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Jenna Jameson Calls Chelsea Handler a “Dried Up Whore”

Jenna Jameson is tweeting mad!  Jenna took to Twitter last night and tweeted a couple of unflattering posts about Late Night Talk Show Host Chelsea Handler: 

Ouch!  Jenna then followed up  with another tweet: Just cuz I say it like it is…… Don’t hate…… She talks massive shit.. Ok, whatever….”

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Gucci Mane’s Ice Cream Tattoo on his face………Really?

Radric Davis, 30 better known as Gucci Mane  is sporting an Ice Cream Cone Tattoo on the right side of his face.  WTF?????  WHY???   Gucci Man was recently released from a Psychiatric Hospital after pleading mental incompetency during a  probation revocation hearing.

I don’t get it, even if at this age, he thinks an ice cream cone on his face is cool, I think that when he gets to be 50, it probably won’t be kosher.

Hmmm….I’m thinking that the tattoo is hard evidence to back up  his mental incompetency case.


Kelly Osbourne slams Ex on Twitter…..Breaking Up is Hard to Do!!!

In True Hollywood Fashion, Kelly Osbourne too to Twitter to slam her Ex-Fiance Luke Worrall.  Apparently, Kelly just learned about something that Worrall did before that had her putting all of his and her business on Twitter.   It’s getting so that when Celebrities get angry, someone needs to hide their Computer (or smartphone) from them, because they will regret it in the morning.  OKMagazine had the 411 on her tweets:

“Just found something out that has hurt my feelings so bad and christmas was going so well…”the 26-year-old began. “What do you do when someone lies in the darkest way and you try to tell the person that was lied 2 but they don’t believe you?”

She continued cryptically: “I think the best part of this situation is that I have been painted out 2 be the crazy 1 when all I did was tell the honest to gods truth”

Kelly reportedly spent the holidays in London with parents Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne and her siblings.

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SNL Spoof: Denzel Washington ‘Unstoppable Trailer

This season, Jay Pharoah has triumphed with his dead on portrayals of Will Smith and Denzel Washington. He is back spoofing Denzel’s new Movie ‘Unstoppable.   Check out the Trailer. Lol!

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Jay-Z Responds to MC Hammer Video Diss

Jay- Z responds to MC Hammer’s Video ‘Better Run Run’  which was released on Halloween.  Hammer (who is calling himself  King Hammer’ ???) tweeted that this video would expose Jay-Z as being part of the Illuminati (yawn) and a Devil Worshipper.  MC Hammer apparently got really pissed when Jay-Z made reference to his past financial woes on Kanye West’s Track ‘So Appalled’.  Jay rapped that ‘I lost 30 million, so I spent another 30, because unlike Hammer, $30 Mill can’t hurt me’.  Can we say ouch? 

Yes, I do think that Jay’s Rap kinda threw Hammer under the bus, but Jay is right, he isn’t the first to say these things about Hammer.  I also think that Hammer’s reveal was also meant to have secondary gain for him and put Jay on the defense and (hopefully) responded with his own video and begin a war.  Hammer would have gotten alot of publicity.  Jay’s light response, I’m sure is not the response that Hammer was looking for.  I’m from San Francisco and a fan of Hammer’s, but what does his reveal have to do with Jay saying that he lost millions? 

Russell Simmons Apologizes For Calling Courtney Love a ‘Crackhead’

Russell Simmons has tweeted an apology to Courtney Love after he unwittingly called her a Crackhead!   At his Launch Party for his new Series ‘Running Russell’, when asked about his thoughts about when Courtney accidentally tweeted mostly naked pictures of herself, Russell replied: 

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Mel B’s Husband Beats Down 3 Men!

Hmmm….The Daily Mail is reporting that Mel B’s Husband  Stephan Belafonte beat down 3 Men (not 1, not 2, but…) at the 5 Star May Fair in London recently.  It seems that the two were enjoying themselves at the Hotel’s Amba Bar and Grill, heard another Customer make some derogatory  comments about his wife.   Fair to assume that  Mel B’s revealing outfits may have  started a commotion.

Mel B. is standing by her Man and points out that he was standing up for her.  Defending her honor went a long way.   Hotel Staff broke up the fight and the Police and an Ambulance was called.   DM reports that one man required Medical care.  Really?  I guess looks are deceiving.  I just don’t see Stephan as this fighting love machine and that they shag five times a day.  I just don’t see it, but I guess it’s true!

The pics are from the Sunday Screening of her Reality Show ‘Mel B: It’s a Scary World’ in London.   Later, they watched a fire breather Woman perform. 

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