Tonight, the top 20 will be revealed.  I am tuning in a little late this season online, but I have been watching, but I have a couple of standouts in mind that I would like to see progress.

As I watch Cat Deeley come out on the stage, I have an ephiphany.  I think in my next life, I would love to have a hosting gig and I would really be like Cat!  Love her!

There are 31 hopefuls in it.  Tonight as the top 20 are revealed, they will take to the stage and perform in their genres.  There will be a total of 9 performances.  I like this new format for the show.  I love that we get to see them perform as opposed to the Judges showing up at their homes and spending the whole 2 hours giving them the news. 

Our Judges tonight are Robin Antin, Lil C (I really wish that the Krunker who was eliminated could have progressed to this round, so that he could have faced Lil C), Tyce Diorio, Mary Murphy (so glad that she is back) and Nigel Lythgoe.


The SYTYCD hopefuls wait in the holding room.  I hate this name for the room, it sounds like they are in jail.


Rickey Jaime:  I think he is a shoo-in for his dancing and they do too!  He is the first dancer in the Top 20.

Miranda Melaski:  She is the 2nd dancer in the Top 20.  She is in!

Miranda Moore:  She is in!

Abigal and Katelyn don’t make the cut!  Both are out!

Sasha and Natalia Mallory:  Sasha is in!  But Natalia is out.  After the Health issues that surfaced last night, I knew that she wouldn’t advance.  But I really liked her spirit and her talent.  I love how happy Natalia is for her sister!  Nothing but love.

Ricky, Miranda, Melody and Sasha perform a Contemporary Routine to ‘In this shirt’ by  The Irrepressibles.  This was a stunning performance.  What I love most about SYTYCD is the choreography that is so demanding!  It just makes me happy to watch such a great performance.   Choreography by Stacey TookeyNigel:  Thrilling to see such wonderful technique.  This creative choreography requires great dancers.  Well done you four!  Tyce:  Great Choreography, dancers and passion coming together in one place.  He gives dap to Stacey for her talent.  He is excited.  Video

Hip Hop Eliminations

Chris Cole:  Is in and he is moved to tears.  He is the first Hip Hop Dancer In.

Watty Jones and Tad Gadduang are In.

At this point, 3 Hip Hop Dancers have made it into the Top 20 already and Virgil does not makie the top 20.  He leaves graciously.  Out!  

Drace reed does not move forward.  Out  2 more hip hop dancers left. Robert Taylor and ‘The Professor’ Brice are really worried at this point.  How many Hip Hop Dancers can make it in realistically  The Professor is out.  Robert is in.  Must have been that white suit helping him out.

Hip-Hop Performance:  The four Hip Hop Dancers perform to Everyday by Swizz Beatz ft.  Eve.  Again, I have to give a shout out to SYTYCD for allowing us to see the top 20 dance in their genre tonight.  This is really cool.   It is as funky as you want it to be.  I Loved it.  Choreography by  Dave Scott.   Lil C:  This is a chorus line of Buckness.  A Hip Hop souffle.  Robin:  She feels that the dancers are so unique and great indivduals.  Hip Hop is about character and they brought it out in everything they did.  Exciting and sexy!   Video

Ballroom Dancer Eliminations:  There are only two have survived to the Vegas week. 

Lenny:  He doesn’t make it.  He is out.

Yvetta Lukosiute:  She has been cut twice before, so this moment is huge for her and this is the last time she can compete, because of her age.  Mary gets emotional when she breaks the news to her and she totally fakes her out.  She is in.

Yvetta performs a Jason Gilkenson  Ballroom routine with Pasha.   They perform to ‘On the floor by Jlo ft. Pitbull. They perform a fiece Paso Doble.  I loved it.  I really enjoyed a fast pased Paso that did not lose the passion and aggression.  Mary:  There was a party going on.  Congratulations.  So great to have a 10 time World Champion in 10 dances (why is she here?).  The technique was ridiuclous.  The routine showed you off.  She says that it was Crazy and she liked it.  Nigel:  He was excited.  He has to find a guy to dance with Yvetta to dance with and live up to this standard.  He loves her humility and that she contnued to try out for SYTYD after they made an error in judgment for not putting her through before.  Video

Jazz Eliminations:

Clarisse Ordaz:  She is in!

Bridgette:  She is out (oh…..but they love her)

Tyquan:  She is out!

Mark Germar:  He is in!

At this point, 6 of the top ten guys have been chosen!

Jordan Cassanova:  She is in!

5 girls are in and 5 spots still left!

