Group Performance

I really liked this one.  The group performed to ‘The Incredits’ from my favorite Pixar film ‘The Incredibles.  It was like West Side Story meets The Incredibles.  I kinda loved it.  Michael Rooney Choreography.  Video


Last week was pretty brutal for the competition and we said goodbye to Ivetta, Nick, Missy and Wadi.   Two will be released from the competition tonight. 

Our Judges Lil C, Kristin Chenowech, Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe (he was acting up last night).

Kristin did a plug for her new country album that drops on September 13.  They just happened to have a clip of her video.  Was that Kimmy K doing a guest spot?  Kristin looks pretty fabulous in the clip.  I like her and I wish her well. 


Melanie and Marko:  They performed a lip smacking Naps and Tab choreography Hip Hop Routine that got everyone kind of hot and bothered.  Everyone was acting up…… they are safe.  But I think that Melanie and Mark are really feeling each other (literally).  They are so safe.

Ashley and Chris:  They performed a Sonya Tayek Jazz routine that was challenging, but failed to connect with the Judges or America.  They are in the bottom 3!

Ryan and Ricky:  They performed a Sonya Tayek Contemporary routine that was phenomenal and Lil C proclaimed it to  ‘buckee’.  They are so safe!

Nigel does a plug for ‘National Dance Day’ on July 30th.   There will be  3 routines on the Web for the ambitious to learn. 


Jordan and Tadd:  They performed a Naps and Tab Hip Hop Routine wowed the Judges.  Lil C Wanted more, but America was satisfied.  They are safe.

Sasha and Alexander:  Dee Caspary Contemporary Routine amazed the Judges.  Lol…Lil C and his vocabulary continues to amaze me.  They are safe.

Miranda and Robert:  They performed a Tyce Diorio Broadway Routine was entertaining and the judges loved it.   But unfortunately,  America didn’t feel the same way.  They are in the bottom 3. 


Clarice and Jess: They performed a  Jean Marc Genereux Fox Trot routine that was phenominal!  They are safe. 

Caitlynn and Mitchell:  They performed a Jean Marc Genereux Samba that  was hot and satsifying for th Judges, but America didn’t quite get it!  They are in the Bottom 3!

Guest Performance:

Axis performs.   They are  an amazing Dance Company that includes performers with disabilities.  This was pretty amazing to watch.  Video 


Ashley performed to For You by David Ryan Harris.  I don’t think she is going anywhere.

Chris performed Youre gonna make it by Kj-52 ft. Bianca Reyes.  Go Chris.

Miranda performed to Unthinkable by Maria Zouroundis.   I really enjoyed her.

Robert performed to I Don’t N eed it by Jamie Foxx.  Hmmm……I wasn’t moved by his performance. tonight.  I think that he is in serious danger.    Video

Caitlynn performed to It Doesn’t Hurt by Katie Thompson.    I  absolutely love her dancing.  I don’t think that she isn’t going anywhere.

Mitchell performed to Rolling in the Deep by Adele.  He’s breathtaking to watch.  I think the Judges will want to see more of him. 

Lol…..Kristin loves everyone who is in the bottom 3.   Nigel predicts that she will be no help in the deliberating.  Tonight, I wouldn’t be either.

Guest Performance:

World Dance Champion Eric Luna and Georgia Ambarian Performed to Calypso from Pirates of the Carribean (The Worlds End).  Video

Final Eliminations

Nigel Comments the Girls:   No question that they love all 3 girls that stand before them in the bottom 3.  He says that the Judges are not unanimous in te decision tonight.  He ask Miranda to step up and tells her that even though she he feels that she is the most improved girl (that is code for he didn’t want her to leave) she will leave the competition tonight. 

Nigel Comments the Guys:  The Judges are unanimous with this decision.  Mitchell is asked to step forward.  The Judges are concerned that even thought he dances well when he dances for his life, but he needs to connect with the Audience.  The Judges feel that Chris danced with all of the passion that they expected, but he has to grow quicker in the competition.  He is not quite there yet.  Robert has a great personality, but tonight, he will leave the competition.

Miranda and Robert graciously leave the competition.  It seemed a little soon for Miranda, but I guess that a girl has to go each week.  Video