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You Can’t Fool The Babies!



Look how the babies loves Obama!

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John McCain opens the SNL Presidential Bash! 11/03/08

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Woman denies Trick or Treat candy to Obama Supporters!!


Another Unbelievable but true story.  Such ignorance!!!  I used to read other people’s blogs and they would call people stupid, idiots or imbeciles and I would say to myself, I’m not going to to do that.  Well, sometimes there is no other way to describe a person.

Shirley Nagel is an idiot.  This dummy actually denied candy to children whose parents support Obama.  No doubt, parents of both candidates must have thought that they were being tricked when they read the sign that Nagel posted outside of her home that read “No handouts for Obama supporters, liars, tricksters or kids of supporters”.  She actually opened the door with candy in her hands and asked the parents if they were voting for McCain and if they were she would not give them candy and said that “Obama was scary”  and when kids actually started crying because they were turned away, she stated ‘oh well, everyone has a choice’.  Yeah, Shirley someone is scary here, but it sure ain’t Obama.  She thinks that she is campaigning for McCain by doing this.  I mean what is the statement that she is making?  Does she actually think that by being incredibly mean to children will help McCain get elected?  Does she think that Obama supporters will change their vote on November 4th, because she was an imbecile to children on Halloween?  Again, I don’t know McCain, but I will bet money that he wishes that people will stop trying to help him with their antics.  Especially after the friendly for all appearance that he did on SNL last night, I don’t think that he wants crying children associated with the McCain campaign right now.  The neighbors of this Grosse Pointe Farms woman, Michigan woman are glad that this is an isolated incident and that stupidity did not strike more of their community.


SNL – John McCain Unveils his Strategy on Weekend Update!

John McCain fills in for Amy Poehler on the SNL News!  This is the second clip with John McCain.  Check on Mac Chronicles for other clip where John McCain opens the show with Tina Fey as Sarah Palin!

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John McCain and Tina Fey open SNL 11/1/08

Watch McCain and Tina Fey as Sarah Palin on the QVC! 11/1/08.  This is only the 1st clip, check on MAC Chronicles for the second clip where McCain unveils his new Strategies on the news with Seth Meyers.

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Hate Crime against Palin and McCain or Freedom of Speech? You decide!

This is really disturbing!  What is wrong with people?  It is just politics, it should not govern your life to lead you to do something like this to express yourself?  Well two West Hollywood men, Chad Michael Morrisette and his partner, Mito Aviles, both 28, say that they have the right to hang a manikin in Sarah Palin’s image by the neckand add an evil looking John McCain over the fireplace to complete the set.  Their neighbors hate it and want the display taken down.  But, It appears that they can keep it up because the Police Department say that their display is protected under the right to Free Speech.  WTF? 

 Also, why would anyone want to see this display posted out side of their home?  I don’t get it. anyway check it out….They say it is all in the spirit of Halloween!


John McCain on David Letterman 10/16/08

I am late posting this, but it is too good not to post!

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