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Brad and Angelina Watch Their Precious Cargo

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie watch their children Maddox, Zahara and Shiloh board a Water Taxi in Venice.  I love the looks on the kids faces.  Maddox looks like ‘What you talkin’ bout Willis…..I’m not going out there!’  Shiloh looks like she is game for anything new and Zahara looks like ‘Whatever’.

I truly don’t understand why all of the rumors always surface around these two.  They seem to be pretty solid and committed to each other and their children.  I think the biggest concern they should have is when Brad will shave off that beard.

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Daddy Brad takes Zahara and Shiloh Toy Shopping!



Brad Pitt had some special Daddy time with two of his favorite girls!  Daddy Brad took Zahara and Shiloh on a shopping outing at Tugooh Toy Store in Washington D.C.   Brad is in D.C. for business, but he always has time for his kids.  The shades are killing me!

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Angelina takes Shiloh and Zahara for Some Quality Time!

Angelina Jolie was spotted taking Shiloh and Zahara to ‘Lee’s Art Store’ in NYC to get some supplies.  I can just imagine their  rooms with moonbeams and peace signs all over the walls.  Kidding.  Anyway, it looks like they have a project that they are working on.

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Random Shot of Angelina and Brad with their children!


Very cute shot of Brad and Angelina with (L-R) Maddox, Shiloh, Zahara and Pax!  They are such a cute family.  I wonder what they are looking at?


Angelina and kids spotted in NYC!



Angelina, Zahara, Maddox and Pax were seen going into Lee’s Art Store in Manhattan this afternoon.  The family always looks so cute always, but I do wish that they would comb Zahara’s hair (a little hair grease and water goes a long way).  Okay and why does Maddox have highlights? 


Brad and Zahara Spotted in Paris!

Brad Pitt was spotted giving his little luvcub Zahara some individual time in Paris.  Such a jet setting family!  I wish Zahara would smile more, she is such a cutie when she does! 


Spotted! Angelina with Maddox and Zahara!


I came across this really cute picture of Angelina with Maddox and Zahara.  They look so happy and I just loved the Star framed glasses! Cute. 


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