Group Performance

The show starts with the Group  dance.   Hmm….tonight’s group number was interesting, it kind of reminded me of  ‘The Thomas Crown Affair with all of the hats and brief cases.  I’m not sure how I feel about this one.  This choreography was courtesy of Dave Scott .  Video

Our Judges Nigel, Mary and the legendary Debbie Reynolds.  Debbie kind of stole the show last night.  Funny and charming without trying!

4 dancers will leave the competition tonight, so I am sure that everyone is nervous as all get out!


Missy & Wadi danced a challenging Cha Cha.  Missy Wowed…while Wadi got an invite from Debbie to go home with her.   They are in jeopardy!

Caitlynn & Mitchell were stunning for the Contemporary Routine.  They are oh so safe.

Sasha & Alexander performed an emotional Hip Hop Number an I absolutely loved it!  So did America!  They are safe.  (Duh….winning)

Nygel announce that this years Winner will also be rec

Nutritional lesson

 Last season, Gatorade awarded SYTYCD 8 Winner Lauren Froderman with an Ad campaign.  This season’s winner will also receive a campaign.  A Gatorade representative comes out to see the Contestants and teach them how to be healthy when they eat.


Miranda & Robert’s Hip Hop Routine pleased the Judges (hmmm) and they are safe.

Melanie & Marko’s Jazz routine spoke to the Judges and America and they are safe!

Cat totally faked them out to think that they might be in danger, but I had already typed that they were safe and I was right.

Jordan and Tadd’s Viennese Waltz was stunning and they are safe.

Ivetta and Nick’s Bollywood dance freaked Debbie out and maybe America too?  They are in jeopardy!

Ashley & Chris’ Broadway Number was provocatively pleasingly enough to put them on the Hot Tamale train and they are safe!

Ryan & Ricky’s Jazz routine made the Judges smile and they are in jeopardy.

Jess & Clarice’s Contemporary Routine got mixed reviews from the Judges, but they are safe!

 Guest Performance

Rage Crew performs to Party like this.   Video


Wadi performed to Pon De Floor.  I loved the ending!

Missy performed to Move.

Nick danced to Follow me Down.  Tap Dancing fascinates me.

Ivetta danced to Samba Rock.  Cat is right…she is looking sparkly and shaking what her Mama gave her.  Video

Ricky danced to Riot Rhythm.  He is extraordinary!

Ryan danced to Moving Mountains.   Good Solo. 

Everyone was good tonight.  The Judges have a tough decision to make.  Video

Guest Performance

LMFAO  performed  Party Rock Anthem      Now these guys know how to have a good time!   Video

Final Eliminations:

After careful deliberations, Nigel announces that:

Missy‘s dancing is faultless.  (but she is going home)

Ivetta has graced the show….(she is going home). 

Ryan‘s routine wasn’t as good as she can do.  By her solo, she should be going home, but I don’t think she will.  The Judges love her.

They are keeping Ryan! 

He did say that she was one of the Beast out of the girls.  I know Ivetta is like ‘Oh hell no’. This is her last year.  I’m still not sure why she wants this, since she has accomplished so much.

Out of the 3 Guys, before I hear a word from Nigel, I think that they are picking Ricky.

Nigel feels that:

Wadi hasn’t been able to show what he can do yet on this show.

Nick will be a Star one day….not tonight though.

Ricky truly danced better than he ever has tonight.  He danced for his life. 

They are keeping Ricky!

Ivetta, Missy, Wadi Jones and Nick Young leave the competition tonight!  Video