Enjoy the Videos from tonight’s show!  I’m not able to do the recap tonight, but I plan to watch by tomorrow.

1.   Sasha & Alexander:  They danced a Dee Caspary Contemporary Routine  by the Cary BrothersVideo

2.  Caitlynn & Mitchell:  They danced a Jean Marc Genereux Samba Routine to ‘Put it in a Love Song’ by Alicia Keys & BeyonceVideo

3.   Miranda & Robert:  They danced a Tyce Diorio Broadway Routine to ‘It Don’t Mean A Thing…..Swing’ from Sophisticated Ladies.  Video

4.  Melanie & Marko:  They danced a Nap & Tabs’ Lyrical Hip Hop routine to “I Got You’ by Leona LewisVideo

5.  Ashley & Chris:  They danced a Sonya Tayek’ Jazz Routine to ‘Light’s Go Down’ by TelepatheVideo

6.  Clarice & Jess: They danced a Jean Marc Genereux’s Foxtrot to ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ by Frank SinatraVideo

7.  Ryan & Ricky:  They danced a Sonya Tayek Contemporary routine to ‘With Every Heart Beat’ by RobynVideo

8.  Jordan & Tadd:  They danced a Nap & Tab Hip Hop Routine to ‘Memories’ by David Guetta ft. Kid CudiVideo