The Top 6 will perform two numbers tonight.  The pressure is on!  This is the last week that the contestants will be judged with their partners as a couple. 

Jesse Tyler Fergueson and Sonya Tayek join Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe on the Judges table.  It turns out that Jesse has an extensive Broadway background.  Who knew?  I just knew he is pretty funny on Ordinary Family

Sasha and Alexander:  They danced the Paso Doble with choreograhy by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin.  The story is the battle between masculinity and femininity.   What a brilliant Paso Doble!  It was powerful and was everything that I want to see in the Paso.  Both Sasha and Alexander  were fierce, but Sasha may have a bit more intensity.  This was some pretty hot stuff.  Lol.  Sasha did the traditional male knee (crawl thing) sweep with Alexander.   Nigel:  He thought the choreoraphy recognized Sasha’s strengths and played to them.   He also thought that Alexander kept up with her, which is difficult to do,  because Sasha is such a strong great character.  Mary:  She called for an Ole from the crowd, because they deserve it.  She felt that Sasha dominated and she has never seen a woman do a leg crawl like she did.  Alexander had a breakthrough tonight.  Sasha was a little bit stronger, but he did a good job.  Jesse:  It was highly dramatical and he loved it.  Sasha is such a pillar of strength and Alexander completely came up to her level.  Sonya:  Sasha you rock my socks.  You indulge in it (the performance).   She also feels that  Alexander has it in him, but he has to trust himself more.   The choreographers are  dedicating this dance to their friend who is fighting cancer.  Video    888.836.7601

Jordan and Tadd:  They danced a Travis Walls Contemporary routine.  The story is about women who take advantage of men and Tadd is trying to combat her wiles.  They danced to Brotsjor by Olarur Alnalds.  I’m loving this routine.  I am blown away by this kind of Choreography that pulls you in.  This dance is so passionate and the intensity was deep.  Travis is really doing big things.  Mary:  beautiful, dark, magnificent and she put them on the Hot Tamale Train.   She thought that this was a perfect symphany between movement, dance and technique.  It was no surprise for her that Tadd danced so strong in this and she thought that Jordan just demolished it from beginning to end.  Jesse:  He thought that Trais took this story and made it a brilliant beautiful thing.  The guys are in it to win it as well as the girls.  Sonya:  She wishes she could swear to express how she is feeling.  This was true artistry that makes her want to cry.  Both of you are unstoppable.  Nigel:   What a happy little story it was.  The dance was remarkable.  He is shocked that Travis took a b-boy and put him into this kind of contemporary dance.  Nigel thought that  The pair were tremendous in this.  Well done. Video   888.836.7602

Ryan and Ricky:  They danced a Spenser Liff Broadway routine.  The story is about a guy outside a movie theater waiting for his date to show up and he fantasizes about the Movie star in the poster.  They danced to The girl is All I Need by Frank Sinatra.  Hmmm….I thought that this was an ok broadway routine.  But it didn’t have the wow factor that was needed after watching the last two routines.  This was kinda hum ho.  Jesse:  He is big fans of both of hem, but he felt that there was a glass ceiling and it just didn’t sparkle for him.  Sonya:  Execusion is key and they are letting it simmer too much.  Nigel:  He  agreed with Sonya.  He felt that if you don’t get the complete broadway style, you lose the flavor.   He feels that they may be in danger, since they were in the bottom 3 last week and they danced their best dance.   Mary:   She thought that the first 30 seconds were great.  You had the style, but they lost it.  She would have liked them express themselves move and tha they didn’t do what they could have.  Hmmmm….No, they needed better choreography.  It was flat and light weight boring.    Video    888.836.7603

Caitylynn and Mitchell:  They danced a Christoper Scott Hip Hop Routine to Break the Chain by Lupe Fiasco. Mitchell and Caitlynn are representing the Kids in Uganda who are abducted and forced to fight in war.   The choreography has to give the Dancers something to work with and this one did.  However, they failed to tell the story.  Nothing that they did made me think of adbucted Child Soldiers.   Sonya:  She loves Chris Scott and both dancers, but she was lost in the translation.  It got too jumbled for her.  She didn’t feel the connection between them, but  she assured them that they are amazing.  Nigel:  He didn’t see the story.  He needed them to dance together and tell the story.  He thouht they needed more work. (ouch)   Mary:  She thinks that they are so strong in their performances, but that there was a disconnect in the story.  They were strong, but not completely in unison.  Jesse:  He agrees with the other Judges, but he acknowledges their astonishing strength.  He  also didn’t see the message in the dance.     Video.     888.836.7604

