Tonight our Top 20 will take the stage again and tomorrow 2 couples will be cut.  Our Judges are  Nigel Nythgoe, Mary Murphy and the legendary Debbie Reynolds.  True Hollywood royalty in the house tonight!  The true treat is Debbie.  She doesn’t give much of a critique for any of the Dancers, because she loves everyone!  But her humor and witt is outstanding.  I love that she wanted to take all of the Dancers (particularly the males) home with her. 

Ryan & Ricky:  They dance a Mandy Moore’ Jazz Routine.  This is a sexually charged tension routine.  I hope that they can pull it off.  They dance to Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer.  Hmm…. I think that this was a good number and they dance it well, but the sexiness that was needed to pull it off didn’t come through for me.  But otherwise… Bravo!  Nice sexy ending though.   Nigel thought that it was so rauncy that  they stepped off the hot tamale train.  He wanted to throw a bucket of water on them.  Mary says that she is addicted to the two of them.  She enjoyed that Ryan was so strong and sees her as a Warrior Vixen.  Ricky was in the character the whole time.  They had total trust.  Debbie:  She never saw anyone dance sexier.   She thought that Ryan gave it her all.   Video  888.836.7601


Caitlynn and Mitchell:  They danced a Stacey Toukie Contemorary routine.  The story is a relationship that has ran it’s course and Caitlynn doesn’t know how to tell him that it is over.  They danced to Turning Tables by Adele.  Yes!  They brought it to this dance.  Excellent Choreography!  The intensity level and emotional connection that they had with each other was out of this world.  Oops, Mitchell accidently punched her during the routine.   Mary: She so grateful that Mitchell was able to stay, so that America could see him dance.  She felt their chemisty is unbelievable.  Amazing.  Caitlynn defied gravity.  Flawless.  Debbie:  Both so beautiful and dramatic.  You bled for us.  Beautiful.  Nigel:  This is the first time that we have seen them dance.  He thought this was a Remarkable piece.  So much drama.  They sold the story and Nigel felt it.  Dance is the language of the soul and that is what came across.  Video  888.836.7602

Wadi and Missy:  They danced a Jean Marc Genereux  Cha Cha Routine.  Jean Marc says that this is the most difficult choreography that he has done for the Cha Cha on this show.  Theydanced to Cannibal by Kesha.  Hmmm…another classic case of the wrong song to throw your dance off.  I’m distracted by it.   Although Missy danced well and Wadi was pretty good,  I felt a disconnect between them.  The routine is the best when the music stops.  Debbie:  She thought that he (Wadi) chewed it up. and it was muey bueno.  Nigel:  Wherever strength was included, Wadi was strong in this routine.    Technique was missing.  This was a tough one.  He feels that Wadi has alot of work to be done.  He has seen better before from Hip Hop Dancers.  Nigel thought that Missy was the one good thing in the routine and she was everything that she should have been and she took care of herself.  Mary:  The begining was spectacular, but when they got to the actual dance, Wadi lost it.  He needs to bring it next time.  It was respectable.  Mary thought that Missy was the chacha queen.  She is so impressed with her.  Wow….Mary compares it to DWTS and says that Missy was the pro and Wadi was the student (ouch).  Debbie is willing ot take Wadi home.  She is out of her seat dancing!  Lol!  Cougar time!    Aww….Wadi looks heartbroken  888.836.7603Video

Ivetta and Nick:  They performed a Bollywood  number with choreography from Nakul Dev Mahajan.  Ivetta is on her game on this one.  Her moves are so sharp and precise that it makes Nick look kind of wild and free.  They are both having fun, but Ivetta outdanced Nick.  Nigel: He finds Bollywood dance entertaining.  (he’s not impressed).  He thinks they did a really good job (he doesn’t).  Mary:  She is a fan of these two dancing.  Super entertaining.  Great chemistry between the two of them.  She had a lot of fun just watching.  Debbie:  It was so excing to be invited here, she feels 20 years younger.   As a older Tap dancer, this  dance would freak her out. (if she had to perform it)          888.836.7604  Video

Tadd and Jordan:  They danced The Vietnesmes WAltz with choreography by Jean Marc Genereaux.  They danced to ‘Fade Into Me’.  I continue to be amazed by Tadd’s range nd ability to learn these dances.  I think that he is hiding something.  He has to have had some training somewhere.  Nigel:  Just so beautiful.  It had everything.  Jordan is a beautiful worry me. This is ridiculous.  He has to remind him he is a B=boy.  Presentation was flawless.  Tadd thought it was the Vietnamese.  Mary:  Tadd is the biggest surprise of the season.  He was on time and had a tenderness and he was unbelievable.  Jordan has transforme herself into one of the most beaufiul ballroom dancers.  Debbie Allen:  She thought they were as wonderful as Gene Kelly and Cyd Cherrise.  Just as wonderufl as them.      888.836.7605   Video

 Miranda and Robert:  They danced a Hip Hop Routine by Naps and TabVideo  888.836.7606   

Clarice and Jess:  They danced a Contemporary routine by Stacey ToukeyVideo     888.836.7607

Marko and Melanie:  Jazz routine with choreography byMandy Moore.  I love love love this number!  Marko is another B-Boy who is giving it his all.  Their chemistry was great, lively and fun.  Mary:  Everyone has a voice when they dance and they are speaking loud and clearly.  She doesn’t feel that she has to worry about this team; they can take on anything.  Melanie really shined and Marko was there for her.  Debbie:  She worried that Marko wouldn’t catch her and that two great Dancers might not be there for the world to see (luckily, he caught her).  Nigel:  he believes that they are stars.  They are a perfect combination.  Absolutely incredible.           888.836.7608  Video

Sasha and Alexander:  They danced a beautiful moving dance  with choreography by Naps and Tab.  The story is that they are a couple reuniting after a Soldier returns home from Afganistan.  They performed to Coming home by Diddy- Dirty Money.  This is such an emotional routine. This is what I tune in to see on SYTYCDThey told the story and they sold it.  Loved it!  Debbie:  She thought that they were given such a tough job.  This was not just dancing, this was acting and they completely gave us the story and made us cry.  Mary:  She shares that this is a story too close in her life right now.  She hopes that everyone gets to come home safely and she was move to tears   Mary thought that their souls really brought it home and the anguish that Soldiers feel when they return home to their families.  She could feel it.  Nigel:  So ironic that were 10 minutes late, because Pres. Obama just announced that the US will began withdrawing from Afghanistan.  He thought that Sasha and Alexander showed all of the passion.  They carried it off brilliant.  He praised the Choreography.      888.836.7609  Video

Ashley and Chris:  They danced a Spencer Lift Broadway routine.  What a sexy and original number.  Spencer really got creative with this one.  I loved it!  The concept of an intimate dance between a woman and her man separate by prison bars was fantabulous to watch.  They performed to  Please Mr. Jailer.  Visually, it was stunning, her in  her red dress and him looking like Danny Zuko from Grease drew their audience in.  Somethng about them being separated by the bars really did make it sexy!    Nigel:  First and foremost, he congratulates Spencer.  Then he lavishes praise on Chris again excelling beyond his hip hop genre.  He thought that he had wonderful position.  H e hopes that he is here for many weeks doing this.  Nigel also hopes that Ashley visits him in jail the next time that he is in jail.  Wait….Nigel has been in jail?   Mary:  Let this man go, so he can go to Debbie’s house.  She thought this performance was so hot that she put them on the Tamale train!   Debbie:  Elvis made it (jailhouse sexy)  famous, they are both great.  Sensational.             888.836.7610  Video