No Surprise here!  Hines Ward and Kym Johnson win DWTS Season 12!  Here’s the Recap!

The Show starts with the Pros performing along with the eliminated  DWTS’ Season 12 Contestants.  Nice to see them all back.  Video

Chelsea and Mark:  They earned 59 out of 60 last night.  Their scores reflect how good they were.

Kirstie and Maks:  The crowd pleaser earned a score of 54 out of 60.  Kirstie is pretty amazing.

Hines and Ward:  Tied for 1st place with a score of  59 out of 60.  Fantabulous job.

Guest Performance:

The Black Eyed Peas perform new single ‘Don’t Stop the Party’.  Video

Judge’s feedback on the Contestants’ Strengths for winning tonight.

DWTS performances from eliminated Contestants

Mike and Lacy: Mike is a mess.  I might have to check out his radio show, because he doesn’t mind going there and making a fool of himself for the sake of a laugh.  He has no rhythm at all.  Lol, but I like his energy.  Video

Footage of all of the Contestants throughout the season.  I have to say that this season, most of the eliminations were in the correct order.  Most of them…

Petra and Dmitri.  Encore performance of her beautiful Waltz and Josh Grobin is in the house singing ‘You Raise me Up’.  Nice!  Video

Kendra, Louis, Toni, Teddy and Christian take the floor for her Mama.  Truly this is Kendra’s best dance.  Oops….until she almost fell of the Judge’s table.  Funny flash of Maks clapping and smiling while Kirstie is looking like Whatever….  Video

Sugar Ray & Anna take on Chris & Cheryl in a battle to prove who has the best Paso.  Hahaha.  Chris does a spot on impersonation of Bruno that ends up with him laying out on the Judge’s table embracing his subject.  Video

Wendy and Tony return and surprise, she gives a PC answer about who she believes will win.  She loves everyone and feels that they all deserve it.   Smart girl!  She doesn’t dance and I can’t blame her!  Video

Macy’s Stars of Dance Performance:  Maks, Lacey, Cheryl, Chelsie dance  to the Go Go’s ‘We Got The Beat’.  I love this song!  And Maks is such a hottie!  No wonder he is so arrogant !  Video

Romeo and Chelsie: I am so glad that Romeo competed this Season.  Who would have thought that he could be so graceful?  He is backed by a children’s choir.  Romeo is hilarious.  He will give a plug for himself at any given opportunity.  Video

More footage throughout the season of the contestant’s journey.

Ralph & Karina:  The Karate Kid is back!  Video

The Final Dance is supposed to be the Contestant’s favorite dance.  It usually ends up being their redemption dance and they are able to show how much they have improved since they first performed that dance.

Chelsea and Mark:  They picked the Wizard’s Waltz.  The Harry Potter inspired Vietnamese Waltz that got Len’s panties in a bunch, because it didn’t honor the  tradition of the dance.  Since I’m not a dancer, I thought it was wickedly clever and loved it the first time.  Len:  You are a fantastic dancer and he wishes her all the luck.  Bruno:  Chelsea the temptress.  We are under your spell.  I love you.  Carrie Ann:  Now, everyone knows who you are:  A Classy, talented graceful woman.  (MAC-10)  Carrie Ann-10, Len-10, Bruno-10= 30    Grand total of  89 out of 90  Video

Kirstie and Maks:  They picked the Cha Cha, because she feels that because it was their first dance, it was like their first date.  Kirstie has lost a lot of weight and she is so much stronger in her performance.  I loved this dance and I remember being very impressed with Kirstie after seeing her initially and then she loss her mojo after a series of mishaps.  So glad to see her get her groove back in a major way.  Go girl!  Bruno:  Kirstie, you saved the best for last. Never danced better !  Brilliant.  Carrie Ann:  Kirstie,  I salute you.  I love you so much.   She feels that her performance has been a bit of Authenicity, transformation and a little magic.  Len:  Great resilience.  Improved her weaknesses. Tonight, you produced your best dance.  (MAC-10)  Carrie Ann-10, Len-10, Bruno-10= 30  84 out of 90.   Video

Hines and Kym:  They picked the Samba, because he performed it for his Mama.  Cute.  Oh wow….Hines strips down to his tights t practice.  Wow!  Can I just say that everyone has given their best dance tonight.  It will be a very close race.  Carrie Ann- In all honesty, you are the MVP of Season 12.  She is so impressed with him and feels that he danced with heart.  Len:  You bring every dance to life.  Bruno:  A killer when you play sports.  A charming dazzler when you are out here.  Irresistible.  (MAc-10)  Carrie Ann-10, Len-10, Bruno-10= 30 out of 30.  89 out of 90

Guest Performance:

Sarah Evans performs ‘A little Bit Stronger’


1st Couple Eliminated and taking the 3rd place spot:  Chelsea and Mark!!!!  I hate this competition is a Popularity Contest!!!!!

Kirstie and Maks take 2nd place!!!

Hines and Kym win DWTS!!!!!  Video