MissyMorelli:  She is in!

Jazz Routine with Sonya Tayek  Choreography.    Jordan, Missy, Clarisse and Mark perform.  This routine looks like it was difficult to peform, but I wasn’t wowed by it, like I usually am with a Sonya routine.  of course it was well danced.  but I guess that I am out there along, because the performance yields a serious Standing O from the Judges and the audience.  Tyce:  He stands through his critique.  This line up is a force to be reckoned with.  Amazing.  Sick!  Robin:   This number was so hot.  You were liked caged animals.  You girls worked him.  Sexy.  (Gotta rewind)  Video 

13 people have made it so far!

Tap Dance and Broadway Dance:

Broadway Dancer Jess Leprotto:  The Judges are a little worried about his arrogance.  I guess he is arrogant, but he is also excellent!  In

Tap Dancer Nick:  He is in! 

Broadway Tap Routine

Nick and Jess perform a  Christopher Scott routine to ‘Funkier than a Mosquitos tweeter by Nina Simone.  I Loved the story that they are telling here where street Dancer  takes on the polished refined dance for Broadway and Tap battle.  This was a very clever routine.  Nigel:  This warmed his heart.  FAbulous for him to see.  He says that there are four girls who can tap and he is looking forward to what they will bring together.  He feels that this will be a great year.  Tyce:  Dancers can be stars.  So clever, so smart.  These guys are proficient and excellent at what they do.  Video

Contemporary Eliminations

Caitlyn Lawson:  She is in like Flynn!

Ashley Rich:  She is in!

Only 1 spot left for a girl.  Problem is there are two girls  left.

Ryan Ramirez:  She is out!

Alexa Rich :  She is in!

Mitchell Kelley:  He is in!  This guy claimed his spot before they announced it.  He kept a smile on his face for the entire reveal.

Only one space left for a guy!

Alexander: He is in!

Jeremiah:  He does not make it!  Is this his 3rd time out? He is out!

Travis Wall Choreography:  Mitchell, Alexander, Alexa, Ashley and Caitlyn.   They perform to Moth’s Wings by Passion Pit.  What a great routine.  It is so alive with energy and tranquility.  I love the inclusions of Rose Petals!  The movements are so light and breezy.  This makes me think of a bright spring day.  Robin: That was a celebration of dance.  That was stunning.  It was like he choreographed the leaves to move with the dancers.  Strong, but  it felt soft.  Most moving experience.  She loved it.  Mary:  It was like this beautiful fall breeze.  Defied gravity left and right.  You are like 5 well seasoned dancers and SYTYCD Alum Travis Walls has grown into this amazing choreographer.   Cat Deeley tells Travis that is was very smart.  I concur!  Video

Top Ten guys perform Hip Hop routine: 

Christopher Scott Choreography.  This is the League of Extraordinary Dancers.  They perform to  Velocity by Nathan lanier.  I Love it.  I really enjoy that they are dressed like the men in black, but I don’t know if I would call this a  Hip Hop routine.  It feels more like Contemporary Jazz meets the Matrix’s West Side Story edition. It’s a strong dance, but I am not feeling the Hip Hop element.  Enjoyed it, but It isn’t Hip Hop for me.  

  Lil C:  He wants everyone to understand that Chris is the MC for mixing styles, so you never know what you will get.  He congratulates Chris for taking us on a wondeful ride in the league.  Nigel:  It was like the Matrix.  He feels that Christopher is an entertaining Choreographer.   Hip hop will be extremely entertaining this season.  He encourages the guys to bring it, because the girls are beasts these years.  Girls have dominated this competition before, so bring it!   Video

Top 10 girls perform Sonya Tayek choreography.  Sonya traumatizes thegirls a little with the extremity of her choreogaphy.  but she is genius.  They perform to Pop, drop and roll.  Leave it to Sonya to have the girls be hip hop Geisha Girls.  I love the creativity and the costumes from both routines.  But again, I’m struggling with the Hip hop element, although I I love the number!  Mary:  She puts the girls on the hot tamale train.  She feels that the girls have just shown what this season is all aobut and she can’t take it any more.  Lil C:  He gives praise to Sonya and her abilities.  The girs are the epitomy of Sonya.  Nigel gets up and hugs C.  Cute.  Video

Top 20 performance:

They performed to ‘Little Bird’ by the great Annie Lennox.  After I watch this routine, all I can say is that we are in for a great season.  I can’t wait!  There are several standouts for me and I can’t wait to see how they grow over this season.  Video