Melanie and Mark:  They danced a Louis Van Amsel Tango to Triptico by the Gotan Project.   There is no story!  Just dance…..and dance they did.  Now this is a Tango.  A fast paced Tango that held the heat of a slow and sultry tango.  I loved it.  They are both such strong dancers and they really complimented one another in this dance.  The whole dance was outstanding, but the ending was fantabulous!  Nigel:  This is the most challenging that you have been.  What Louis asked you to do takes years to learn.  That was tremendous compared to their practice earlier.  The lift at the end was fabulous.  Mary:  She gives some education on the different styles of tango.  This was the American style of he Tango with all of the elements of each dance in there.  She saw a few hiccups, but there are so many seasoned dancers that cannot do what they did.  Jesse:  He is such a fan of theirs.  They have a spark that you cannot be taught.  You guys are very special dancers.  Sonya:  They make her lose her breath.  Their conviction and dedication (to the dance) comes from their soul.  It is so sick that it makes her shiver.  They are timeless dancers (wow)   Video    888.836.7605

Clarice and Jess:  They danced a Christopher Scott Lyrical Hip Hop Routine to Just the Way You Are by Boyce Avenue.  This routine is about a woman’s insecurities and Jess is trying to affirm for her that she is beautiful just the way she is.  I knew that they would have no trouble telling this story.  They nailed the storytelling and the dance.  Clarice is great, but I think that I would love and hate to have Jess as a partner, he is amazing.  Great story.  Mary:  They are amazing just the way they are.  Amazing  job Christopher.  The dancing aspect was great.  She felt that they got the swag of the dance.  Jesse:  It was fantastic.  He proposes that he and Clarice should get married.  Jess is  fantastic.  Sonya:  You guys are adorabe and Chris makes things look so cool.  You slayed it.  Nigel:  He loved the storyline.  Beautifully danced.  Initially he was scared how the dance would go, but he really grew to like it.    He advices Christopher to Stick with these simple stories without going too broad.  He loved it.    Video 888.836.7606


Sasha and Alexander: They danced a Tyce Diorio     routine to That’s life by Aretha Franklin.  This dance is about when you have lost something in life and how you recover.  Another winner for Sasha and Alexander.  Sasha is always a beast, but my, my my, Alexander did this in a big way.  He was magnificent!   I loved it.  Tyce is kinda the man.  Jesse:  He is a true fan of the sow.  This was their best dance.  Favorite number.  He asks Sasha to say hi to her sis for him (lol)   Sonya:  Tyce is (she can’t swear on live tv) the*****.    She thinks that Tyce is one of the most versatile she knows.  She has been praying for this for Alexander.  He killed it.   Gorgeous.  She loved the message.  Sasha, you made it happen.  Nigel:  For a few weeks, Sasha has carried you, but not tonight.  He doesn’t  know what has happened for Alexander, but this was the best he has seen him dance.   The only shaky thng was that lampost (was swaying during the performance).  Mary:  Agrees with everything.  Alexander had a breakthrough and freedom for him.  He let it go.  She worried about him, but  not anymore.   Video

Jordan and Tadd:  They danced a Spencer Liff Broadway Routine to Out Tonight from Rent.   They story is about a princess who has been asleep for 100 years and Tadd is her prince trying to awake her.  Hmm…  this didn’t excite me.  I definitely wanted more from a Broadway routine.   I thought they would bring in some ‘Madonna’ hi-jinks, since Jordan is dressed like Madonna circa 1986.  But nothing, but drear.  Sonya:  is sorry, she loves both of them, but she felt a little underwhelmed.  The music….awkward.  She knows their ability and craft.  She was disappointed that she didn’t see it.  Nigel:  Could have been a little quirkier.  Could have been a little sillier and they could have brought more character like Toni Basil’s Mickey.   They really lost it with a series of lifts.  This was a really difficult dance to help them get into the top ten.  Mary:  Have to find a way to make it work.  Their first performance was so dynamic, but this was like cotten candy.  Jesse:  He has a crush on S0nya, so he is juiced to be sitting next to her (he is funny).  This was a bit of a grab bag of too many things.  This was not his favorite, but because he thnks that they are such great dancers, they should be safe.  Video

