Tonight, our top 20 will take the floor tonight for  the first time for America’s votes.  Two dancers will be voted off in tomorrow night’s show.   I feel like the it is really official that the competition has started when all of the Dancers are introduced to us one by one and then they sashay up to the stage and the girls dare the boys to try to compete with them..  I love that! 

Our Judges Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and guest Judge Megan Mullally are introduced.  I really loved Megan on ‘Will and Grace’ and all, but I was initially wondering why she was on the panel? Turns out that she has a background in dancing. Who knew?

Cat announces that  Mitchell will not be dancing tonight, because he injured himself during rehearsal, he is the most at risk right now.  That must really be horrible for him and he is shown tearing up from his seat in the audience.

Each Contestant will be given 8 seconds to tell a little about themselves.  8 whole seconds?  SYTYCD is kind of clowning for this.

Videos and Recap after the Jump


Jordan Cassanova and Tadd Gadduang:  They will be dancing  a Sean Chessman Afro-jazz routine that is inspired by a Volcano’s lava.   Jordan actually looked into the camera and told America that she thought that Afro-Jazz involved the dancers wearing Afros…..Anyhoo, both her and Tadd nailed the intensity of the dance and their movements were really fluid and I thought they were insync with each other.  Nigel thought that Jordan exploded on the stage.  He thought that the power that they both had was tremendous.  Nigel gave props to Sean for his choreography.  He thought that for Tadd tobe a hip hop dancer,  he will go a long way, if he keeps picking up the styles like he did tonight.  Mary:   She agreed with Nigel and she thought that the whole studio was shaking.  Jordan gave her more than she expected.   She admitted that initially, she was worried about Tadd and how he would handle the dance for all of  2 seconds.  He blew her away. Megan:  That was amazing.  Such power.  Really strong.  Great way to start the show.  888.836.7601   Video

Sasha Mallory and Alexander Fost:  They performed a  Travis Walls’  Contemporary routine.  The story is that Alexander’s conscious comes back to haunt and beat him for his mistakes.  This was simply great choreography that they two dancers just executed perfectly.   I loved all of the passion that came through their movement.  Cat calls Sasha a Warrior Princess.  Mary:  Wow, talk about taking a beating that works.  She thought that this was another great routine by Travis.  One of the things she loves about Travis’ works is that his transitions just flow.  Mary thought that Sasha was so strong and  dynamic! While she thought that Alexander was really strong, she didn’t feel their connection.  But great job.  Megan:  She loved it.  Sasha, you are coming in a favorite.  You are an actress.  And again, while she thought that Alexander was also very strong, she also saw a little bit of disconnect, her should have done more emotionally.  Nygel:  Thought it was strong and bold.  Loved the lifts.  He is also scared of Sasha.   He urged Alexander to bring more emotion and passion from him.  He feels that the guys have to come up to keep with the girls.  888.836.7602   Video

Clarice Ordatta and Jess LeProtto:  They danced a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine.  The story is they are lovers and the girl is hot and out of his league, but the guy thinks that he can keep up with her.  Actually this routine is more like, Clarice is keeping up with Jess.  He is in his element and it shows.  This guy is one to watch!  Loved it!  Great Broadway number that just made me happy as I watched it.  They both moved like Pros, but Jes…..  Megan:  Loved everything about it.  Tis was pure joy served up to us.  Jess, you are a natural showman with inner joy.  Clarice:  Sexy, strong and beautiful legs.  Nygel:  Clarice, you are a beautiful girl, but you will need to work hard to keep up with Jess.  He shines and  Broadway is in every bit of his body and although she is so good as a dancer,   Jess out danced her in this routine.  Nygel now says that Jess is one of his favorites.  He enjoyed that he is so neat with everything.  He loved it.  Loved the pair, but he needs  more from Clarice.  Mary:  Jess was perfection, but she doesn’t think that Clarice will be in any danger anytime soon.  888.836.7603   Video

Ryan Ramirez and Ricky Jaime:  They performed a Christopher Scott’s Lyrical Hip Hop routine.  The story is about two lovers.  Ryan leaves and Ricky is  mourning her departure.   I think that the guys are making a comeback.  I have to give the nod to Ricky on this one.  I really felt him and his movements were so sharp.  I Loved the choreograpy.  Nygel:  loves having Christopher on the show.  Urged them to be careful of their emotion and facial expression.  (There was alot of smiling going on that didn’t match the tale of the story).  Loved the dancing.  He thinks that Ryan is  a superb dancer.  He thought that Ricky was very good and that he did it justice and both should be pleased.  Mary:  She was pleased and she thought Ricky and Ryan did a tremendous job.   The dancing was brilliant.  Megan:  Thought the piece was very effective and she was affected by it.  She was also confused by the facial expressions.  But she thought it was kind  of beautiful.  888.836.7604   Video

Caitlynn Lawson and Mitchell Kelly:  They danced a Sonya Tayek Jazz routine.  Oh noo…Mitchell has a sweating problem.  He also injured himself, so Season 7’s Robert will be performing in his place.  Yes!  This was a typical Sonya routine that pulls you in and leaves you wanting more.  Caitlynn and Mitchell danced the routine well.  Mary:  felt that Caitlyn was in it for the kill.  Sonya produced such powerful choreography that showcased Caitlynn’s strengths.  She thought that she was brilliant.  Mary also gives Robert a shout out for his dancing and she hopes to see him as an Allstar.  Megan:  She thought Caitlynn was amazing.  Very impressive.  Nygel:  Caitlynn earns a 10 in all elements of this performance.  888.836.7605   Video

