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SNL: Charlie Sheen is Winning & The Devil stops by Weekend Update 3/5/11

Charlie Sheen has a TV show and has Moammar Gadhafi, Lindsay Lohan and other guests who have one thing in common: Winning!  All of the guests are having a shared delusion with their host on how they are winning!

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Jay Leno reviews the New ‘Two and a Half Men’

Hilarious!  Jay Leno reveals a parody of what ‘Two and a Half Men’ could look like, if  Charlie Sheen doesn’t get control of his personal problems.

Seriously though, I hope that Charlie gets the help that he needs, because he is in a bad place and the voices are talking to him 24/7 and the voices never say anything nice.

Paula Abdul’s Frantic 911 Call

Okay, I don’t know what to make of this.  TMZ obtained this Audio of a a frantic Paula Abdul calling 911 and pleading for help.  Apparently, she had a lover’s spat with a Man and she wanted to get out of his car ASAP.  I guess when he didn’t pull over immediately, Paula started yelling and jumping around in her seat.  At this time, her Man Friend must have given her a ‘You better sit your A** down look’ and  Paula was forced to take matters into her own hands.

Now…..what do you think of this call?  Is it Authentic?  Or a plug for a spot on ‘X Factor’?  I’m just sayin…..

Lil Kim is Really Mad at Nikki Minaj

Lil Kim has released the Artwork cover of her ”Black Friday’ mixtape and I guess she wants it to be known how she is feeling.  We get it, she is really pissed at Nikki Minaj for everything and if she had her way, she would slay her.  Really slay her, not lyrically, but she would behead her……Yawn….Really?  In spite of it all, I think that Lil Kim is above this.


Are we really surprised that Ricky Gervais was Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes?

Last night, Ricky Gervais hosted the Golden Globe Awards Show.  When I learned that Ricky was hosting, I knew that it would be an evening of some honest, no hold barred and off the hook humor.  Ricky delivered everything that I expected, however it appears like he offended alot of people.  I’ve read alot of articles today about how rude and obnoxious he was.  Really?  Were they expecting something else?  I mean, does he have a reputation for being a gentleman when he is on the mic? 

Ricky was Ricky and I was laughing at most of it.  So now that everyone knows that Ricky Gervais can be offensive, we won’t see him hosting anymore shows, right?


Dennis Rodman is Just Nasty as this Interview Proves!

Dennis Rodman can’t be explained.  It appears that Dennis called into Florida  Sports Talk Radio Station  ‘790 the Ticket’ for an interview.  During the course of the interview, it became apparent that Dennis was being intimate (and I use the word loosely) with his Woman Teresa.   Finally, the Interviewer asked, ‘What he and and Teresa were up to?’  Dennis replied, ‘She’s just sucking something.  Oh, sorry about that!  You said to keep it clean, right?’ 

I blame this on the Interviewer.  I mean really?  She told Dennis Rodman to keep it clean and she thought that he would?  What indication is there that He would ever keep anything clean?  He doesn’t even look clean.   From the looks of him, I would always assume that whatever he did would be XXX. 

I’m especially mad that I have to think about anyone doing anything sexual to Dennis Rodman.  That’s why I am sharing it with you, so I can transfer the image from my mind to yours.


Bill O’ Reilly Interviews Whoopi Goldberg

Well, I guess we knew that this was coming. After Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar walked out on their Interview with O’Reilly on The View’ in October, it was just a matter of time before they would have to discuss the matter in detail Check it out!

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