Ryan and Ricky:  They danced a Louis Van Amsel Cha Cha to Tonight, I’m loving you by Enrique Iglesias.  This is the dance of fire and I really hope that Louis pulls it out of them.   Oh Thank God! He did!   Ths was such an improvemet from the first number.  Choreography to show off the dancers skills is what it is about and Louis is on his A game tonight.  Caliente!  Nigel:  Ricky, you did a really good job there.  Great style and class, but he thought that  Ryan may have been overdoing it.  He dinged her on technicality.  Mary:  Holy smokes, the was he fastest cha cha she has ever seen.  She agreed with Nigel.  Ryan got sloppy during it.  Ricky, I don’t know who you are anymore.  From the second that he started, Ricky was on the hot tomale train.  Jesse:  He agrees that Ricky should be on the Hot Tamale train.  Sonya:  Ricky, you were basking in it and enjoying it.  She encourages Ryan not to  lose your conviction and embrace how wonderful she is.   Video

Caitlynn and Mitchell:  They danced a Travis Walls Contemporary routine to Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplan.  The story is set in the 70’s.  Caitlynn discovers that her lover is  married.  Hmmm…I’m a little indifferent about this one.  I liked it.  I think, but I wasn’t like ‘yay’!  but apparently, the Judges saw it differently.  Mary:  Slightly naughty and intense.  She loved it.  She liked that Caitlynn really hit Mitchell during the routine.   There was some tough stuff in there.  She praised their technique.  Incredible and she loved it.  Jesse:   He loved it.  It was fantastic.  Sonya:  really hot.  Dang Caitlynn, you’re a baby to me an  it scares me that you are so hot.  Mitch, sometimes, I don’t know where you are.  She thinks that he over focuses too much and he needs to sink into te performance and enjoy himself.   Nigel:  Very good advice from Sonya.  don’t lose what it is all about.  Doesn’t want to say anything to incriminate  himself about Caitlynn, because he doesn’t want to feel like a dirty old man.  He light weight chastises them for performing for he audience rather than each other at the end of their dance.   Video

Melanie and Marko:  They danced a Dean Kaspary Contemporary  routine to Skin and Bones by Davi J. Roche.   This dance is about a couple slipping out of the light.  Another exceptional dance from these two!!  Jesse:  His mind has been blown.  They are amazing.  This is his new favorite routine from them.  He has goose bumps.  Sonya:  So grateful that this is the future of dance.  Thank you and please stay humble and true.  Nigel:  He is excited for when the couples split, apart from picking them up.  There is smething special abut them as a couple.   He thought they flowed and this was  not just steps put together.  Mary:  She is mourning the two of them separating.  They are two shining stars on this show.   Video

Clarice and Jess:  They danced a  Jazz routine to Ain’t Nothing Wrong with that by Robert Randolph and the Family Band.  I think that Clarice outdanced Jess on this one.  What a crazy fast jive!  Sonya:  Adorable.  Love it!  Amazing!  Nigel:  Love it.  Very good.  Very good kicks Jess.  (They are tripping off how high his little short legs can kick)  Nigel would like to see a little more balance from Jess when he does his lifts.   He has his fingers crossed that it brings in votes to keep them in the competition.  Mary:  Jess, the kicks were very high.  She missed the animation of the dance from Jess.  Clarice had it.  She was strong and she never let up.  Jesse:  He thinks Jess is fantastic.  He is very fun and exciting show.  Jesse thinks that Cat shold be recognized be outstanding Reality Star Host by the Emmy Awards.  He’s right.  She rocks!  Video