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American Idol Recap 3/23/11


Tonight is Motown Night on American Idol.  I really want to believe that this should be the easiest night of the season!  The songs are so familiar that it should be a shoo in for the Contestants!  Should be!

This week is super important, because after this elimination, the top 10 will be named and we will see who will be on the 2011 tour.

A nice video package with Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson discussing the birth and growth of Motown Records.

The Contestants have over 400 songs to pick from with 50 #1 songs among them.   The Judges are super optimistic that the Contestants will score big tonight.  I’m hoping….

Steven says that Motown music is ‘Make out music’.  Never thought about that, but I guess he is right.

Casey Abrams:  He sang ‘ I heard it Through the Grapevine’ by the late great Marvin Gaye.  Casey says that he was raised with the Motown Sound; one of the benefits of having older parents.  I’m hoping that he can control some of that growl for Marvin’s sake.  Hmm…I was trying to be optimistic.  This show is going to be hard for me.   Marvin’s smooth crooning was such a staple, I don’t know if I am ready for this.  I guess it was okay, but I wasn’t in the zone.  The crowd is up on their feet for Casey.  Steven: loves him.  Perfect pitch and out of control ego.  Jlo: agrees and she likes that he is so specific to who he is.  She thinks that he is the guy right now.  Randy also agrees and he loves that he knows who he is and always does him and we loved him.  I guess I gotta rewind.  Casey was singing to a girl-friend of his in the audience.   Video

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American Idol Top 13 Recap 3/3/11!

Tonight, American Idol will have the largest amounts of cuts on in one show.  I cannot believe that the top 24 will be reduced to 12 tonight and then with the edition of the Wilcard, we will have our top 13.

40 million votes came in over the last two nights! 

Our Top 24 enter the room and at this point, it is anybody’s game.  In an unprecented move, American Idol will cut ½ of the Competition tonight.

More than likely, there will be 13 chosen tonight to advance.  America will pick the top 10 and then the Judges will pick 3 WildCards.

Videos and more recap after the jump!

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‘Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade’ Special Taped At Magic Kingdom

In these handout photos provided by Disney, Celebs got into the Holiday Spirit while taping the “Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade” at the Magic Kingdom on December 3, 2010 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The annual holiday telecast airs Dec. 25, 2010 on ABC-TV. Seacrest hosts the special from the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and Nick Cannon hosts from Disneyland Resort in California. Performers include Mariah Carey, Amber Riley, Selena Gomez, Lee DeWyze, Debby Ryan and Darius Rucker.

Mariah Carey shows off her growing baby bump as she performs in a Mrs. Claus outfit.  Cute Mommy to be!

Ryan Seacrest gets his pose on with Minnie

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Digital Death of Hollywood Celebrities For AIDS Fundraising

Many of Hollywood Celebrities have signed off of Twitter, Myspace and Facebook in a fundraising effort to raise money in support of finding a cure towards AIDS.  The fans can bring back their favorite  Celebs back to the Social Network Sites by making donations to for World AIDS Day on December 1st.   When the donations reach $1 million Dollars, The Stars will return to the sites.   This campaign is being Spearheaded by Alicia Keys and her Keep Child Alive Non-Profit.  The Celebrities participating in this movement include:  Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Usher, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Hudson, Ryan Seacrest, Elijah Wood, Serena Williams, Swizz Beatz, P Diddy, Serena Williams, Janelle Monae, Kimberly Cole, David LaChapelle, Daphne Guinness and Bronson Pelletier. 

I’m sure that they will be successful in reaching their goals.  Laying in the coffin is a little creepy to me, but I definitely admire their efforts and commitment.

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American Idol Season 10 Judges Announced

Ryan Seacrest announced the American Idol Season 10 Judges today in a Press Conference.   We’ve been hearing the rumors for months, but it is finally confirmed: Singer and Actress Jennifer Lopez and Aerosmith Frontman Steven Tyler will round out the AI Judges with Randy Jackson.  Alot of changes in the last year for the Popular Reality show, I hope that these shifts work.  I definitely think that Jennifer will be up for the Diva role, although she is adamant that she will not be a Diva.  Uh huh, right Jen!

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American Idol Finals Recap 5/19/09


It’s that special time of the Season.  Tonight the American Idol Finals Performances!  It’s down to Adam Lambert and Kris Allen to battle it out.

Ryan said that it was down to The Guy Next Door VS. They Guy liner?  Ouch!

I guess tonight must be special, because Randy has on a suit of some sort.  Very strange suit with purple stripes with polka dots?  Not sure what that is about.

Adam and Kris come out and are welcomed by a crowd of screaming fans.  Kris won the coin toss last week and is choosing to perform last.

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American Idol Results 5/13/09


Ben Stiller and his crew did a little Funny skit to open the show and let us know that the American Idol Desk that the Judges sit at is going to be part of the Smithsonian.  Over 88 million votes came in last night and only 1 million votes are separating the top two. 

They aired the Ford Music Video of the week ‘Break My Stride’.  Is it me or have the Ford Videos gotten considerably better this season?

Alicia Keyes came out to explain more about what the ‘Keep a Child Alive’ Foundation is doing .  Alicia introduced the next performer Nola- a child living with Aids who has a dream of making an album more.    But before he performed, Alicia encouraged everyone to please text the word  ‘Alive’ to  90995 and they will charge $5 to your mobile bill that wil benefit the foundation.  Nola came out and sang a Reggae version of  ‘The Greatest’  Total cuteness!

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