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Lady Gaga Threatens lawsuit over ‘Baby Gaga’ Breast Milk Ice C

Another Unbelievable but true story! Really? Lady Gaga may have to sue ‘The Ice Creamist Designer Ice Cream Parlor’ in Covent Garden, London, because they have marketed a new Ice Cream called ‘Baby Gaga’. That’s not so bad, right? Here is the gross unbelievable factor, the ice cream is supposed to be made with real breast milk. What? Where did they get the milk from? Who volunteers their breast milk to be an ingredient in ice cream?

Lady Gaga’s Lawyers are reporting that the flavor is ‘nausea inducing’. Well…..yes, I would have to believe so. Currently, the flavor is being investigated by the Health Department, so it is unavailable to the public.  More importantly…..who was buying it? I guess the ice cream is considered a delicacy (no doubt with all that Mother’s milk) and cost $22.50 a serving.   I cannot even make this up. There are some really nasty people out there! Who would eat ice cream with a stranger’s breast milk in it? EWWW

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Woman Falls in Fountain While Texting And Now She Wants to Sue!

Unbelievable but True Story!  Cathy Cruz Marrero was walking and texting through the Berkshire Mall in Reading PA when she walked into a fountain and fell in!  Now, she wants to sue the Mall, their  Security or Whoever for what she has suffered.  Really? 

Marrero has found an  Ambulance Chasing Lawyer to represent the injuries that she sustained.  What injuries you may ask?  She looks perfectly fine in the clip…..Marrero is suing for  the Emotional Pain that she suffered:

I didn’t get an apology, what I got was, ‘At least nobody knows it was you.’ But I knew it was me.”

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Half Time Show with One Man Village People Performance

I’m almost speechless about this unbelievable video.  Almost.  WTH????  This is the Half time show that was performed during the UConn Florida State game in Hartford, Conneticut on December 23rd.  The One Man extravaganza is a Las Vegas Performer (of course!) who came out and did his thing for the half time show. Okay, I will admit that this took some hard work and dedication to make this happen.  My question is why did he arrive at the decision that he should make life size dolls and dress them like the Village People and coordinate a dance with them.  I’m thinking way too much, but I have so many questions…..WTH!!!  My biggest question….what did the competition do  that he beat out for this spot?  They must have been a mess!

Idiot Man Glues Dildo to Girlfriend’s Head!

Hmmm…..Forbez DVD posted this video of this Man getting back his Girlfriend by using super strength industrial glue and gluing a Dildo to her head while she sleeps. Seriously? I couldn’t imagine anyone doing anything like this to anyone I know. I do know that the Culprit would’nt be sitting there with a video camera filming the whole thing while he laughs and then all of it ending up on the internet. I guess he got the right one…..because I would probably catch a case over this. Seriously!

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You Can Now Get Married At McDonalds!

Unbelievable but True.  Starting in January 2011, McDonalds in Hong Kong will be offering On-Site Wedding Ceremonies complete with Menu options that include wedding cakes mad out of Apple Pie or even Cheeseburgers. 

The Indepent reports:

McDonald’s Hong Kong director of corporate communications and relations Helen Cheung Yuen-ling said, according to the South China Morning Post on October 10, “Over the past two years, we’ve started receiving calls from people who want to have a wedding party in our restaurants. There are about 10 calls a month.

Many fast food chains have catered individual weddings in the past including Burger King, Taco Bell plus there is a small following of self-towered wedding cakes made with Krispy Kreme donuts, however McDonald’s Hong Kong is the world’s first to actively promote wedding services and cakes.A McWedding would cost about HK$ 2000-3000 (€185-278) and include a set menu or the possibility for guests to order during the event, a cake and gifts. Plus, in keeping with tradition French fries will replace the customary cherries “for the newlyweds to eat together and kiss.”

Okay, I don’t know who are the 10 people who were calling a month that prompted this move, but I think that it is safe to say that they need to get out a little more and experience some new things.  I will say this, a Wedding is definitely economic and would cost between $250-650 in America Dollars.  That considered, I think that I would just spend the extra money.  I cannot even imagine how irritated I would be if I receive a piece of Wedding cake that was made out of Cheeseburgers.  I am looking forward to seeing the pics from the first wedding.

Mel B’s Husband Beats Down 3 Men!

Hmmm….The Daily Mail is reporting that Mel B’s Husband  Stephan Belafonte beat down 3 Men (not 1, not 2, but…) at the 5 Star May Fair in London recently.  It seems that the two were enjoying themselves at the Hotel’s Amba Bar and Grill, heard another Customer make some derogatory  comments about his wife.   Fair to assume that  Mel B’s revealing outfits may have  started a commotion.

Mel B. is standing by her Man and points out that he was standing up for her.  Defending her honor went a long way.   Hotel Staff broke up the fight and the Police and an Ambulance was called.   DM reports that one man required Medical care.  Really?  I guess looks are deceiving.  I just don’t see Stephan as this fighting love machine and that they shag five times a day.  I just don’t see it, but I guess it’s true!

The pics are from the Sunday Screening of her Reality Show ‘Mel B: It’s a Scary World’ in London.   Later, they watched a fire breather Woman perform. 

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Calling CPS in San Antonio, Texas….Please Respond!

This is some kind of ridiculous!  You just never know what you will see on your local bus these days.  A fight starts on a Bus line in San Antonio and three (or four?) Women go at it.  Just a typical day on the bus, right?  No, one of the ladies (and I use the word loosely) is holding her baby.  Not that the baby stops her, she goes for hers.

Really?  There is no regard for the baby from the Mother or the others.  No one cares!  The baby is probably used to such shenanigans and was just hoping that Mom didn’t get arrested (jk….I guess….seriously?)  again.  Alot of assumptions going on here, but you can see what I am working with.

Where is CPS when you need them?

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