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Computer Generated Spoofs of Snooki and Lindsay are Hilarious!

 Taiwanese  Spoofs of  Snooki  and Lindsay Lohan have hit the web.  Lindsay’s hit last week poking fun at her legal woes and now Snooki in all her Tanning Booth glory.  Lol!


Lindsay Lohan

Free Lindsay Lohan Supporters Don’t Have Anything Better to Do!

A group of Lindsay Lohan Supporters got together at the Beach Bum Tanning Salon and held a ‘Free Lindsay’ Rally.  No Really, I’m serious!  Lindsay’s favorite Tanning team rallied together to show their support for her release…..really?  Events like this make it evident that some people have way to much time on their hands.  If Lindsay was sentenced to a year, I could see it.  But Linds is sentenced to 90 days and that may be cut down to a couple of weeks.  They should face the facts, Lindsay earned that time in jail.  Oh wait, this could be a ploy for free advertizement for the Salon.  This all makes sense now!  Genius!

Lindsay Lohan Makes a Dark Exit

Lindsay Lohan was looking rather dramatic as she exited her hotel on her way to the Electric Cinema.  Next to her natural Red hair, I think I like her next best with dark hair. 


Celebs are Jetsetting at LAX


Eva Longoria-Parker came prepared to get some sleep when her airplane departs

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Seriously……Lindsay? But Do you really Believe it?



Lindsay Lohan was seen wearing this Nancy Reagan inspired ‘Just Say No To Drugs’ T-shirts.  Hmm….I’d say that Lindsay wearing this T-shirt pretty much gives us such a clear understading of how ineffective this slogan really was.


Lindsay Lohan’s E-Harmony Profile!

Funny or die does it again! Lindsay Lohan shows she has a sense of humor with this one!

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Why exactly did Lindsay Lohan join Lily Allen on Stage?

For some reason, Lindsay Lohan came out on stage during Lily Allen’s concert last night in Los Angeles.  Now Lily was singing Britney Spears’ song ‘Womanizer’ (again, not sure why) and Lindsay came out and did some little dance and then she walked back off the stage…..I don’t get it, Lindsay is a singer and it just seems like if she is interrupting a concert, she should sing something.  Something.  But, maybe that’s just me.  Anyhoo, her entrance happens at the 3.30 mark.

Glamour Magazine celebrates American Icons!

 Young Hollywood Women helped Glamour Magazine pay homage to these American Icons!  Seven Decades of strong women who were trendsetters, rule breakers, risk takers and Style Makers!  Overall, I would say that they did FAB with this spread.  There are a couple though that I think that they could have done better with someone else.  What do you think? Who would you have casted for this shoot?

Alicia Keys as Michelle Obama

She has worked hard for everything she’s accomplished, and done so with grace and humility. So many women and girls can identify with her story.”—Alicia Keys, 28, whose most recent album is As I Am


Hayden Panettierre as Amelia Earhart

She proved that anything is possible. If you want to fly a plane, fly a plane…. No one can tell you no.” —Hayden Panettiere, 19, costar of this summer’s comedy I Love You, Beth Cooper, standing on a 1939 Lockheed UC-40A Electra Junior airplane


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Hip Hop Hurray!!! Michael Lohan is Stopping his Blog!


This is the moment that we have been waiting for!  Lindsay Lohan Dad and Samantha Ronson’s Adversary Michael Lohan is stopping his blog!  Sometimes Christmas comes early in the year!  He says that he is giving up the blog at the request of his children (Ha) and that he has never made any money off his children (Ha, Ha, Ha)!  Michael takes to his Michaelonline blog one last time to set the record straight:

Well here you have it. My final blog. And for those of you who are doubters or knockers, let me say that I never took a penny for my blog or anything I ever did for any of my children. I did what I did, out of love and concern, regardless of any of your opinions. I did it to help them, advance their careers and give them hope. I taught them that anything is possible if you really want it enough, and that when your heart is in the right place, God will make it all happen!

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Daniel Radcliff cannot Believe that he Can’t get Alcohol in the US!



Wow, Famous Celebrity teenagers must be different in the UK than the ones from the US.  It was reported that the very popular Daniel ‘Harry Potter’ Radcliff is in NYC and he was all excited about going out, but then he learned news that made him forget about it:

the British actor has expressed disappointment after learning that he can’t get served alcohol in the United States because he is under the legal drinking age of 21.

Nineteen-year-old Daniel — who can drink legally in his native UK — is quoted as saying: “My first night in New York we all went out and I was like, ‘Yeah let’s do it!” And then I was like, ‘The drinking age is what? It’s okay — I’ll be back in a few years.’”

Are you serious?  What an upstanding citizen!  Not from the U.S. of course, because our celebrity teens go out wherever they want and drink as much as they want!  Such a Gentleman, he didn’t even try to go out and throw some of that Harry Potter weight around and demand entrance to the nearest club.  He just accepted the law at face value.  I guess he doesn’t have Lindsay Lohan’s number, she would have told him all the spots to hit up!


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