What we have here is a Situation…..That’s right, The Situation was eliminated tonight!

Recap of the Show

I have no idea who will go home tonight, but I’m thinking that it will be between Bristol Palin, The Situation or Florence Henderson.

 The show starts with a recap of the Top 3 Scorer’s Performances  from last night:

Recap of last night

Audrina and Tony danced a Fantastic Rumba.

Brandy and Maks dazzled with their Rumba. 

Jennifer and Derek’s Tango was Flawless and Fierce!

 The top scoring 3 couples are all safe!

Video clip showing some feedback from the Audience sharing how they felt about the new intimate stage and the performances last night.  Funniest comment:  ‘Bristol Palin was robbed and the Judges are (probably)  all Democrats.  Hahaha!

Repeat Performance

No surprise here.  Jennifer and Derek get the nod to repeat their Fantabulous Tango!

 Guest Performance

The Goo Goo Dolls Perform ‘Iris/ Broken’Video


Jeff played a clip  of Len showing that his distracting shirtless comment lastnight was a tidbit hypocritical.

 Recap of last night Performances

Bristol’s dance bored the Judges.

Kyle’s performance showed some growth.

Kyle is safe!

Bristol is in danger!

Rick & Cheryl and Kurt & Anna

Kurt’s performance needed some refinement. In jeopardy

Rick’s Tango had some refinement. safe

Professor Len gave some pointers on how to get a 10 from Len.  This was actually mean to some of the past contestants.  6 is Average! 

Guest Performance

Macy’s Design a Dance performance.  Tom lets us know that  you can now go online and submit a concept for the dance.  Video

Guest Performance

Florence and The Machines perform ‘Dog Days are Over’.  All of a sudden, they are everywhere.  I love this girl’s voice!   Video


Florence’s Tango was raunchy at times and she is safe!

The Situation’s Tango wasn’t well received.  Backstage footage of The Situation after he received his scores.  He was really, really upset. 

Final Eliminaton:

Kurt and Anna are safe

Bristol and Mark are safe!

The Situation is going home!  I think that America got it right!  He went out like a gentleman……cause I was scared that ‘Jersey Shore’ was going to come out tonight.  Tom even commented on how different The Situation seems on DWTS from his Reality Persona.  Video