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So You Think You Can Dance Recap 7/6/11


Tonight, Carmen Electra and Travis Walls will join Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy.  Carmen shares with us her dance history….who knew?  Not I said the cat.,  Travis is very grateful to be  a judge tonight.  He has really come a long way!  I mean to go from Contestant to Award winning Choreographer to Judge.  He deserves it!  I love his Choreography.

7 couples are still in it to win it and tonight they will be paired with several new Choreographers. 

Top 7 Guys performed a Justin Giles Contemporary routine.  This dance is about the seven stages of grief: denial, shock, anger, depression, guilt, bargaining and acceptance.  Each dance will represent the changes that 1 man will experience when his girlfriend is unfaithful.   They danced to Prague by Damien Rice.   Video

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So You Think You Can Dance Results Recap 6/30/11

Group Performance

I really liked this one.  The group performed to ‘The Incredits’ from my favorite Pixar film ‘The Incredibles.  It was like West Side Story meets The Incredibles.  I kinda loved it.  Michael Rooney Choreography.  Video

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Dancing With The Stars Recap 5/23/11


Kirstie & Maks, Chelsea & Mark and Hines & Kym will perform 3 dances tonight to see who will win the coveted Disco ball!  Each voter gets 5 calls or texts tonight and remember every vote counts.  You can vote until 11 am ET tomorrow. 

Tonight there will be a Make it or break it round and then the Freestyle round.  Tomorrow night, the finalists will perform for the last time and earn their last set of scores from the Judges. 

Also, The Judges will assign the Stars a dance of their choice.

Chelsea and Mark:  The Judges have chosen the Samba for these two.  Carrie Ann provided pointers and encouragement to help the Disney Star excel.   Carrie Ann is really hoping that Chelsea can show that she is a Sexy Woman when she performs.  I think that this was a well danced routine, but I don’t know if Chelsea brought the sexiness, but one thing is clear….this girl can dance.  She doesn’t exude sexiness, but her technique is flawless.  Len:  Every step she takes, he will be watching her.  He liked it, although he wasn’t keen on her flailing arms.  Bruno:  You were like an ultra sexy bombshell.  The rhythm was flowing through her like never before.  Carrie Ann:  Hot, Hot, Hot.  You got down and dirty and that is what I was wanting from you.  (MAC-9) Carrie Ann-10, Len-9, Bruno-10= 29 out of 30  Video  800. 868. 3401

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Dancing With The Stars Recap 4/4/11

Tonight the stars will pick songs that are close to their heart and tell a personal story.  Should be interesting as the Stars get close and personal.  I predict there will be a lot of crying tonight.

The DWTS troupe gives us a sample of  the dances that we will see tonight:  The Paso Doble, The Rumba and  The Samba

I guess we have this troupe of dancers now, because it was becoming too much for the Pros to train the Stars each week and do the sample dances too.

Carrie Ann is engaged and apparently, her Fiance proposed to her on tv!  Nice!  Congrats!

Wendy & Tony:  They danced the Foxtrot to ‘Last Night a DJ Save my Life’.   She wants to bring how she started her career in Radio and being a DJ and what her struggles were.  Wow, she was on the radio for 23 years?  Who knew?  Not I said the Cat! The dance tonight was a continuation of last week’s sleeper.  Jeez, Tony has slowed the pace down to a crawl.  I know that Wendy has a fanbase through her Talkshow, but she should be in major trouble after tonight’s performance.   Len: would like to see emotion expressed throughout the dance.  He thought her dance was lacking in emotion and fluidity.  She failed to tell her story of the hard work that she went through to get where she is.  Bruno acknowledges that her struggle was hard.  But the foxtrot has to glide and at times it looked like she put down roots (like a tree?  Ouch).  Carrie Ann respects what she has gone through as a Woman who followed her dreams.    This week, Wendy took a little step backwards.  There is more inside her and she would like to see that come out of her.  (MAC-5) Carrie Ann-5, Len-5, Bruno-5= 15   800. 868.3402  Video

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American Idol Recap 3/24/11

Last night’s Motown Night pushed the Idol Hopefuls to bring some of our favorite Soulful songs  to the Competition.

