Kirstie & Maks, Chelsea & Mark and Hines & Kym will perform 3 dances tonight to see who will win the coveted Disco ball!  Each voter gets 5 calls or texts tonight and remember every vote counts.  You can vote until 11 am ET tomorrow. 

Tonight there will be a Make it or break it round and then the Freestyle round.  Tomorrow night, the finalists will perform for the last time and earn their last set of scores from the Judges. 

Also, The Judges will assign the Stars a dance of their choice.

Chelsea and Mark:  The Judges have chosen the Samba for these two.  Carrie Ann provided pointers and encouragement to help the Disney Star excel.   Carrie Ann is really hoping that Chelsea can show that she is a Sexy Woman when she performs.  I think that this was a well danced routine, but I don’t know if Chelsea brought the sexiness, but one thing is clear….this girl can dance.  She doesn’t exude sexiness, but her technique is flawless.  Len:  Every step she takes, he will be watching her.  He liked it, although he wasn’t keen on her flailing arms.  Bruno:  You were like an ultra sexy bombshell.  The rhythm was flowing through her like never before.  Carrie Ann:  Hot, Hot, Hot.  You got down and dirty and that is what I was wanting from you.  (MAC-9) Carrie Ann-10, Len-9, Bruno-10= 29 out of 30  Video  800. 868. 3401


Kirstie and Maks:  The Judges have chosen the Samba.    Bruno came in to advise her.  He encouraged her to control her arms.  Tonight, Kirstie’s Samba wasn’t as difficult as Chelsea’s.  But where it lacked technicality, Kirstie made up for it in the sexpot area.  This was a good Dance.  Bruno:  Softer, rich and full of lively pleasures and full of womanhood.  But she was looking at the floor.  Play to your audience.  Carrie Ann:  It is interesting to watch this Samba, after watching Chelsea’s, such a difference between her and Chelsea.  She does feel that This was a great SambaLen:  Different Samba than Chelsea’s, but he enjoyed it just the same.  It could have been a little more crisper, but well done.  (MAC-9) Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-9=27 out of 30.  Video  800. 868.3411

Hines and Kym:  The Judges have chosen the Quickstep for the NFL Star.   Len came by to share his expertise.  He is hoping to get Hines’ footwork together.  Poor Kym is still wearing a neck brace.  I’m still amazed that she is able to perform so soon after her  injury.  Another excellent dance for Kym and Hines.  They deserve it, they have given great performances consistently.  Bruno is hi-fiving them and there is a Standing O from the crowd.  Carrie Ann:  That was so much fun….So great.  When you dance it is like you are running for a touch- down and the whole audience is following you.  Len:  The best dancer will win a mirror ball.  There is a vast improvement from the last time, but not quite there yet, there is still work to do.  This competition is still anyone’s to win or lose.   (Boos from the crowd)  Bruno:  You have it from me.  There was a great entertainment value.  You are just a Great Entertainer.    (MAC-9) Carrie Ann-10, Len-9, Bruno-10= 29  Video   800. 868.3403


Everyone knows that if you nail the free-style, you have a great chance of winning.

Chelsea and Mark:  They start off riding a bike for some reason.  Why?  I can only think that they are hoping to irritate Len?  However, with this dance that would be impossible.  Great, lively and energetic routine.  They incorporate Latino dance moves with so many other aspects of other dances.  I really enjoy Mark’s choreography.  Len:  He acknowledges that people think he is a fuddy- duddy old guy, but even he knows that this dance was full on with So much attack.  This was Well done.  Bruno:  It’s electrifying.  Really Really good.  The way that you interpreted all the Latin moves with contemporary feel.  Carrie Ann: She can’t find the words so she up out her seat shaking her groove thing.   (MAC-10)  Carrie Ann-10, Len-10, Bruno-10= 30  Video    800. 868.3401

Kirstie and Maks:  Maks is hoping to do plenty of lifts during their routine and making sure that they look young and current against the very young Chelsea and the very athletic Hines.  Hmmm….   They did a lot of lifts, but there was something really awkward about this dance.  It just didn’t come together.   I was hoping for more from them or is it just the going after Chelsea factor?  Bruno:  He has to say  that 10 weeks ago, he wouldn’t have thought that she would do the lifts and pull this off.  He loves that she went for it, hehas respect for this girl.  Carrie Ann: Some of the lifts had an Alley oop, but you danced.  She thinks that Kirstie could be the Poster Child for how life should be lived at 60 years old.  There were elements of the Rumba and Cha cha.  Len:  She risked it, she wants the biscuit.  Well done and he commends her.  (MAC-8) Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-9= 27.  Boos from the crowd.    Video          800. 868.3411

Hines and Kym:  They have chosen to use music from the movie ‘Drumline‘ and Hines was to re-create a half-time show.  Whatever it is that Hines has, they need to bottle it up and sell it to all future contestants.  Carrie Ann:  That was a risk but that wasn’t the half-time the whole damn show.  Those lifts were insane.  She loves that inspite of her injuries, Kym  is going it.  Len:  The more you give, the more you take.  You have given it all.  Bruno:  You created a crowd pleasing event.  (MAC-10) Carrie Ann-10, Len-10, Bruno-10= 30     Video   800. 868.3403

Chelsea and Mark:  59 out of 60

Kirstie and Maks:  54 out of 60

Hines and Kym:  59 out of 60