Tonight, we find out who is going to the Finals!  Exciting!  I missed last night’s show!  Graduation Season will do that to you!

Jimmy Levine is predicting that there will be a Guy in the Finale!  Lauren and Haley are like Oh No!

95 million votes came in…..Damn…..That is huge!  15 million more than last year’s Top 4 show.  Are they really limiting the amount of votes that each person can cast? Or are people creating bogus email accounts and voting as much as they want?  I know the show is popular, but 95 million?  Wow!

The Finals will air on Tuesday & Wednesday next week; one day earlier than usual.  DWTS is like WTH?

The Idols vsit the Bad Robot Company and they get to screen upcoming movie trailer for ‘Super 8’.  He gives them a  Super 8 Video camera to take with them as a parting gift.  What a nice way to get your trailer viewed by Millions!   Video

Actress Elle Fanning is there and she shares that her ‘Cousin’ has loved Scotty since the auditions.   Hmm, judging by how Elle is almost hyperventilating, I think that she is the ‘Cousin’.

Haley’s Chicago Homecoming:  It has to be so awesome to be the Top 3 and get the huge homecoming.  I don’t even know these people and it makes me feel good.  She makes the rounds and  yes, there are 30,000 people there to cheer her on.  Who is Aaron?  He is on the stage crying….and he is big.  Video

Ford Music Video: 

They perform ‘Smile’.  Video

Guest Performance:

IL Volo performs:  O Sole Mio   Video

Scotty’s North Carolina Homecoming:  It’s always nice to see how humbled the Idol Hopefuls are when they go home.   He is truly overwhelmed by the welcome.  Scotty is moved to tears and he is openly sobbing.   They had him at hello.    Wow…it must be super hard to go back home when you don’t make it to the finals.  However,   I don’t think that young Scotty will have to worry about that. I think that he is a sure thing at this point.   Ha!  During Scotty’s performance as he was singing his favorite Country song ‘Your Man’ by Josh Turner when the man himself came out to join him on stage.    Scotty is blown away.   Life is good!  Video

Guest Performance:

Nicole Scherizinger  performs her new Reggae song ‘Right There’ ft. 50Cent.  I’m kind of liking this one.   Video

Lauren’s Georgia Homecoming:   Of course, she is very emotional to be home, but she is brought to tears when she sees firsthand the devastation of the storm.    The sweetest moment of her homecoming is when she visits a little Hero who helped saved his family.   Video


Scotty McCreery is going to the Finals!  Check Steven’s face…..He didn’t look too happy! 

Lauren Alaina will compete in the Finale against Scotty!  Video

Haley Reinhart leaves the competition!  I know that no one would be happy to get sent home, but Haleygot that look on her face like when she wanted to sock Randy in the head when he was critical of her.  Anyhoo, I wish her luck!  Video