Last night’s Semi Finalist made it clear for me who will be in the final 3!   That would be Chelsea & Mark, Hines and Kym & Kirstie and 
Maks.  I really like Ralph, but it is his time to go home.    I can only pray that America gets it right.

Repeat Performance:  Chelsea and Mark’s spicy Rumba!   Video


Hines & Kim:  These two prevailed in a major way after Kim was injured during rehearsal.  Their performances warranted perfect scores for 60 out of 60.  I love how concerned that he is for Kym.  He is definitely going to the Finals!  Of course, they are safe!  No Shocker here!  I think that everyone likes Hines.

Backstage Conversation with Brooke and the remaining 3 Stars and their Partners.   Guest Performance:

Color me happy!  The Great Stevie Nicks performs ‘Secret Love!  Love her!  She has a new album dropping soon and I can’t wait to hear it!  Video

Guest Performance:

Pitbull ft. Neyo and Nyer perform ‘Give me Everything’.  This was a truly hyped performance.  I really enjoyed it.  I never heard of Nyer before, but she is clearly feeling herself.  Lol!  Video


Chelsea and Mark:  They topped the score boards last night after winning the Winner takes all for 15 points.  I felt that they deserved to win, but I kind of thought that was too many points for one couple to get for one performance.  Anyhoo, America got it right again and they are safe and through to the Finals!  Yay!

Backstage fluff:  Brooke speaks with Hines and Kym & Chelsea and Mark about how they feel about going to the Finals and what dances they will be performing. 

Inspirational Dance:

Tayla Kelley is 13 and she is very passionate about ballet dancing.  She was diagnosed with Primary Immune Syndrome.  She only has 1/2 of her immune system and dancing is her relief from her illness.  Her life is fragile, but she appears to have such a positive outlook that she refuses to let he illness define her.  What an awesome kid. She was so thrilled when Chelsea and Lacey dropped by to see her I’m sure even more excited that she gets to peform with them on DWTS.  Nice.  Video

Footage of the Stars and what they are experiencing at this point in the competition.   Yawn!  We know!  Actually, I did kind of enjoy hearing more about how the Stars felt and coped with their injuries.  I still don’t know how Kym was able to bounce back so clearly.

Guest Performance:

Stevie Nicks performs a Fleetwood Mac Classic ‘Landslide’.  I love this one, but if she had sang ‘Dreams’, I might have had to send a Thank You email to DWTS.   Video


Kirstie and Maks:  They were sensational last night.  That’s all I can say! Kirstie and Maks are in the final 3!!!

Ralph and Karina:  They just didn’t wow last night and I think that the Male Butt underwear didn’t help ……at all!  Ralph and Karina leave the competition!  Video

Our Final 3:  Hines and Kym, Chelsea and Mark & Kirstie and Maks!  It is on like Popcorn!!!