Tonight we find out who made it to the Top 3.  I don’t know what Randy was talking about when he said that last week was the most important week.  This is the most important week that decides if you get hailed as a hero in your hometown.  Yes, I would say so!

Almost 72 million votes came last night! 

Enrique Iglesias, Jordin Sparks and Lady Gaga will grace the stage tonight.

Recap of last night’s performances.  James, Scotty and Lauren triumphed on both of their songs!  They brought their A game.  Haley didn’t do so well with the first number, but she brought the house down with her second performance.  I’m still laughing about how she was looking at Randy as he delivered her constructive criticism.  She wanted to punch him really, really hard. 


Scotty and James perform ‘Start a Band’ .  This song showed off James’ versatility.  He rocked this country song like it was his genre.  Scotty was right at home of course.  I want to see Scotty do Rock!  I looked down for a minute and the next thing I knew they both had guitars.  Good performance.    Video


Lauren and Haley perform   ‘Gun Powder and Lead’.  Another solid Country performance and I liked it just as well.  Lauren may have outsang Haley just a tidbit…..maybe.  Video

Footage of the Idols connected with their families on line courtesy of Windows 7.  Video


The first person in the Top 3 is Lauren!  No surprise here!  Video


Guest Performance by Video:

The Idols watched a video (and we watched with them) of Lady Gaga performing her new song ‘You and I’ during a concert.  She is in her bra, panties and boots which is typical LG gear.   LG is eccentric as hell, but she is an undeniable Talent that you have to recognize and respect.  I Luv her!    She probably did one of the best Mentoring jobs that I have seen on Idol in a long time, because she pulled a lot out of the Idols.  Video

Guest Performance

Enrique Iglesias performs ‘Dirty Dancer and I like it’  Video

Haha!  Ryan tries to his a bouncing beach ball that has been circulating through the audience and he nearly falls off the stage.

Ford Music Video

‘Firefly’   Yawwwnnnn….   Video

Guest Performance:

Jordin Sparks performs her new song ‘I am Woman’.  It is about time!!!  When was her last song.  Wow….Jordin haws really slimmed down and she is shaking her groove thing for real.  I think she is really feeling this song.   Work it girl!   This is a whole new Jordin.  One thing is certain that this song wants us to knw….she is a Woman.  That shy girl that won American Idol is gone.  Video

Guest Performance:

Steven Tyler debuts his new video ‘It feels so Good’.  Okay, the video is interesting.  But aside from that, I like the song.  He has some cameos of some gorgeous ladies from the Industry and it looks like the Pussycats Nicole Scherzinger is doing some vocals.  I like it.  Steven is the man!  He is up out his seat making the audience give him a Standing O and they should.  The Man is an Icon.  Video


Haley is in the top 3!  Video

OH Snap!  The two guys left I assumed would make it to the final 3 with no problem.  Wow…

Scotty is in the final 3!!!!

The person going home is James Durbin!!!  WTH  Are you kidding me?  Wow, I totally didn’t see this home.  I thought it was a no brainer.  This guy has consistently given great performances.  Wow!   The Judges aren’t happy.  JLo is crying.  Ryan is secretly happy, he can see that the poor guy is crying and very emotional and he is making him answer questions like ‘How do you feel’?  Really?  Video

I’m not worried about James though, I would find it hard to believe that he is not going to have a record deal in the very near future.  Who knows?  Right now, all I can think of is Chris Daughtry getting sent home and not making the Final 3.  It turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to him.  James sings out with an emotional rendition of  “Maybe I’m Amazed’Video