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So You Think You Can Dance Video Performances 8/10/11


Wow!  It is down to the final 4!  I can’t believe it.  Melanie, Marko, Sasha and Tadd take the stage tonight to win America’s votes.  As much as I like Marko and Tadd, I think that it will come down to the Ladies for the title tomorrow!

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So You Think You Can Dance Results Recap 7/21/11


The show opened with an entertaining Broadway routine choreographed by Josh Bergasse  Video

Cat Deeley is looking kind of fantastic tonight and when she introduces our Judges, Neil Patrick Harris calls her a ‘Sexy Little Minx’ and then she shares that she had a crush on Young Dougie when she was a Teen.  We learn something new everyday, don’t we?

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So You Think You Can Dance Recap 7/20/11

The Top 10 will separate from their partners tonight and they will perform with an All-Star for the first time.

Neil Patrick Harris joins the Judges tonight.  This should be interesting!  He is quite the critic!  But he is really likeable and honest, so I know that we will get the truth!  Plus it is nice that he has the Broadway background.  He is a huge fan of the show and he is proud of what Nigel has done with the show.

Nigel gives us the spill on the SYTYCD Tour tickets that will be on sale on July 29th.

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So You Think You Can Dance Results Recap 7/13/11


Group Number: Performed to  El Fuego!  Video

Our Judges Jesse, Sonya, Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe.  Cat was nominated for an Emmy!  Standing O from the Judges and the crowd on that one.  SYTYCD got 8 Emmy nominations that included 5 nominations for the Choregraphy. 

Nicole Scherzinger is here and the Jason Smith Tap Dance Crew will perform tonight.

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So You Think You Can Dance Recap 7/13/11!


The Top 6 will perform two numbers tonight.  The pressure is on!  This is the last week that the contestants will be judged with their partners as a couple. 

Jesse Tyler Fergueson and Sonya Tayek join Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe on the Judges table.  It turns out that Jesse has an extensive Broadway background.  Who knew?  I just knew he is pretty funny on Ordinary Family

Sasha and Alexander:  They danced the Paso Doble with choreograhy by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin.  The story is the battle between masculinity and femininity.   What a brilliant Paso Doble!  It was powerful and was everything that I want to see in the Paso.  Both Sasha and Alexander  were fierce, but Sasha may have a bit more intensity.  This was some pretty hot stuff.  Lol.  Sasha did the traditional male knee (crawl thing) sweep with Alexander.   Nigel:  He thought the choreoraphy recognized Sasha’s strengths and played to them.   He also thought that Alexander kept up with her, which is difficult to do,  because Sasha is such a strong great character.  Mary:  She called for an Ole from the crowd, because they deserve it.  She felt that Sasha dominated and she has never seen a woman do a leg crawl like she did.  Alexander had a breakthrough tonight.  Sasha was a little bit stronger, but he did a good job.  Jesse:  It was highly dramatical and he loved it.  Sasha is such a pillar of strength and Alexander completely came up to her level.  Sonya:  Sasha you rock my socks.  You indulge in it (the performance).   She also feels that  Alexander has it in him, but he has to trust himself more.   The choreographers are  dedicating this dance to their friend who is fighting cancer.  Video    888.836.7601

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So You Think You Can Dance Recap 7/6/11


Tonight, Carmen Electra and Travis Walls will join Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy.  Carmen shares with us her dance history….who knew?  Not I said the cat.,  Travis is very grateful to be  a judge tonight.  He has really come a long way!  I mean to go from Contestant to Award winning Choreographer to Judge.  He deserves it!  I love his Choreography.

7 couples are still in it to win it and tonight they will be paired with several new Choreographers. 

Top 7 Guys performed a Justin Giles Contemporary routine.  This dance is about the seven stages of grief: denial, shock, anger, depression, guilt, bargaining and acceptance.  Each dance will represent the changes that 1 man will experience when his girlfriend is unfaithful.   They danced to Prague by Damien Rice.   Video

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So You Think You Can Dance Results Recap 6/30/11

Group Performance

I really liked this one.  The group performed to ‘The Incredits’ from my favorite Pixar film ‘The Incredibles.  It was like West Side Story meets The Incredibles.  I kinda loved it.  Michael Rooney Choreography.  Video

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So You Think You Can Dance 6/23/11


Group Performance

The show starts with the Group  dance.   Hmm….tonight’s group number was interesting, it kind of reminded me of  ‘The Thomas Crown Affair with all of the hats and brief cases.  I’m not sure how I feel about this one.  This choreography was courtesy of Dave Scott .  Video

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So You Think You Can Dance Recap 6/22/11


Tonight our Top 20 will take the stage again and tomorrow 2 couples will be cut.  Our Judges are  Nigel Nythgoe, Mary Murphy and the legendary Debbie Reynolds.  True Hollywood royalty in the house tonight!  The true treat is Debbie.  She doesn’t give much of a critique for any of the Dancers, because she loves everyone!  But her humor and witt is outstanding.  I love that she wanted to take all of the Dancers (particularly the males) home with her. 

Ryan & Ricky:  They dance a Mandy Moore’ Jazz Routine.  This is a sexually charged tension routine.  I hope that they can pull it off.  They dance to Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer.  Hmm…. I think that this was a good number and they dance it well, but the sexiness that was needed to pull it off didn’t come through for me.  But otherwise… Bravo!  Nice sexy ending though.   Nigel thought that it was so rauncy that  they stepped off the hot tamale train.  He wanted to throw a bucket of water on them.  Mary says that she is addicted to the two of them.  She enjoyed that Ryan was so strong and sees her as a Warrior Vixen.  Ricky was in the character the whole time.  They had total trust.  Debbie:  She never saw anyone dance sexier.   She thought that Ryan gave it her all.   Video  888.836.7601

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So You Think You Can Dance Results Recap 6/16/11


I agree with Cat that it will be a hard to call who is going home tonight for the first results show of the season!  Everyone brought their A game last night. 

Group Performance

This number is Choreographed by Sonya Tayek.  I totally knew this was her work.   Funky and futuristic.  Hot and I loved it.  Video

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