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The View Discusses BP Oil Spill Apology and The President’s Response

The Ladies Discuss the BP apology and Elizabeth manages to get on my nerves in less than 3 minutes…

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SNL Spoof: Obama & The Party Crashers!

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This was the best spoof of the night!  Saturday Night Live pretty much sums up how ridiculous it is that the Party Crashers made it into the WH State Dinner and took pictures with everyone and their Mama.  Funny Stuff!

President Obama: The Way Forward Speech

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The Party Crashers Break Their Silence

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The Salahis speak out!  They say that they are not Crashers and that they had an invitation!

The White House Party Crashers!

In case you don’t know, that is Tareq and Michaele Salahi pictured with our Vice President Joe Biden at President Obama’s First State Dinner.  The only thing is that they weren’t actually invited, they crashed the party according to the Washington Post!  Are you kidding me?  From now on, if you look up ‘Party Crashers’ in the dictionary, there better be a picture of these two cheesing like a bag of Doritos.  Apparently, these two are campaigning to be the next couple on a new ‘Housewife’ series based out of DC on Bravo TV.  Bravo says that they have footage of the two getting ready for the event (but apparently they are tardy for the party, because they havent’ posted it yet).   At this point, I am thinking that the only reason that they don’t have pics of the first family is that their camera batteries died.

Seriously though, how can it be this easy for anyone to just walk into a ‘high security’ event such as this?  Not good!  Luckily, this time it was just two reality wannabes.  Anyway, I found these pics on their facebook page ( I became a fan, I’m sure that their updates will be good) with these sentiments:

Honored to have attended the state dinner at the White House in honor of India with President Obama and our First Lady. INDIA & the USA will challenege each other for the first time on the DC National Mall in June 2010 in what will be another proud and historic moment. XO MICHAELE

Her next update will start with something like, ‘Just had lunch with Michelle and the girls.  Malia is getting so tall and Sasha is such a darling.  Bo ran around barking……’

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Kennedy Funeral Speeches: Ted Kennedy Jr., Patrick Kennedy and President Obama

Ted Kennedy Jr’s Emotional Speech for his Father

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Governor Mark Sanford Eventually Gives Apology


Governor Mark Sanford had to come clean today and admit that he in Argentina having an affair with a woman (who was not his wife) for 5 days.  Originally, Sanford had claimed that while he was out hiking along the Appalachian Mountains by himself and that he was stunned that people (including his wife) were so concerned that he seemed to have gone missing.  Seriously, I’m having difficulty believing that any intelligent person would come up with such a ridiculous story to account for his absence.

Anyway, Sanford kind of rambles on for a while, before he gets into his apology.  Man, this guy is a great Apologizer.  He must mess up alot and have ample opportunities to take responsibility for his wrongdoings, because he apologized to everybody.  Of course, we don’t know how the main people in his life like his Wife and kids are taking his apology, but I’m thinking there are at least two people that were not buying his apology.  Those two young women who are positioned to the left of his shoulder.   Look at their faces while he admits his discretions, they are cracking up.  I don’t know if they have some bets out on the Governor’s discretions, but they are smiling like its money that they are winning.

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