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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 2 Recap 2/20/11

The RHOA Part 2 Reunion picks up where last week left off.  Alot of drama and eye rolling.

Sex Talk:  Out of all of the ladies, I agree with Andy that Kandi is definitely the most freakiest of all of the ladies.  The sugar thing in the va jay jay sounds messy, although Phaedra says it is delicious.  And although, I am all for a Woman having a close relationship with her Mother;  I’m with Nene, I don’t want to think about my Mother with a Dildo.   Phaedra, Kandi and Sheree admit that their freak number is around a 8 or 9.  I am also surprised that Nene is more reserved than most of the ladies in the sex department.  Kandi revealed that she is not celibate anymore, but she will not give up the info on who she gave her goodies to. 

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Recap 2/13/11


The ladies join Andy Cohen for the RHOA  Reunion.  As expected, there was some acting up going on!   Alot of eyes rolling and yelling, but overall the ladies kept their composure.   Andy is so messy. I love him.  He asks  the best questions!  His first question is directed towards Sheree and he would like to know if she is any closer to the Oscar that she is looking forward to winning.  Hilarious!

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap 1/30/11

The show starts off with Lawrence getting all made up for his first performance of ‘Closet Freak’.  His make- up is off the hook.  Kandi likes that she doesn’t know what to expect tonight, since Lawrence is really in charge of the show and that since she wrote the song, he has been working on making his career happen.

Sheree is really happy for Lawrence.  I hope that they don’t ruin it for him.  I like Lawrence and he is talented.  Sheree knew that he would really do his thing and he did kind of put it down.

Kandi introduces ‘Ms Lawrence’.  Oh wow……  Phaedra is right when she says ‘it is stran-gay’!  Lawrence nails his performance.   Nene is such a hater; she can’t congratulate Lawrence’s performance without putting down Kim.  Ladies!  It’s all about Lawrence tonight.

Sheree and Kandi go back-stage to congratulate Lawrence.  I’m glad that only these two go back, because I know that they are the only two that are genuinely happy for him.  Kandi sees Lawrence as an upcoming Artist that is ready to make a full album and a career.

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More Wedding Pics of RHOA’s Cynthia and Peter’s Big Day!

Cynthia and Peter’s Wedding is starting to look like it was quite an event!  More pics of her and Peter with her Daughter Noelle and a lovely shot of the Bride in her beautiful dress. 

Life and Style Magazine reports: 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star Cynthia Bailey  finally made it to the altar, despite a season of wondering whether she’d go through with it.   On July 24, the stunning model, 43, wed her beau of 3½ years,  Peter Thomas, before 200 of their closest family and friends at Atlanta’s grand Fernback Museum of Natural History.

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Sneak Peak At RHOA’s Cynthia’s Wedding: Will she be a Runaway Bride?

It’s Cynthia’s Big Day, but everyone seems to expect that she will leave Peter at the Alter.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap 1/23/11


The show starts with where the show ended last week with the scene where Nene and Kim were getting in to it on the tour bus.  I feel bad for Kandi.  I can’t believe that these two have ruined her tour (even if she invited the trouble) and they just have no regard for her at all.   Kim keeps striking these horrified faces like she is truly shocked that Nene is saying things like ‘she will toss her out the window’.  I’m striking a ‘Kim face’ when I hear Nene say that people need to speak to her with respect (like she gives it out).  I understand why Kandi  is praying.

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap 1/16/11

The show starts with the next installment of how to have the worst tour ever.  Kim is working Kandi’s nerves on this tour and the feeling is mutual.    I recognize that some of the show is definitely scripted,  so I don’t know how much Kim is doing on the show to get people talking, but she is over the top.   Are people really that self-involved?  I mean waking up everyone on the bus, so that she can smoke a cigarette.  I’m with Don Juan and Kandi on this one.  Really?  But I have to say that everything that Kim is doing on this tour, Kandi asked for it, because she asked her to be on the tour. 

Kim calls Nene to see about her coming to join them on the bus.  Really?  Kim hopes that Nene will help relieve tensions between her and Kandi? Why, because Nene always relieves tension.  I see that everyone is stuck on stupid.

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap 1/9/10


Phaedra is preparing for a ‘Sip and See’ event to show off her new baby.  She updates Apollo on the drama that she had with Kim at the Spa Day.  Phaedra attributes the drama to others being jealous of how fabulous that they are and that Atlanta is really ’Haterville’.  Throughout their discussion, Apollo  hints at what he did to end up in the big house, but he doesn’t say what his crime actually was.  Since we all want to know, they are going to string up  He wonders how he can get people to forgive.  Phaedra reasons the best way to deal with this head on is to show off their baby and let them get to know him.

Cynthia discusses financial issues with Peter.  Nice to see them interacting and communicating, although she doesn’t really seem invested in the conversation.  Peter is really trying to keep the business afloat in this economy.  They worry about having to end the business.  Cynthia feels that Peter keeps her in the dark about their business.  Cynthia thinks that it is time to cut their losses and sell the business.  Peter isn’t feeling that decision and he doesn’t seem to want her help. 

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap 12/19/10

Kandi is under a lot of pressure preparing for her tour and album release.  I still cannot figure out why she has Kim opening for her, if it is that important to her.  When Mitchell the Choreographer shows up, he and Kim show off some of their latest steps.  Kim is irritating to Kandi, mainly because she is being Kim.  Are we surprised that she cares more about her outfit and  a bedazzled mic.  Oh wow….Kim is really trying to sing.  She is for real tone deaf.  No way should she be on a tour singing.  Kim thinks that Kandi is really critical and the stress of the tour is getting to her.  No Kim, you aren’t flowing with your vocals or choreography and that is stressful.  But can you really be mad at Kim?  Kandi knew who she was when she  put her on the tour.

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap 12/12/10


Sheree goes in for a hair appt with Lawrence and request some ‘Diana Ross’ hair.  Lawrence serenades Sheree with a sneak peak of his ‘Closet Freak’ Song.  As she listens to Lawrence speak, Sheree seems genuinely happy for him, but she really wants him to be focused on the important things in life…. like doing her hair.  Lawrence definitely hooks up her hair.   They briefly discuss Kim’s lesbian affairs.  Sheree gets a call that she apparently did well in her interview and the People’s Agency would like to represent her and send her out for jobs.  It is confirmed that Sheree is going to be staring in the Play ‘Child Support Man’.  Kim meets with Choreographer Mitchell Kelly to help prepare her for her upcoming Bus Tour with Kandi.  Kim has no vision and she is unable to add anything on her own.  I would have some caution about Mitchell since he said that he loves her hair.  Although Kim says she studied various forms of dance for 16 years and considers her self a better dancer than singer, she isn’t comfortable in the rehearsal.  Truthfully, I am surprised that she doesn’t have her Sweetie doing the rehersal for her.  When Mitchell does a run through of the routine, kIm is looking at her toes.

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