 Miranda Maleski and Robert Taylor Jr.:  They danced a  Jive Choreographed by Jason Gilkinson.   The story is that she is a girl way out out ofhis league, but he thinks that he has a chance.  Robert is probably a real nice guy, but all that yelling kind of works on my nerves.   Luckily, he dances so well, you forget about the quirkiness when he moves.  High energy jive with great kicks and movements.  Miranda may have out danced him in the technique department, but I enjoyed it all around.  Robert  is alot of fun and his energy is off the charts.  Megan:  Sheer delight.  Great choreography.  She loves that Miranda has a little goofiness to her.  Robert is her top twenty crush.  She thought that Both dancers were so appealing.  Nygel:  Robert may have the biggest personality on this season, but he feels tht this could go either way when America votes (that’s true).  He could lose people with it or win with it.  It can go either way.  This is SYTYCD, not So You Think You Have a Great Personality.  Hahaha!   Robert needs to learn how to point his toes.  Miranda, he would like to see more confidence from her.  He wonders why she worries aobut being sexy. From this point on, she will have to fight to keep up withgirls.  Mary:  She thought it was fun.  Miranda was clean, sexy.  She thought that Robert stole the show.  He had it going the whole time.  Mary encourages the yelling from Robert and lets out her own yell.  (sigh)   888.836.7606   Video

Missy Moreli and Wadi Jones:  They danced a Sean Chessman Jazz routine.  Chessman says that the dance will be what happens after you open Pandora’s box and let out your inner demons.   This dance was hot!  I am loving how the B-boys are keeping up with the girls.  Nygel:  He is exited that the Dancers are inspiring the Choreographers to do better.   He thinks that this is the best choreography that they have seen from Chessman.  Missy is one of the ‘Beast’ of the girls to beat.  He also thinks that SYTYCD has never had so many Hip Hop guys who are picking up the dances.  He thinks that he is brilliant and that he will be sticking around.  Mary:  She thinks they looks like sexy demons.  Phenomenol.  Chessman opened up Pandora’s box and opened up a can of ‘whoop ass’.   She never knew that Wadi had all of that in him  His Partnering skills are the best ever.  She cannot believe he pulled it off.  Megan:  Can’t believe he has never partnered before.  She thought that Missy was amazing.        888.836.7607   Video

Melanie Moore and Marko Germar:  They danced a Travis Wall’s Contemporary routine.  The story is that are two statues that come alive at night; their goal is for them to come together as one. .  They are in costume and look the art of two statues and you believe their story.  I really enjoyed it.  I thought was beautiful and the pairing of the music with this great choreography just shows off these talented dancers.  Standing O from the Judges.  Mary:  Every once in a while, on this show, we have a a number is so magical with amazing chemistry  with amazing level of choreography.  They both had the Judges at hello.  Breathtaking.  Megan:  She had chills and was crying.  Beautiful Travis.  Wow, wow, wow.  Amazing.  Nygel:  He feels that this is the first week and this could be the first emmy nominated routine.  He acknowleged that he liked Travis’ formal suit  look in the audience.  He thinks that the  chemistry is unbelievable.  Marko was magnificient.  She liked that it wasn’t perfect, because  it gives him somewhere to grow.  He feels that Melanie is the queen of the beasts out of all of the girls (that is a compliment, but it just doesn’t sound like one).  He proclaims that she is the best girl ever on the show.  (yawn…he says every season).      888.836.7608   Video

Ashley Rich and Chris Koehl:  They performed a Christopher Scott Hip Hop routine.  The story is that they are a couple and they find out that they both cheated on each other.  Another fun telling of the story.  This was a fun to watch routine, but the choreography didn’t rise to the occasion.  Nygel:  Thought it was a fun routine, but he mused that it will be interesting to see how the audience responds.  Will they go for fun or for the harder Choreography.    Mary:  Pure entertainment.  She liked that Ashley had swagger and that she threw Chris around the stage.  She likes that she danced with so much heart. Megan:  Both great technically.  This will be an amaizng season.  She thinks this show has the greatest make up and costumes of any show.  (true fan)           888.836.7609   Video

Iveta Lukosiute and Nick Young:  They danced a Jason Gilkenson ballroom routine.  .  Iveta is a world champion in the Ballroom department (as well as everything else), so it will take some for Nick t keep up wih her.   No problem in keeping up for Nick!  He did it and he did it well.  He may not be as sharp as Ivetta, but make no mistake, Nick is in, it to win it.  Megan:  That was incredible.  You are a Tap dancer.  She loved Iveta’s elegance.  But Nick….     Nygel:  Nick, you have fabulous feet.  He loved that Nick danced with a World Champion and he came up to scratch.   He thought it was lovely.  Jason gave you fabulous stuff.  Mary:  They nailed all the components of the Quickstep.  Unbelievable and Nick you rocked!  Tap Dancers rock!   888.836.7610   Video