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American Idol Finale Recap 5/25/11

Ryan reports that over 122 milliona voted last night to decide who the American Idol Winner will be tonight.

Our Finalists Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery take the floor.    We see footage of their hometown’s  UTC McKenzie Arena and RBC Center in Raleigh, NC showing their support for their American Idol. 

Group Performance

Top 13 perform ‘Born This Way’ by Lady Gaga.  I always enjoy seeing everyone back together for their last performance of the season.  It even makes a group performance enjoyable.   Video

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American Idol Recap 5/24/11


We open tonight with footage of our Past American Idol Winners Carrie Underwood and David Cook and then fast forward to Current Contenders Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery.  I truly have no idea who will win the American Idol title tomorrow.  It could go either way.  Yes, it is down to the youngest match up in American Idol History.  16 year old Lauren takes on 17 year old Scotty.

Yeah…..I heard the rumor that Lauren might not sing tonight because of sprained vocal cords.  Really?  They bring out a Doctor who confirms that after some serious treatments to soothe her throat, she will be able to perform tonight.  Really?  I’m sure that is true, but I really couldn’t see Lauren dropping out (sprained vocal cords or not), when she could take it all.   No way!

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Dancing With The Stars Recap 5/23/11


Kirstie & Maks, Chelsea & Mark and Hines & Kym will perform 3 dances tonight to see who will win the coveted Disco ball!  Each voter gets 5 calls or texts tonight and remember every vote counts.  You can vote until 11 am ET tomorrow. 

Tonight there will be a Make it or break it round and then the Freestyle round.  Tomorrow night, the finalists will perform for the last time and earn their last set of scores from the Judges. 

Also, The Judges will assign the Stars a dance of their choice.

Chelsea and Mark:  The Judges have chosen the Samba for these two.  Carrie Ann provided pointers and encouragement to help the Disney Star excel.   Carrie Ann is really hoping that Chelsea can show that she is a Sexy Woman when she performs.  I think that this was a well danced routine, but I don’t know if Chelsea brought the sexiness, but one thing is clear….this girl can dance.  She doesn’t exude sexiness, but her technique is flawless.  Len:  Every step she takes, he will be watching her.  He liked it, although he wasn’t keen on her flailing arms.  Bruno:  You were like an ultra sexy bombshell.  The rhythm was flowing through her like never before.  Carrie Ann:  Hot, Hot, Hot.  You got down and dirty and that is what I was wanting from you.  (MAC-9) Carrie Ann-10, Len-9, Bruno-10= 29 out of 30  Video  800. 868. 3401

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Trailer for ‘The Hangover 2’

I cannot wait for this one to come out!! I never see a movie on the day that it comes out, but I think that on May 26th, I will be at the movies to check this one out!

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American Idol Recap 5/19/11


Tonight, we find out who is going to the Finals!  Exciting!  I missed last night’s show!  Graduation Season will do that to you!

Jimmy Levine is predicting that there will be a Guy in the Finale!  Lauren and Haley are like Oh No!

95 million votes came in…..Damn…..That is huge!  15 million more than last year’s Top 4 show.  Are they really limiting the amount of votes that each person can cast? Or are people creating bogus email accounts and voting as much as they want?  I know the show is popular, but 95 million?  Wow!

The Finals will air on Tuesday & Wednesday next week; one day earlier than usual.  DWTS is like WTH?

The Idols vsit the Bad Robot Company and they get to screen upcoming movie trailer for ‘Super 8’.  He gives them a  Super 8 Video camera to take with them as a parting gift.  What a nice way to get your trailer viewed by Millions!   Video

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Dancing With The Stars Recap 5/17/11


Last night’s Semi Finalist made it clear for me who will be in the final 3!   That would be Chelsea & Mark, Hines and Kym & Kirstie and 
Maks.  I really like Ralph, but it is his time to go home.    I can only pray that America gets it right.

