We open tonight with footage of our Past American Idol Winners Carrie Underwood and David Cook and then fast forward to Current Contenders Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery.  I truly have no idea who will win the American Idol title tomorrow.  It could go either way.  Yes, it is down to the youngest match up in American Idol History.  16 year old Lauren takes on 17 year old Scotty.

Yeah…..I heard the rumor that Lauren might not sing tonight because of sprained vocal cords.  Really?  They bring out a Doctor who confirms that after some serious treatments to soothe her throat, she will be able to perform tonight.  Really?  I’m sure that is true, but I really couldn’t see Lauren dropping out (sprained vocal cords or not), when she could take it all.   No way!

The Idols will sing 3 songs tonight:

Their first song will be their personal favorite song.  Their second song will be a song chosen by their personal Idol.  The Last song will be what their single will be if they win.  Let’s be real, both of these kids will have a hot song release, no matter who takes it.

Scotty McCreery:  His personal favorite song is ‘Gone’.  Jimmy predicts that Scotty will break Idol records with his record sales.  I think that he may be accurate.  Country music is Hot and he is young, talented and the girls seem to love him.  I still want to know how it is that  this youngster presents like he is 35 years old.  Video

Lauren Alaina:  Her favorite song is ‘Flat on the Floor’ by Carrie Underwood.  I really agree with this choice for Lauren, because I felt that this was the song when she really started to believe that she can win and that her voice is that good.   Video

No Feedback from the Judges?

Idol’s Choices:

Scotty:  His Idol George Straight picked his own song ‘Check Yes or No’ for Scotty.  I never heard this song before, but I know that this was a winner for Scotty.  It is like it was written for him.  Video

Lauren:  Her Idol is Carrie Underwood (smart girl that Lauren) who picks ‘Maybe it was Memphis’ by Pam Tillis.  Lauren is dressed for the part and she is a Lil’ Country Queen.  I’m Loving her tonight!  This is my personal favorite for her as well.   Video

Ryan has Scotty come out to Join Lauren and ask the Judges for their thoughts about the rounds.

Randy:  Commends America for doing a great job by putting these two young people in the finale.  Scotty:  your reprisal of Gone was great and he enjoyed the George Straight song too.  Lauren also did well, but he gives a slight edge to Scotty for round one.  He thinks that Lauren got the slight edge for round two.

JLo:  Basically agrees with Randy, same choices for round 1 and 2.

Steven:  He gives the first round and the second round to Lauren, because she is prettier.  (He’s serious)

Randy (shocker) says they’re both in it to win it.    Video

Hot new single from Tao Cruz that Amerca helped write. 

Scotty McCreery:  Jimmy Levine introduces us to  what Scotty’s single will be if he wins.  The song is called ‘This Big’.  Jimmy is right, if Scotty can bring his confidence with his big voice, it’s a no brainer.  He brings it while a video clip of him shows his time on Idol.  Randy:  Wow man, I am just marveling at the fact of their ages and both from the Country genre.  You are here and in it to win it. It is game time.  Your range was great.   JLo:  It really was!   You did an amazing job with that song.  Steven:  You have come a long way.  You take chances and you nailed it again!  You got it!  Video  Performance Video

Lauren Alaina:  She is singing ‘Like My Mother Does.  Jimmy thinks this song will showcase where she is going with her Career and it will move Mom’s across the Nation.  The beginning was a little slow, so I was glad when the chorus kicked in.  This song didn’t show off Lauren’s voice in my opinion.  The words were very nice and what a great tribute to her Mom, but I don’t see this as a hit single.   By the way the Judges are smiling, I think I am out there alone on this one.  Randy:  Let me just say, mad props to Jimmy.  Amazing song.  Great summation of her journey and tribute to her Mom.  He loved the end and compares her to Mariah Carey.  Amazing.  JLo:  This is a very tight race, but with that song, you may have just won.  That was beautiful.  Perfect for you.  Everything that it needed to be.  Heart, feeling emotion.  Steven:  You just gave it up to your Mom.  As far as I’m concerned, you are the American Idol in my eyes.  (wow….gotta rewind)   Video   Performance Video

Judges pick Round 3

Randy:  Lauren

JLo:  This is a tight race and America has a tough job.  She doesn’t answer the question though.

Steven:  Lauren gets it hands down.

Wow!!!  Personally, I think that it’ a tie right now.  I can’t see where Lauren is that much ahead of Scotty right now.  As long as there are tons of teenage girls voting for Scotty, the race is pretty tight!   Video

Special Tribute:

David Cook sings ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’.  That is what I am talking about!  Video