Over 30 million votes came in last night.  Ryan promises that we may be shocked.

Tonight Sugarland and American Idol Alum Jennifer Hudson are the Guests.

The Contestants have had a problem with their pitchiness over the past weeks.  Mark Anthony came by to assist the Contestants with their pitchiness.  He gave them a crash course on how to perform in front of large audiences.  Last night, Mark came in to watch backstage and see if his critique helped.  He didn’t always agree with Jlo’s advice last night (she will deal with him later on that one).   American Idol definitely came up when they got Jlo, because Mark Anthony is a huge perk.  He is there tonight…..wait is that Ice T next to him?   Video

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American Idol Recap 3/9/11


The top 13 take the stage tonight!  Who will shine under the pressure?

Congratulations to Jennifer Lopez!  Her single is number 1 on Itunes.  Coming to American Idol was one of the smartest moves she has ever made. 

Tonight, the Contestants will be singing their personal favorite American Idol.  Jimmy Lovine and his Producers will be assisting them with their music tonight.

Lauren Alaina:  She sang ‘Any Man Of Mine’ by Shania Twain and produced by Don Wes.  I feel that Lauren did a satisfactory job, but I wasn’t excited about this performance.  There is something missing, although she is working her personality right alongside her vocals.  Steven starts off saying how much he loves her, but he wishes that it had been a little more kick ass.  Jlo says that Lauren is so good, but they would like to see her kick it into high gearWe love you.  Randy agrees with Jlo and Steven;  They love Shania and she sang it well, but they would like to see more of that great girl that they fell in love with.  She didn’t shine, but it was good (Lauren is thinking‘ohThanks).    Lauren apologizes to Steven for not kicking ass!  866.436. 5701  Video

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American Idol Recap: Solo Round 2/17/11


The Top 100 are going to bring their solos tonight with hopes of  progressing on to the next round.  Today the contestants will sing their solos with the American Idol  band, play an  instrument or sing Acapella.

Haley Reinhart:  She sang ‘God Bless the Child’.   Haley barely made it through yesterday, so she definitely has to bring her ‘A’ game.  Haley gives a soulful and bluesy feeling.  The Judges are pleased. Jennifer Lopez says this is redemption.       Video

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American Idol Recap: Part 1- Hollywood 2/10/11

I’m almost sorry to see the Auditions end, since all of the outrageous acts occur during the early stages.  But, I am super juiced that the competition has progressed to Hollywood. 

320 Hopefuls arrive in Hollywood to try to make their dreams come true!  Randy gives them some words to make their anxiety grow to the 10th power, but he thought that he was encouraging them to bring it.

The Contestants are separated into rows of 10.  The first line sends home 8 contestants!  Only Brett– 16 and Symphony are through to the next round.  Video.

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Are You Ready for ‘The Real Housewives of Miami’?

Bravotv has announced the cast of  ‘The Real Housewives of Miami’.  These ladies will make up the latest franchise of  The Housewives.  I can’t wait to see what these ladies will bring to the table.  The new series will air on February 22nd on Bravotv @ 10pm.

‘The Miami Housewives from (l-r) Echevarria, Patton, Pippen, Rice, Black and DeMoura-Sidi own the town!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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American Idol Recap: Los Angeles Auditions 2/3/11


The show opens with the highlights from last night’s Auditions.  I’m hoping that in the Entertainment Capital there will be some great talent.  For the first time, American Idol teamed up with  My Space and Contestants were allowed to submit Auditions on line.  The one thing that I want to know is why does Randy have on Gold Shoes?  That is crazy. 

Victoria Garrett: is 21 from Long Beach, CA.   She sings ‘Now behold the Lamb’. Victoria is a little special I think.  She thinks that God brought American Idol to Los Angeles for her to Audition and to eventually win.   I think that the Devil actually wanted Victoria to audition, because only someone truly evil would want a girl with this bad of a voice to get on tv and embarrass herself in this mannter.   Steven says she is going to Syberia.  Randy says that she sounds like an animal that has been shot.  It’s a No.    Video

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