  You just Reinharted yourself into next week.  Ryan has Haley come over and make nice with the Judges.  Video

Scotty McCreery:  He sang ‘Young blood’ by The Coasters.  Only Lady Gaga can get Scotty to change the way that he holds the mic.  She encourages him to stop pulling away from the Mic by saying things like,  He has to get in the center of the Hot dog.  The mic is his girlfriend and he needs to stick his tongue down the mic’s throat.  Wow…..Make love to the Mic….Wow…..Scotty wasn’t prepared for Lady Gaga and he was driven to kiss his cross to  reconfirm his belief in God.  This was kind of corny, but I liked it.  I enjoyed that Scotty was all over the stage and having a lot of  fun.  I think that Lady Gaga really brought something out ofScotty that we hadn’t seen before.  Randy:  He can tell that Scotty had a good time?  He loved that he did a serious song round one and then he had so much fun on this one.  Randy feels that we just saw both sides of a  Scotty Concert.  You are like a seasoned professional.  Steven: You made Gaga’s lala go yaya.  (what)  It was good. Steven  loved the humor.  Jlo: She thinks that he really hit his stride.  This reminds her of what he did last week with ‘Gone’.  She would like to see more next week.  You know what I’m sayin’…..  Video

Ryan makes Scott blush when he ask him if she was flirting with Lady Gaga.  No Ryan, he went home and prayed for her soul several times.

Lauren Alaina sang ‘Trouble’ by Elvis Presley.  Lauren struggled with the lyrics, because she doesn’t want to offend America and have anyone think that she is evil as the song says.  Lady Gaga told her to get as evil as she wantsto.  Wow….Lauren really embraced Gaga’s words, because she came out all Vampish for this performance. She is all strutting her stuff like I don’t think  I have ever seen before.  Nice turn for Lauren.  I think that Lady Gaga definitely has inspired Lauren to let out their inner Parlor girl.  Steven:  He is not sure what she is, but it was well done.  He loves her.  JLo:  She saw a performance quality that she never seen in her before.   She came out with a total attack.  This was seriously a good performance.  Vocally it was great.  She loved it.  She saw new maturity in her.  Tonight, she was sexy.  Randy:  We saw a new side that we never saw of you before.  He enjoyed that she let go.  Gaga really helped her.  Big ups to you and her.  Video

Ryan welcomes Mike Stoeller who co-wrote the music that they Idols have taken on tonight.  His partner Jerry Lieber  couldn’t be here, because he is ill.

James Durbin sang ‘Love Potion #9’.  Lady Gaga encouraged him to move his hips.   Literally….she grabbed his hips and had him swaying back and forth.  James was afraid that she might undress him, so he started working his hips for real.  Interesting how the arrangement can make such a difference!   This is definitely not the song that My Mother loves, but it worked for James.  Another solid performance from James.  JLo:  You know what that showed me?  That you can sing anything  She wasn’t sure about that song for him, but she was absolutely wrong.  You put that ‘James thin’g on it.  Randy:  You slayed the Journey song earlier.  You come out and take any song and have the moment every single week.  Steven:  Wow.  Incredible.  Where you have come from to where you are now.  What you can’t do with your voice, you did here tonight. (WTH is Steven talking about)  Video

Weak Link:  Haley (cant forgive that first performance)