Ryan reports that over 122 milliona voted last night to decide who the American Idol Winner will be tonight.

Our Finalists Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery take the floor.    We see footage of their hometown’s  UTC McKenzie Arena and RBC Center in Raleigh, NC showing their support for their American Idol. 

Group Performance

Top 13 perform ‘Born This Way’ by Lady Gaga.  I always enjoy seeing everyone back together for their last performance of the season.  It even makes a group performance enjoyable.   Video

Idol Performance

James Durbin performs with his personal Idol Judas Priest.  Now this is cool, because you can see how completely juiced James is.   Video

Video clip of Randy doing his Randy-isms.  I think that he can officially retire the phrase ‘In it to win it’.

Idol Performance

Jacob Lusk performs ‘I smile’ with the Great Gladys Knight and Kirk Franklin.  Lol.  I am feeling Jacob on this one.  He is truly took it home to church on this one.  All you can do is laugh when you hear good spiritual music.  Nice!  Video

Idol Performance:

Casey Abrams  performs with Jack Black.  Lol!  I forget that Jack sings.  This is so Casey!  He would be the one to do something completely unexpected.  I love it.  Video

The Top Ladies perform ‘Single Ladies’ and ‘To the Left’, ‘Get me Bodied’, ‘If I Were a Boy’, ‘De Javu’……wait is Beyonce coming out?  And there she is….Wow! This is the 3rd time in the last week, I have seen her performing live.  Push that upcoming Album B!    Together, they perform ‘Crazy in love’.  At the end of the performance, Steven mouths ‘Oh My God’!  Video  Video

Video Clip of Steven the Rock Star and his Steven-isms of the season!  You can’t tame him.

Idol Performance:

Haley Reinhart performs with the always classy and very smooth Tony Bennett.  They perform ‘Stepping out with my Baby’.   Very nice!  I love Tony’s voice and what a great choice for Haley.    Video

Video Footage of how well Jlo has been received the Fans and Contestants.

TLC takes the stage with Lil Jon.  Wow….after watching him on ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’, I kind of forgot about the hype man that he is.  Great seeing T-Boz and Chilli (who does not age) perform ‘No Scrubs’ and ‘Waterfalls’.   I’m so glad that no one tried to do Left-eye’s rap.  The top Ladies take the stage. Video

Idol Performance:

Scotty performs ‘Live like You’re Dying with Tim McGraw.  Nice!  Again, I see Scotty being very successful.  This guy can hold his own against a Veteran like McGraw who has just been named the most played Artist on the radio for the past 10 years.  Video

Clip of the ‘Unsong Heroes’ from the American Idol Auditions.  Where do they find these crazy people?  Why is the Joe Guy in his Underwear?

Guest Performance:

Mark Anthony performs with Sheila E on the percussions.  Jlo comes out to join her hubby on stage and shake her groove thing.  I’m feeling this one.  What was Paula Abdul thinking leaving American Idol?  When they got Jennifer Lopez, she came with great Perks!  Like one of the hottest Latino Singers in the game doing guest appearances and calling in his very talented friends like Sheila E!  Come on!  This is entertainment!  I love how He looks at her like she is the best thing……period.  Video

Footage from James, Casey and Stefano poking fun at their eliminations.  I love it.  Not taking themselves to seriously.  Funny ending with Pia.  Video

Top 13 Guys perform a medley of songs.   Wow…Tom Jones takes the stage. I love the richness of his voice, but  I can’t help but feel like The Fresh Prince’s Carlton should come out.  I don’t think that Alfonso Robeiro does that anymore.  Such a  Pity.  But Jack Black still does the Carlton apparently.  I like Tom Jones and all, but the girls got Beyonce, I think Carlton should come out.  Video  Video

Ford Music Video

Lauren and Scotty perform Whenever You Remember with footage of all of the top 13 throughout the Season.

The Idols Finalists have invited their favorite Teachers who have been their biggest inspiration to pursue their dreams.  Wow, it pays to inspire kids!  Lauren and Scotty  present their Teachers with the keys to a brand new Ford Focus. Ryan tells us that  Lauren and Scotty can pick the keys to any Ford Vehicle that they want.  Nice!   Video

Guest Performance:

Lady Gaga performs ‘The Edge of Darkness’  Video

Lauren Alaina is joined by Carrie Underwood to sing Before He Cheats.  Lauren is so ready!    Video

Lauren and Scotty are going to make soooo much money in the Country Music field.

Footage of the Top 13 describing what they really think of Scotty and Lauren and the Youngest in the competition whipping everyone this season.  Lol!  Video

Beyonce performs One Plus One.  Go Sasha Fierce!  Video

The Edge and Bono perform ‘Rise Above’ with the Star of Spiderman as he does the Spidey thing through the air.   All I could think the whole time is ‘Please Don’t fall’!  Video

Surprise performance

Steven Tyler is at the Piano and he performs ‘Dream On’.  Can I just say that Steven rocks the house?  I can’t say it enough, this is why this Man is an Icon!  Video

And the Winner is…..

Scotty McCreery!  Scotty takes it over Lauren Alaina!!!  Video  Video

  I’m not surprised that Scotty won, but it could have went either way for me.  I’m sure that they will both make some money!