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Naomi Campbell Gets Her Groove on for Her 25th Anniversary

For Fashion Night Out, Dominico Dolce and Stephano Gabbana planned to host a party celebrating Naomi Campbell’s 25th year in the Modeling Industry.  But the two Designers were unable to attend their affair on September 10th.  Of Course, the Party went on and Naomi Campbell rocked the house literally.  She arrived with a dozen or so Models all dressed in Leather short shorts, Black fishnet stockings and white T-shirts.  These t-shirts were part of a limited edition of 14 different t- shirts that each depict Naomi in an iconic pose during different stages of her career. 

Naomi and her girls danced to JayZ, Rihanna and Kanye West’ ‘Run This Town’.  This is a great song for her to make an entrance, but I am almost surprised that she didn’t enter on enter on Kelis’ “I’m Bossy’. 

It looks like they had a ball.  Naomi is shaking her groove thing and I am so glad that there wasn’t a wardrobe malfunction like when she danced in St. Tropez. 

Naomi Campbell is 40 years old and she shows no signs of slowing down!  She looks great!

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Celebrities Attend The First Ladies of Africa Gala!



Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Sarah Brown, wife of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and model Naomi Campbell pose at the US Doctors for Africa honoring the First Ladies of Africa Gala at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on April 21, 2009 in Beverly Hills California.

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Naomi Campbell on the Beach with her Man!


Naomi Campbell was spotted looking Fantabulous on the Beach with her Billionaire Boyfriend Stefano Gabbano looking like she does doesn’t have a care in the world.  I guess she doesn’t.  I can actually give you a billion reasons why she is so carefree.


Stars lend their support to Naomi Campbell’s ‘Fashion for Relief’ show.

Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for Relief show raises money for The White Ribbon Alliance.  It happen last night in London.  Naomi’s Supermodel status attracts many celebrities who walk the catwalk as part of the festivities!

Naomi Campell started things off with the fierce-ness that defines her in a one-off peacock feathered Zac Posen dress, which was bought in the auction by her Russian boyfriend, Vladimir, for £25,000.

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Naomi Campbell does it again with Sobe!

Too Cute!

Naomi Campbell gets a new home that cost $18 million!!!


Naomi Campbell must have a sparkling personality when she is one on one, because men seem to love her!  I know to the public, she seems like a cell phone throwing and face slapping bad mamma jamma, but she must be different in ‘intimate settings’.  I say this because her billionaire boyfriend Vladislav Dorinon has bought her a penthouse in Sao Paulo, Brazil after she told him how much she loved it in the country!  Wow!  I can’t even imagine what kind Diva antics the housekeeping staff is going to have to put up with there.  Anywhoo, I hope that the servants have great benefits with an outstanding medical plan to fix those bruises for occasional slaps upside the head!

Another case of don’t hate the playa, hate the game!

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