The Top 10 will separate from their partners tonight and they will perform with an All-Star for the first time.

Neil Patrick Harris joins the Judges tonight.  This should be interesting!  He is quite the critic!  But he is really likeable and honest, so I know that we will get the truth!  Plus it is nice that he has the Broadway background.  He is a huge fan of the show and he is proud of what Nigel has done with the show.

Nigel gives us the spill on the SYTYCD Tour tickets that will be on sale on July 29th.

Marko & Chelsie Hightower:  The performed a Jason Gilkinson choreographed Samba.  The story is about a Photographer taking pics of a Diva who is a photo hog.  They dancd to  Cinema Italiano by Kate Hudson.   They weren’t kidding, this dance is really fast.  I love that so many pros have emerged from SYTYCD; I love Chelsie on DWTS.  Tonight, Marko is on his A game.  He looks like a pro himself dancing next to Chelsie (who is super excited to be back).  Neil:  Wow…what a way to start the show….amazing.  That was so dirty with the scissor kick around his face (I was thinking that same thing too).  He thinks that Marko is unbelievable and the guy to beat.  This dance was well played.  Mary:  She think that Marko is the real deal and he can do everything.     She will not be surprised if he is in the finale.   She gives Jason some props for his Choreography.  She thought that technically, it was amazing.  Congratulations kid!  Nigel: He Love the fact that they struggled in practice (they kinda got beat up trying to get the moves down), but that they pulled it off efortlessly tonight.  He has the courage to persevere in this competition.  He thinks he is ahead of the field.  He feels like he is now dancing with the stars.  Tremendous.  Well done.  Video

Solo:  Sasha performed to Syrup and Honey by Duffy.  Love, love, love  it.  888.836. 7601

Jordan and  Brandon:  They performed a Desmond and Dwight Contemporary routine.    This piece is about the highs and lows of love.  I thought that this one was so Beautiful!  Jordan was lovely to watch, but OMG, I forgot about what a strong dancer Brandon is.  He kind of stole the show.  I loved the choreography.  Beautiful and so powerful.  Mary:  So great to see Brandon on the stage.  But Jordan, you were just fierce tonight.  We were served by Dwight and Desmond.  They played to all of her strengths.  She is fighting to take the next position.  The Dancing was solid.  Nigel:  He thinks that Desmond and Dwight are two of the world best choreographers.  He doesn’t feel that she has many weaknesses, so the choreographers could give her anything and she could do it; it also helped that she was paired with Brandon.  He encourages the fans to keep her in.  Neil:  He agrees.   She takes his breath away.  Neil’s a  a face guy and he enjoyed watching her  feel the number.  Although Brandon is yoked, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her.  The Choreographers let her shine.   Video


Jess performed to Come By Me by Harry Connick Jr.  It is not hard to believe that Jess has already excelled on Broadway.   888.836. 7602

Tadd and Comfort:  They performed a Chuck Maldonado Hip Hop Routine to Look at me now by Chris Brown ft.  Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes.  I wasn’t wowed by the choreography, but I thought that Tadd really performed well, he brought personality and swagger to his dance.  I think that he outdanced Comfort.  The best part was when he performed his solo parts.  Nigel:  Very fast, no time to think.  He is still tripping off the fact that Tadd is a B-boy and he is able to pick up everything that they throw at him.   He thought that this was  great routine to do and that he outdanced his All Star.  Neil:  It’s true that he out hip hopped Comfort.  He thought it was great and DOPE!  Lol.  Mary:  Tadd, you are something special.  You hit this out of the ballpark.  You didn’t let up.  Unbelievable musicality.  You have swagger for days.  Ghettolicious!  Video


Melanie:  She performed to You’re the One that I Want.  Hmmm…Melanie was great of course, but where the hell did she find that version of this ‘Grease’ classic.   888.836. 7603

Mitchell and Melody:   They performed a Tyce Diorio Broadway piece to Take off with us from the All That Jazz Soundtrack.  I enjoyed this one!  I think this is Mitchell’s best dance in weeks.  He is feeling it and his kicks are ridiculously high.  Neil:  He didn’t get that much at all.  He didn’t get the theme at all.  It seemed disjointed and not well thought out.  He thinks he is a great dancer, he saw him working hard.  Mary:  He thought the number was fun, but too overbaked.  Too overdone.  She loves him to death.  Nigel:  He encouraged him to think about the style and not to overperform (ouch).   More in style than technique.  Whatever.  I was feeling it.  Video


Ricky:  He performed to Daylight Breaks by Cassidy.  Beautifully peformed, but I wasn’t blown away, because the dance seemed very similar to other dances he has performed.   888.836. 7604


Clarice:  She performed to Royal T   888.836. 7605

Caitlyn and Pasha:  They performed a Leonardo and Miriam choreographed Argentine Tango to Malajunta.  The story is about a couple who has become disconnected and the Tango allows this to re-connect.  Sexy and very hot Tango.  I loved the detail!  Great chemistry!  Mary:  She gives them a standing O.  This is the First Argentine tango of the Season and she thought it was a real treat that was danced flawlessly.  Tonight she was a complete woman tonight and her dancing has went to another level.  Fabulous.  Nigel:  He thinks Mary is right.  She was far sexier tonight than ever before.  He felt that she forgot the audience was there and she is one of the top 3 dancers to perform this Tango.  Neil:  Started off slow for him and then he realized it was like great theatre and he realized that he was really enjoying it. He thought that she matched Pasha and they were super insync.  He was so inspired that he wants to learn the Argentine Tango.  Video


