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Woman Falls in Fountain While Texting And Now She Wants to Sue!

Unbelievable but True Story!  Cathy Cruz Marrero was walking and texting through the Berkshire Mall in Reading PA when she walked into a fountain and fell in!  Now, she wants to sue the Mall, their  Security or Whoever for what she has suffered.  Really? 

Marrero has found an  Ambulance Chasing Lawyer to represent the injuries that she sustained.  What injuries you may ask?  She looks perfectly fine in the clip…..Marrero is suing for  the Emotional Pain that she suffered:

I didn’t get an apology, what I got was, ‘At least nobody knows it was you.’ But I knew it was me.”

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Idiot Man Glues Dildo to Girlfriend’s Head!

Hmmm…..Forbez DVD posted this video of this Man getting back his Girlfriend by using super strength industrial glue and gluing a Dildo to her head while she sleeps. Seriously? I couldn’t imagine anyone doing anything like this to anyone I know. I do know that the Culprit would’nt be sitting there with a video camera filming the whole thing while he laughs and then all of it ending up on the internet. I guess he got the right one…..because I would probably catch a case over this. Seriously!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


This is Why I don’t Have A Tattoo!

If I  were to get a tattoo, this is how I would act.  Except, the Tattoo Artist wouldn’t have taken a whole minute and a half to scream at me.  In 10 seconds, he would be like ‘this isn’t going to work.’

Lol at the Customer telling the Tattoo Artist, ‘Not to get Persnickety’.  Who says that?  I mean that alone pretty much shows that she shouldn’t be getting a Tattoo.  That bit of ink is not going to fulfill her fantasy.

Bishop Eddie Long Discusses Sex Allegations



Today, Bishop Eddie Long addressed the Sexual Allegations that have been made against him today by 4 young men.   A few cameras were allowed inside his Church as he spoke to his Congregation at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church  in Lithonia, Georgia.   With this scandel being invested, there had been speculation that the Bishop would step down from his position.  But today, Bishop Long compared himself to  ”David’ preparing to fight Goliath’ and vowed to fight these allegations.  He also did not step down from his position.  Of course, we don’t know what is the truth yet, but time will surely tell.  Usually, where there’s smoke, there is fire, but you never know.  One thing that is certain is that this Bishop has his Church’s support.  He received a standing Ovation from the Congregation. 
Bishop Long and Wife Vanessa

Calling CPS in San Antonio, Texas….Please Respond!

This is some kind of ridiculous!  You just never know what you will see on your local bus these days.  A fight starts on a Bus line in San Antonio and three (or four?) Women go at it.  Just a typical day on the bus, right?  No, one of the ladies (and I use the word loosely) is holding her baby.  Not that the baby stops her, she goes for hers.

Really?  There is no regard for the baby from the Mother or the others.  No one cares!  The baby is probably used to such shenanigans and was just hoping that Mom didn’t get arrested (jk….I guess….seriously?)  again.  Alot of assumptions going on here, but you can see what I am working with.

Where is CPS when you need them?

Woman Arrested For Using Sex Toy While Driving……WTH??

Another Unbelievable but true story Folks! 

Colondra Hamilton, 36 caught  Police Officer Ross Gilbert’s attention when he noticed that her windows were illegally tinted.    Gilbert was shocked when he discovered that Colondra had her pants unzipped with a sex toy in her lap.  She probably didn’t see the Officer sneak up on her because she was distracted by the Porn Movie on a Lap Top that her Front seat Passenger was holding for her enjoyment.  Colondra admitted to the Officer that his suspicions were correct; she was using a sex toy as she watched porn while driving…… It was also reported that there was a crack pipe in the car.  I’m surprised that the crack pipe had to be found in the car.  It would seem to me that Colondra would have been smoking the crack while using the sex toy as she watched the porn movie while driving. 

Colondra was charged with ‘Driving with inappropriate alertness’ and for having tinted windows.  What exactly is driving with inappropriate alertness?  The Officer didn’t know either, but I’m sure that there wasn’t actually a code that he could acurately match to her offense, since nothing like this has ever been reported before.

Unbelievable but true. 


Woman Attacks McDonalds’ Worker over Chicken McNuggets!

 Vodpod videos no longer available. 


Another Unbelievable but true story!  On New Years Day, Melodi Dushane went ballistic on 2 McDonalds’ Workers.  She hit the Workers, cursed them out and eventually broke the Drive Through window, because she was so angry that McDonalds wasn’t serving Chicken McNuggets during Breakfast Time.  Dushane claims that she was drunk  (duh) and doesn’t remember the incident (sure).  I’m so tired of people not taking responsibility for their behavior.  Just because she was drunk, she doesn’t get a pass for acting up like this over some Chicken McNuggets!  I guess she didn’t see Supersize Me and see how McDonalds makes their Nuggets.  Once she sees that clip, she will never even think about eating a Chicken McNugget, let alone acting a fool over not being able to order some.      

LOL about the Commentary, because I could totally see her flipping the switch and blaming McDonalds for not posting their prices.      

Dushane was ordered to serve 60 days in Jail and pay McDonalds’ Window Repair.  She should have also been ordered to complete a 12 step-program.  Real Talk.  

Craigslist Casual Encounters Have to Stop!!!


Wow…..They can’t be serious, can they?  I still have not watched Inception yet, but I don’t think that Leonardo D’Caprio was trying to inspire all of this.    Really?  A mix of Lionel Richie and tongue action…..What in the world do the Volunteers look like?

Craigslist is out of control.  The craziest thing is that someone is going to respond in full Inception gear.  I don’t even want to think about what they will do to live out the fantasy!


Hot Mess of The Day!

Thanks Charlie!

All I can say is Wow!  I cannot even imagine what is going on here.  Even if it is Halloween….Wow!

Don’t Invite This Woman To Your Wedding!

OMG!  I couldn’t imagine if this happened at any Wedding I was at.  That girl would have probably been real scared after everything went down and my Peeps starting looking at her.

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