Group Number: Performed to  El Fuego!  Video

Our Judges Jesse, Sonya, Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe.  Cat was nominated for an Emmy!  Standing O from the Judges and the crowd on that one.  SYTYCD got 8 Emmy nominations that included 5 nominations for the Choregraphy. 

Nicole Scherzinger is here and the Jason Smith Tap Dance Crew will perform tonight.



Clarice and Jess:  They wowed with both of their numbers last night.  They are safe and the first dancers in the Top 10!

Caitlynn and Mitchell:  They fell short with their first dance, but the second performance redeemed them.  But America wasn’t satisfied!  They are in the bottom 3.

Nigel gives us some info on the changes that we can expect for next week.  After tonight, the Couples will be split up and paired with one another.    Then they will perform with an All Star.

Nigel also lets us know that Alex Wong from last season was asked to be an Allstar, but he injured himself again.  Such a gifted dancer, too bad that he has to sit out again.  

Our 2011 All-Stars

Melody from Season 1

Allison from Season 2

Pasha from Season 3

Comfort from Season 4

Chelsie from Season 4

Brandon from Season 5

Kathryn from Season 6

Robert from Season 7


Melanie and Marko:  They were tremendous in both routines last night.  They are safe.

Ryan and Ricky:  Their Broadway routine was lacking, but Ricky got on te Hot Tamale train with the Cha Cha!  No shocker here!  They are in the Bottom 3.

Jordan and Tadd:  Again,  Another mixed bag here.  They slayed the Contemporary routine, while their Broadway routine was underwhelming.  They are Safe. 

Sasha and Alexander:  They were incredible in both of their routines!  Both of them!  They are in the bottom 3? 

Guest performance

Jason Samuel Smith Tap Dance Crew performed to Move the Crowd.  I really liked their unique blend of tapping and rapping.  Oh Wow, Melinda Sullivan (from last season)  is one of the dancers.   Video

Nygel does a pitch for National Dance Day on July 31  and for being active everyday.


Caitlynn:  She performed to The Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga.  I don’t know why Caitlynn is in the bottom 3.

Mitchell:    He perfomed to RA by Nathan Lanier.  So powerful!

Ryan:  Not in love  by Crystal Castles  ft. Robert Smith.     Hmmm…..might be time to say bye bye.

Ricky:  Body Language by Queen.    He was good, but during eliminations, they seem to go in couples.

SashaThinkin about your body by Bobby Mcferrin.  I think that both her and her partner should be safe.

Alexander:  He performed to Palladio by Escala.  Beautiful!   Video

The Judges deliberate and poor Jesse is very nervous about the decision that they have to make tonight.

Guest Performance

Nicole Scherzinger performs ‘Right There’.    Video

Final Eliminations:

Girls:  Nigel says that this vote was unanimous.

Caitlynn has been in the bottom 3 before.  Her solo was her best of the eason and they have taken her body of work into account.  They felt that Ryan was a little lackluster  and she seemed down and depressed when she performed.  Sasha is fabulous.  The girl leaving tonight is Ryan.

Ricky should be shaking in his tights, it’s usually a couple thing.

Guys:  Not unanimous in this decision.  3 votes to 1.

 Mitchell gave a pretty strong solo tonight.  He needs to be consistent.  Ricky gave a serious dance for his life tonight.  Alexander found himself last night, but tonight his solo let him down (it did?) and he will leave the competition tonight.  There goes my theory on the couples leaving together.  I totally didn’t see that coming!  But Ricky’s solo was ridiculously strong. 

Alexander and Ryan Leave the competition.