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Susan Boyle Loses ‘America’s Got Talent’!


Susan Boyle did not win ‘Britain’s Got Talent’!  I don’t even watch this show faithfully, but I thought she was a shoe in.  Susan has receive so much attention in the last few weeks for being the ‘plain Jane’ contestant with the amazing voice that shocked everyone that hear it.  I also thought that Adam Lambert would win ‘American Idol’ an we know how that turned out.  Susan sang ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ from ‘Les Meserables’.  She did a wonderful job, because her voice is so strong that she can sing the phone book if that is what she wanted to do.  However, this song choice was her audition song that initially captured so many fans for her and also spawned a much needed makeover for Susan as people became more and more intrigued by her.  Unless it is requested by the Judges for the contestants to pick a favorite song, I prefer that the contestants pick something that we haven’t hear before to let us really get a feel for their range as a performer.

Susan  received a standing ovation from the audience and the Judges were moved as well:

Despite the loss, judge Simon Cowell said Boyle has “come out of this very well. We’ve never had a runner-up like Susan Boyle before. She’s won over a lot of fans tonight through her graciousness. She’s a really sweet person. She has a massive future ahead of her.”

That to me was THE greatest performance I’ve seen in Britain’s Got Talent history… you should win. I loved it,” judge Piers Morgan told Boyle as she walked away.

Judge Amanda Holden was almost brought to tears.  “You did it girl, you did it for Scotland,” she said. “Can I just say, Simon had a tear in his eye.”

I am more than a little curious to see what is next for Susan and I wish her luck.  Oh and if you were interested….’Diversity’ an all Male Dance Troup won the Contest,  the $160,000 and they will perform at the Royal Variety Performance in front of the Queen. 


American Idol Red Carpet Arrivals to Season 8 Finale!

Who would have thought? Adam Lambert and Kris Allen take to the Red Carpet before the Festivities.  The Finale was held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on May 20, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.

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American Idol Finale Results 5/20/09! And the Winner is…



Tonight They will crown the 8th.  Almost 100 million votes were cast last night. Over  600 million votes have come in this season.

They introduced the Judges and showed clips of their little quirks.  Randy uses the words ‘for me’ in each critique.  It was pointed out that Kara always uses the words ‘sweetie’ and ‘honey’ in her feedback.  Uh Kara?  When you are saying no, it doesn’t make it better when you add Sweetie and/or  Honey to it.  They pointed out Paula’s constant effort to show that she is a smart cookie by using large words that she may not even know what they mean (just going by the way she uses these words).  Poor baby.  It was pointed out how many times Simon has difficulty hearing things and is forever need information repeated.

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American Idol Finals Recap 5/19/09


It’s that special time of the Season.  Tonight the American Idol Finals Performances!  It’s down to Adam Lambert and Kris Allen to battle it out.

Ryan said that it was down to The Guy Next Door VS. They Guy liner?  Ouch!

I guess tonight must be special, because Randy has on a suit of some sort.  Very strange suit with purple stripes with polka dots?  Not sure what that is about.

Adam and Kris come out and are welcomed by a crowd of screaming fans.  Kris won the coin toss last week and is choosing to perform last.

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American Idol Results 5/13/09


Ben Stiller and his crew did a little Funny skit to open the show and let us know that the American Idol Desk that the Judges sit at is going to be part of the Smithsonian.  Over 88 million votes came in last night and only 1 million votes are separating the top two. 

They aired the Ford Music Video of the week ‘Break My Stride’.  Is it me or have the Ford Videos gotten considerably better this season?

Alicia Keyes came out to explain more about what the ‘Keep a Child Alive’ Foundation is doing .  Alicia introduced the next performer Nola- a child living with Aids who has a dream of making an album more.    But before he performed, Alicia encouraged everyone to please text the word  ‘Alive’ to  90995 and they will charge $5 to your mobile bill that wil benefit the foundation.  Nola came out and sang a Reggae version of  ‘The Greatest’  Total cuteness!

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American Idol Recap 5/12/09


Tonight should be pretty exciting as we see our Final Three compete to be in the Finals next week.  I always feel that this week is almost as big as the finale, because going home and being recognized as a hometown hero must be Great.  Also, tonight the Idols will sing songs picked out for them by our Judges.

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American Idol Results: 5/6/09



Last night the Idol Contestants Rocked it out with Rock Icon Slash as their Mentor.  There were some great moments and some not so great minutes.  Over 64 million votes registered last night to pick your top 4.  Allison, Danny, Adam and Kris.  Well we know that Adam is in the top 3, who will share those other two spots we will soon find out.

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American Idol Recap 5/5/09



The show started with a recap of last week’s shocker when Adam was in the bottom two!  The conspiracy theory in me wonders if American Idol had a little fun with us to make more votes come in this week.

This week our Top Four will be pairing up and performing duets tonight.  So there will be a total of 6 songs in all!  I am truly intrigued by this, if they will be able to compliment one another.

Slash is the guest Mentor tonight.  Yes…Slash from Guns and Roses.  He is an unbelievable guitarist…but Mentor? He is currently in the studio recording his first solo CD.  Interesting.  He admitted that he never thought that he would be a Mentor, but there are a couple of standouts that he would really like to work with (I’m guessing Allison and Adam), so he is in it for a great time.  Slash and his family are actually in the house tonight.

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American Idol Results 4/29/09


47 votes came in to decide who will be sent home tonight. I really think that there should be a limit to how many times one person can vote, so we can get a more accurate count.  I know I am a killjoy, but we might have very different results if they did.  I’m just sayin’…

The Contestants sang ‘Energy’ For their Ford Commercial.  It was actually pretty good, because they really looked like they were having fun.

Continuing with the Genre, the Idols performed ‘It don’t Mean a Thing’ and it was pretty good.  I think that Matt was the obvious standout and you can really tell that he loves Jazz. Read more…

American Idol Recap 4/28/09



The Top Five take on some of the most Classic Songs of all times Standards from the Rat Pack.  of all time tonight!  The finale is 3 weeks away folks!  Each contestant will have two numbers for you to vote for them. 

Wow…when the contestants came out, I almost didnt recognize Allison.  She cleans up nicely.

The mystery mentor had all of the Idols wondering who it could be and the last person I would have guessed walked in…. Jamie Foxx.  Now this should be interesting.  As they read back his credentials…Jamie is definitely pretty impressive.  He is hoping to teach the Idols to respect what the Rat Pack crew was about and that the songs will mean something to them by the time that he is done.

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