Repeat Performance:  Chelsea and Mark’s spicy Rumba!   Video

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American Idol Recap 5/11/11


We are finally down to our final four.  In two weeks, we will be off to the Nokia Theatre for our finale.  It is truly anyone’s contest at this point.

The contestants will sing 2 songs tonight.  The first will be a song that inpire them.  The second will be the music of Jerry Leiber and Mike StollerLady Gaga will be the guest Mentor tonight.  Tomorrow, Jordin Sparks, Julio Iglesia and Lady Gaga will perform. 

James Durbin:  He sang ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ byJourney.  Hmm….did he sing this before?  Maybe, I just have too much Glee in my life.   James is such an incredible performer that it is almost unfair to the other contestants.  This guy has been performing for some time now and it shows in a big way.  I keep saying it, but I don’t know if it is actually his voice that is his biggest asset.  He is the whole package.   Steven:  Little indication of what is to come.  Randy cuts in (he loved it).  You picked the right song, it is kicking ass and so are you.  Jlo:  She loves that he always pulls out the bravado at the end.  Randy:  Paying such a great homage to  Journey and in particular lead singer  Steve Perry.  I’m glad that you are giving him props.  Randy likes that James is seriously doing his homework and  he is even dressed like Steve Perry.    That was the highest degree of difficulty and you did it.    866.436.5701 or 866.436.5705    Video

Oh no….Ryan just said that Haley is going for the King of Pop….like in Michael?  Ooh….very dangerous!

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Dancing With The Stars Recap 5/10/11

This season has been exceptional!  There have been such strong performances literally from week one that it is hard to predict which one of our top 5 will go home.  We just have to sit and watch!   Tom hints at an upset with the results.

Kirstie and Maks got the nod to repeat their irresistible Tango.


Hines and Kym:  they wowed the Judges and America last night with great choreography and sparkling personality and they are safe with a score of 54. 

Kirstie and Maks:  Seriously had some great performances last night and the Judges loved them.  They scored a 53 and they are safe.  Video

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Dancing With The Stars Recap 5/9/11

Once again, DWTS  was the most watched show on Television last week.   This week, the Contestants will take on the Instant Dance.  This part is always fun to watch, because it is interesting o see which Contestant will rise to the occasion of  performing a 2nd dance to music that they

As the stars enter, I have been looking at Kirstie every week, but tonight, I realize how much weight she has lost.  Her face looks great!  Wow! 

 Chelsea and Mark:  They danced the Waltz.  Chelsea kind of put Mark in check this week for complaining about their scores last week.  She doesn’t want to be associated with a bad attitude.  Mark hopes to redeem himself with a Waltz where they totally connect.  I think that the young lad has redeemed himself.  This dance was beautiful, graceful and elegant.  Can we say fabulous? Len: thinks that occasionally there is too much emphasis on the story and not the dance.  But this was very musical, great posture overall I liked it.  Bruno:  Mark you found the perfect setting to have Chelsea shine.  Exquisite, but timeless waltz.  Fabulous.  Carrie Ann:  You’re right, you can’t come out here and just expect to be given great scores, you have to earn them and tonight you earned perfection.  (MAC-10)    Carrie Ann- 10, Len-9 (always tripping), Bruno-10= 29   800.868.3401  Instant Dance:  Get Busy by Sean Paul (interesting)        Video

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American Idol Recap 5/5/11

As I watched last night’s highlights that opened the show, I was reminded that there was a lot of drama last night!  I also realize that even if James Durbin or Scotty McCreery do not win, Randy is going to make sure that they gets record deals.

Wow!  60 million votes came in last night which makes it the highest amount of votes this season.

Ryan reveals that Steven has a book coming out and he is way excited about it.  Jlo will be performing her new song ‘On The Floor’ tonight.  Can I just say that American Idol is the best decision that Steven and Jlo made in the past few years?   They are seriously everywhere that I turn.  Oh and Ryan upsdates us on Randy’s busy schedule; he  is having a bakesale this weekend.  Seriously that was Ryan’s update on Randy.  Lol.

Videos and Recap after the jump!

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