I agree with Cat that it will be a hard to call who is going home tonight for the first results show of the season!  Everyone brought their A game last night. 

Group Performance

This number is Choreographed by Sonya Tayek.  I totally knew this was her work.   Funky and futuristic.  Hot and I loved it.  Video


Our Judges Megan Mullally, Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythoe are introduced.

Nigel announces that National Dance Day will happen on July 30th.   This year there will be 3 dances offered to the public to learn.  Mary Murphy will choreograph the simplest dance for the rhythmically challenge.

Tonight we will also view the world exclusive video of  Lady Gaga’s ‘The Edge of Glory’.  What a treat!  Cat shows us a picture of Lady Gaga grabbing Nigel’s goodies.  A picture is worth a thousand words.


Melanie and Marko excelled in a Travis Wall’s Contemporary routine and they got rave reviews from the Judges.  They are safe!

Missy and Wadi also pleased the Judges with a Sean Cheesman’s Jazz routine and they are safe as well

Ivetta and Nick danced a Quickstep with Choreography by Jason Gilkenson  and they a safe!  3’s a charm!   Video

Cat announces that Mitchell (who was unable to dance last night due to injury)  is cleared to dance to save his life tonight.

Ashley and Chris performed a Hip Hop routine choreographed by Christopher Scott that was entertaining and they are safe.

Jordan and Tadd  performed an Afro Jazz routine with choreography by Sean Cheesman’s that amazed the Judges, but  they are the first couple in jeopardy!

Caitlyn danced without Mitchell  last night and she shined in a Jazz routine choreographed by Sonya Tayek and the Judges found her to be a 10!  Caitlyn advances and she is safe!

Clarice and Jess performed a Broadway routine choreographed by Tyce Diorio was an amazing celebration of dance!  Sadly, they are in the bottom 3.    Video

Guest Performance

Keri Hilson performs ‘Lose Control’  video


Ryan and Ricky performed a Christopher Scott Lyrical Jazz  Routine and they were found to be superb.  They are safe!

Miranda and Robert’s lively Jason Gilkenson’s Jive stole the show!  But they will have to dance to save their lives in the competition.

Sasha and Alexander performed a Contemporary routine with choreography by Travis Walls and they are safe!   Video

Guest Performance

We get a chance to see how the Russian Folk Dance  should be performed.  This is certainly different than the train wreck that we saw a couple of seasons ago.  The movements are pretty amazing, but they don’t need to add this to the roster of dances just yet.  A member of the Bolshai Ballet performs.   Video


Mitchell performs to Say by John Mayer.  Beautiufl!  I really hope that he is allowed to stay, because this boy has some serious talent.

Jordan performs to Hot like Wow by Nadio Oh.  I think Jordan definitely is trying to being sexy back!

Tadd performed to Jump Jive and Wail by The Brian Seltzer Orchestra.   I love that he picked a Jazzy song to do Hip Hop moves to.  He should stay.

Clarice performed to Glam by Christina Aguilera.  I like Clarice and her solo was good, but not as good as the first 3 solos.  Video

Jess performed to Mr. Bojangles by Robbie Williams.  This guy is a star!

Miranda performed to The first Time ever I saw your Face by Leona Lewis.   I would definitely like to see more of Miranda.  She is kind of powerful when she moves.

Robert performed to Electric by Omarion.  He goes old school with his Pop locking.  Inspite of his Woos, I like the way that he takes over the floor.  video

The Judges deliberate on who will stay.

Lady Gaga Video Reveal

Lady Gaga’s tv debut was on SYTYCD 4?  I didn’t know that.  She has come a long way baby.   Wow!  Lady Gaga will guest Judge for SYTYCD later in the Season.  I definitely thought that she was one of the better Guest Mentors on American Idol; I look forward to seeing what she will being as a Judge on this show.

The Edge of Glory Premiered.  Say what you will about some of her stranger moments, but no one can deny this girl’s talent!  I love her voice!   Hmmm….we didn’t actually see the whole video.  Why?  Video

Final Eliminations

Nigel ask for prayer for E Street Band Member Clarence Street who has suffered a stroke.  Clarence was featured in Lady Gaga’s video tonight.

What is going on?  Nigel ask Robert and Mitchell  to dance again.  Hmmm….I’m assuming that one of them will be going home.  Or is this some new level Ryan Seacrest type of torture?  No one has ever danced twice to save their life durng eliminations!

I like both of them, but between the two of them I pick Mitchell.

Girl’s Eliminations

Jordan steps forward and Nigel showers her with praises for her dancing ability.  He feels that it is a shame that she is in the bottom 3.

Nigel also praises Clarice for her smile and style of dance.

Miranda is also impressing Nigel for her ability.

 The Guys join the girls on the stage.

Nigel feels that Jess is magnificent in his style and he doesn’t know why he is here.

He thinks that Tadd is so creative and he is a wonderful b-boy.

Nigel thinks that Robert’s big personality will keep him here for a while.

Shocker!  Theyare not letting anyone go home this week!  Next week, two couples will leave the competition.  Nigel would like to give America the chance to see them again for one more week.  Video

Mitchell is super happy that he will be given a fair chance to show that he deserves to be there next week.  I think that Nigel also wanted to give Mitchell a chance. 

Now this is a results show full of surprises.