Tonight, Carmen Electra and Travis Walls will join Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy.  Carmen shares with us her dance history….who knew?  Not I said the cat.,  Travis is very grateful to be  a judge tonight.  He has really come a long way!  I mean to go from Contestant to Award winning Choreographer to Judge.  He deserves it!  I love his Choreography.

7 couples are still in it to win it and tonight they will be paired with several new Choreographers. 

Top 7 Guys performed a Justin Giles Contemporary routine.  This dance is about the seven stages of grief: denial, shock, anger, depression, guilt, bargaining and acceptance.  Each dance will represent the changes that 1 man will experience when his girlfriend is unfaithful.   They danced to Prague by Damien Rice.   Video


Before each contestant performs we will get a little history on their background and families.

Melanie & Marko:  They danced a Ray Leeper Contemporary routine to Americana by Lady Gaga.  I just really like the way that they move together.  I loved the choreography and their chemistry.  Melanie outdanced Marko, but I thought that he held his own.  Travis:  Amazing way to start the show.  Travis  is a fan of Ray’s and he has been taking his classes since he was 9.  Marko was awesome and Melanie is amazing.  You (Melanie) are by far my favorite dancer in the competition.  Carmen:  So strong!  Those legs are ridiculous.  You are fun to watch you as a couple.  So strong.  She Loved it.  Mary:  Wow!  Nothing  great is ever produced without the passion.  You two have the passion.  Fabulous!  Whoa!  Nigel:  What is joyous is that their technique matches their passion.  He compliments new choreographer (to the show) Ray on his work.  He is a fan of Marko’s now.   888.836.7601   Video

Sasha and Alexander:  They danced a Sean Evarista Hip Hop Routine to To The Moon by Miguel.  The story is about Alexander trying to get a good night kiss from Sasha after a first date.  Alexander needs to bring some swag to pull this off.  This was a cute dance, but I don’t think that Alexander pulled off his ‘swag’ role to get that kiss.  Sasha was much better, but still not like ‘ooh wee’.  The choreography didn’t wow me either.  I could’ve had a V-8.   Carmen:  Dang girl, you were popping so hard.  She says that her eyes were on Sasha.  Didn’t get the feel of you two as a couple.  Mary:  She wishes she could say she saw the swag.  She didn’t (boos from the crowd).  She loves Sasha and Alexander, but this dance was lacking.  There wasn’t a connection and not believable.  Nigel:  This felt like hip hop 101.  Didn’t feel either of them.  Compared it to ‘Hip Hop for Dummies’. (Ouch)  Travis:  Didn’t hate it as muh as they did.  They have to work on technique and musicality.  Sasha did a better job, but it wasn’t….I liked it.   888.836.7602     Video

Jordan & Tadd:  They danced a Tony Redpath Waltz to Nocturne by Secret Garden. The story is that Jordan is a Siren who seduces men with her song and then she takes them out with the kiss of death.  I thought that this was a beatuiful Waltz and you felt their passion; I’m not sure if it told the intended story, but I really loved it.  Mary:  She lets us know that the WAltz was considered scandulous in the 1800’s.  This was dreamy and romantic.  The beginningwas absolutely beautiful.  Tadd has a tenderness to him that he doesn’t lose when he performs.  She loved Jordan’s strength and the way she used her body and held her position.  Well done.  Nigel:  Toni was very clever in the choreography.  She gave them areas that they could work with well.  He marveled over their movements.  He is amazed that Tadd did progressive ‘twinkles’.  Travis:  He thought it was beautiful, but it could have been a little smoother.  Blah, blah, blah…..They rocked Travis.  Sorry.  Oh wait, he is complimenting them now.  Carmen:  She really enjoyed it.  She doesn’t know much about the Waltz, but she knows what she felt and it was beautiful.    888.836.7603  Video

Clarice & Jess:  They danced a Justin Giles Contemporary Routine to Light through the Branches by Celeste Gear.   The story is about a super intense couple whose relationship is ending despite their passion.  Beautiful!  But I don’t know if it was super passionate.  It was a good routine, but I never really saw them as a hot couple.  Travis:  This was his favorite routine from them all season.   Justin’s musicality was ridiculous.  He felt the chemistry was believable. He can’t wait t work with them.   Amazing job.  Nigel:  He is in total agreement.  He is so appreciative for Giles work on the show.  He loved that it passed on emotion.  He was surprised about the anger that was shown.  Tremendously danced.  Carmen:  Truly beleived their story.  They showed the love and hate in their dance.  Mary:  They are going in the right direction.  The partnership from this number made them so easy to ready.  Both of their performances were outstanding.          888.836.7604   Video

Ashley & Chris:  They danced a Liz Lira Salsa routine to Mambo Beat by Tito Puente.    Now this was great fun.  Ashley outdanced Chriss.  She put her all into it.  Chris tried to keep up, but this dance was Ashley’s.  Travis:  He loves them (always a bad sign).  Started out really hopeful, but when they broke apart, the chemistry was not there.  Didn’t pop.  (boos)  Didn’t have as mch energy as the others.  Carmen:  Salsa is  hot and should be on fire.  Passionate.  She felt that they were hesitating, but they weren’t quite hitting those moves.  This wasn’t bad…it was okay.  Mary:  Their past numbers were hotter.  Ashley had some moments where she was on fire.  She was getting down.  But she didn’t have the fire the whole routine.  Chris partnered well, but it showed that he felt awkward.  Nigel:   Their dance was on and off with their passion.    888.836.7605  Video

Ryan & Ricky:  They danced a Chucky Kaplow Zombie Jazz routine  to Fashion by David Bowie.  Ryan and Ricky rock.  I loved this dance and they nailed it in a big way.  Both of them nailed it, but Ricky gave it a little extra.  Carmen:  You guys rocked!  Yes!  Great music choice.  Great energy.  Loved it.  Keep it up.  Mary:  It was hot!  She liked the quirkiness of the dance.  Ricky was precise and Ryan went deep into the character.  This piece showed both of them off tonight.  Nigel:  He agrees with Mary.  This number suited them both.   He loved the quirkiness of the dance.   Travis:  It was amazing, they had his attention the entire time.  Ryan was amazing.  Both should be in the top 10.     888.836.7606  Video

Caitlynn & Mitchell:  They danced a Mandy Moore Contemporary routine to I love you More by Celine Dion.      As always, Caitlynn and Mitchell were awesome.  Gorgeous routine and they were so so itense and into one another.  I believed their chemisry and passion.  The lifts were flawless.  Best dance of the night!   This dance was superior!  Awesome!  Standing O from the Judges.  Mary:  Mandy Moore that was her favorite number of the night.  That was so beautiful.  (She is moved to tears)  She is amazed that inspite of his injury, he is an incredible dancer.  She feels that Caitlynn is unhibited!  This is your moment.  She feels that they are Running like the wind.  Nigel:  The emotion is absolutely beautiful.  The leap and lifts were beautiful.  So different from the moves earlier. This performance took his breath away.   Travis:  Unbelievable.  Caitlynn is the surprise for him this season (he didn’t think that she had it).  Mitchell was unbelievable.  Congratulations to the both of you.  Carmen:  You were all that and even more.  All of the Judges feel this was the best dance of the night (duh….winning)              888.836.7607  Video

Top 7 Girls routine:  They danced a Ray Leeper Jazz Routine to Discarded Men byEartha Kitt.  The Dance is about the 7 girls uniting and getting rid of all the evil men in the world.  I like the story!  Perfect song.  You can’t lose when you pair such a routine with Eartha Kitt’s sultry voice Video

The girls get the nod tonight for the better group dance.