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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap 1/23/11


The show starts with where the show ended last week with the scene where Nene and Kim were getting in to it on the tour bus.  I feel bad for Kandi.  I can’t believe that these two have ruined her tour (even if she invited the trouble) and they just have no regard for her at all.   Kim keeps striking these horrified faces like she is truly shocked that Nene is saying things like ‘she will toss her out the window’.  I’m striking a ‘Kim face’ when I hear Nene say that people need to speak to her with respect (like she gives it out).  I understand why Kandi  is praying.

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Simon Baker is the Highest Paid Actor on TV!!!

Simon Baker has signed a Mind Blowing $30 Million Contract with Warner Brothers for his role of Patrick Jane on CBS’ Hit Series ‘The Mentalist’.  This amount guarantees the Austrailian Actor $430,000 an episode.  As if his paycheck is not enough, Baker will also be now credited as Producer when the 5th Season begins.  Additionally, he will receive back end profits from Repeat episodes on TNT network.

Can we all say, ‘Must be nice’?  Baker has starred in various films such as ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ and ‘Something New’, but he has truly hit his biggest pay day on the small screen.  Baker is definitely more than eye candy…..although he is certainly exceptional eye candy!  Love him!

Paul Rudd Hosts SNL 12/11/10

Funnyman Paul Rudd hosted SNL last night and he was joined by Music Icon and Guest Paul McCartney in his opening Monologue.  This opening skit was pretty funny as Paul Rudd appeared to believe that the Fans were there screaming ‘Paul’ for him and not for McCartney.  The two Pauls were a hit!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Dancing With The Stars Results 11/9/10


Kurt Warner was eliminated tonight!!!!  Shut the Front Door.

Here’s the Recap!

Tonight, we will learn who will be going to the Semi Finals.  I don’t feel like being angry tonight, so please let America get it right!

Kyle and Lacey got the nod to repeat their funtastic Jive.  Happy for them.

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So You Think You Can Dance Results 7/22/10

The show started with a Group Routine from All that Jazz.  Choreography by Kelly Abbot.    I enjoyed this one. Great number and danced very well.   Video

As aforementioned last night, Billy is in danger of going home tonight after not being able to perform last night.  He is automatically in the Bottom 3.

Kenny Ortega joins us again to complete the Judges panel.

SYTYCD Paid tribute to Denise Jefferson who passed last weekend.  She was the Director of the Alvin Ailey Dance Academy for 10 years.  She was handpicked by Alvin Ailey to become the Director; It sounds like she was a fabulous Woman.

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So You Think You Can Dance Recap 7/21/10

This is SYTYCD’s 150th show!  Nice!

What is going on with Season 7?  It was announced tonight that Belly Bell will not be able to perform tonight due to a Knee  injury.  This is unbelievable.  Billy’s injury is the 3rd of the Season.   By now, you know the drill, Billy will automatically be in the bottom 3 and if he cannot perform next week, then he will automatically be disqualified.  I hope that Billy will be okay and be able to  continue in the competition.  Nigel thinks that with the way that the Dancers are getting injured, there will be a Survivor Dance off next year.  Alex is in the house and it is nice to see that he is recovering. 

Videos after the Jump!

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So You Think You Can Dance Results 7/8/10

The Show started with a Group Performance to ‘When We Dance’ by Sting.  Choreography by Mia Michaels.  Hmmm…not wild about this one!!!  2nd week in a Row, that I wasn’t a fan of  the Group Dance.  Video


Adam got 12 Nominations for his Choreography/Producer  on the Oscars!  Stacey Toukie and Mia Michaels got Emmy Nominations as well for their Choreography.  Former SYTYCD Contestant Chelsie Hightower got a Emmy nod for her Choreography on DWTS.  Nice!

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