Mitchell:  He performed to This time by John Legend.  Gorgeous.    888.836. 7606

Sasha and Twitch:  They performed a Christopher Scott choreographed Hip Hop Rotine.  This dance is about a couple that needs to rekindle their passion.  They performed to Misty Blue by Dorothy Moore.  This was beautiful!  I think that they got their groove back in this one.  Both of them were so committed to the dance, but Sasha may have stole the show.  Whata sexy ending……  Hmmmm….is there something going on here?  Nigel:  He is speechless.  Wow!  Last year Twitch did a memorable routine with Alex Wong and now ths with Sasha.  This is the first time that Nigel saw Sasha have passion with her partner.  Fabulous.  Neil:  This was the best routine of the evening.  Spectacular.  Scott is so amazing at what he does.  He praises the Choregrapher and Sasha and Twitch’s chemistry.  He feels they should dance every dance together.  Mary:  Sista…she needs to call the Police to arrest Scott for giving that sexy ass number.  She thouht it was smoking hot!  It had it all.  As much as she loves Twitch, she really loved Sasha and she thinks that she is an All star tonight.   Video


Jordan:  She performed to Tonight by Lykke Li.    888.836. 7607

Jess and Kathryn:  Stacey Tookey Lyrical Jazz routine.  They performed to The Lonely.   This routine has alot of lifts which have been  Jess’ downfall in the competition.   Pet peeves.  Not tonight thought, Jess nails the lifts and the entire number.  Is it just me or are all of the dancer connecting with the All stars better than they did with their Partners?  Neil:  That was an extraordinary designed routine by Toukey.  He cautioned Jess to be conscious of his facial expressions and not to think so hard.  This routine was the best he has seen from him.   Mary:  Her favorite piece from him for her and she loved everything about it.  Nigel:  He feels terrible that he has been hard on Jess aobut the pressure he put on him.  But he did very well tonight.  His best work to date.  Video


Tadd performs to Everything that I can’t have by Robin Thicke.        888.836. 7608

Melanie and Pasha: They performed a Jason Gilkersson choreographed Viennese Waltz to Everybody Hurts by Tina Arena.   This is the story of a guy who has lost his will to live and Melanie is his supportive rock.  As I expected, a moving and beautiful piece that was wonderfully executed.  I think that everyone has great chemistry with Sasha, because he is kind of hot.  Mary:  She is ja little ealous that Melanie got to dance with Sasha. lol    It was if she was floating across the stage.  She doesn’t know how she moves so well.  She feels that she is at the top of the litre board andthat she is  amazing.  Nigel: This was a beautiful flow of movement.  She is used a sa rock becasue she is a solid dancer  Neil:  It idn’t seem like there was a lift, they just floated.  He complimented Jason for hs work.  Neil compares Melanie to a superhero.  She is beautiufl in everyway.  She is his favoritie dancer on the show.  Video


Caitlynn performs to Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machines.    888.836. 7609

Rickey and Allison:  They performed a Tyce Diorio choreographed jazz routine to Precious things by Tori Amos.  This dance is about a bad dream that seems real for Allison and she wakes up and she is still afraid.  Rickey is the nightmare that follows her from her dream.  Another knockout of a performance.  Ricky was tremendous and this performance more that makes up for the solo.   He said he was star struck to dance with Allison, but you couldn’t tell it.  He was her equal in this dance.  I loved it.  Nigel:  Congratulated Tyce on how he was free.  Sensational and creative piece.  He thinks that some of the Contestants have outdanced the All Stars.  He was right there with her.  Neil:  He congratulated Tyce on the choreography.  He responded well from beginning to end.  Neil thinks that a turning point for Rickey last week was when he danced to save his life.  I think he is right  Mary:  She loved the darkness of the choreography from Tyce.  She is  fan of Allison, but she thought that Rickey really brought it tonight.  Spectacular.  Video


Marko performed to More Than Anyone by Gavin Degraw.    888.836. 7610

Clarice and Robert:  They performed a Nakul choreographed Bollywood routine to Aila Re Aila.  The story is about a guy and girl playing cat and mouse.  Robert and Clarice have great chemistry and it showed in their dance.  I thought this was Excellent and it really showed off Clarice’s strengths as  Dancer.  I think that the kiss was real.  They received a Standing O.  Neil:  He loved it.  He thought it was beautiful.  He was really moved because this is the first first time that he connected to Clarice when she danced and he thought that the kiss seemed to really open her up.  He thinks that she is a gorgeous Dancer and he congratulates her on her triumph.  Mary:  She thought that they were exhilarating to watch and that it was  so much fun.  The choreography was just perfect for Clarice.  Nigel:  You couldn’t have done this any better.  It made him happy just to watch it.   Video