I guess by the photo, you can see where this is going for the eliminations.  Here’s the recap!

The show starts tonight with a Bollywood Group Dance with Choreography by NakulVideo

Judge feedback from last night.  Travis admits that it was difficult for him to judge the Contestants especially when he will be choreographing for some of them next week.  Guest Judge Carmen Electra is not present tonight.

National Dance Day will be on July 31st.  I can’t wait, because the weekly reminders are getting repetitious.


Marko & Melanie are safe!

Caitlynn & Mitchell are safe!

Ashley and Chris failed to please the judges last night and they are in danger.

Jess and Clarice were very convincing as angry passionate lovers and they are safe!

Jordan and Tadd’s Waltz was beautiful, but they are still in the bottom 3.

Ryan and Ricky‘s performance last night was flawless, but they are in the bottom 3 again.

Sasha and Alexander’s Hip Hop routine fell flat, but America liked them and they are safe!

Even though I know that this is a popularity contest, there is absolutely no reason for Ryan and Ricky to be in the bottom 3.  Period!

Travis is also kind of pissed off as he looks at the bottom 3 and he encourages Ryan and Ricky to bring it during their solos.

Guest Performance

Cedar Lake contemporary Ballet.  Beautiful performance.   Video


Ashley performs her solo to lovely by John West ft. Pusha T.

Chris performed to Scar by Basement Jaxx ft. Kelis.

Jordan performed to Commander by Kelly Rowland ft. David Guetta.

Tadd performed to 1-2-3 by Gloria Estefan.  Video

Ryan performed to Adiago for Strings’.

Ricky performed to When You Say My Name by Mario Spinetti.  Video

The Judges go to deliberate although I am pretty sure that they have already made their mind up.

Guest performance

Florence and the Machines performs Cosmic LoveVideo

Final Eliminations

The girl leaving the competition tonight is Ashley!  I didn’t think it was her turn quite yet.

The guy leaving the competition tonight is ChrisVideo