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American Idol Recap 4/20/11

The top 7 will sing Music of the 21st Century tonight!  Yes….They have a million songs to sing from, let’s hope that they choose wisely!

The Top 13 reunite tonight to sing ‘So What’ by Pink.  The Girls actually sound really good.  Then…..Enter Paul.  He’s got on one of his flowered suits, so I will forgive the off-key that he has going.  Right now the only one who really means these lyrics is Pia, because she totally blew up after getting eliminated.  Actually, getting eliminated was probably the best thing that has happened to her since getting on American Idol.  And her ‘friend’ Mark Ballas is in the audience.  Pia will be singing a song on Dancing With The Stars for a routine that her ‘friend’ Mark choreographed.  Video

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American Idol Recap 4/14/11

Ryan says that over 53 million votes came in last night. 

Idol Duet

Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery sing ‘American Honey’.  They do an excellent job and they sound like something off the radio.  Both of them can definitely be Country Superstars!   I think that Scotty has a little ‘Justin Bieber’ in him because he is winking at the girls and feeling himself.  Ha!   Video

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American Idol Recap 4/13/11


The show starts off with the footage of Pia being eliminated last week.    I was surprised that she went home, but I am more surprised at the amount of attention the elimination captured during this past week.  As Ryan tells us each week “Every vote counts” and if you don’t know… you know!  American Idol really wants us to know and understand that when our favorite goes home, it is our fault!

Ryan Congratulates Jennifer Lopez for landing the #1 spot at the People Magazine as the World’s Most Beautiful.  Hubby Mark Anthony is in the house to support his lovely wife.  Nice.  Ryan contines to have fun with Jlo throughout the night referencing to her #1 status.

Paula Abdul is at home hella pissed tonight.  Her refusal to come back to American Idol has renewed Jlo in so many ways!

Recap and Videos after he jump!

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American Idol Recap 4/6/11

The Idols will honor The  Artists of  the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame through song.  They will be assisted by Jimmie Lovine, Will I Am and Ryan Tedder with the production of their tracks.  Gwen Stefani is there to help them with their fashion and style!  Nice!

Jacob Lusk:   He started out trying to sing ‘Let’s Get it On’ by Marvin Gaye, but he had to let  that go, because he could not sing a song about doing the ‘nasty’.  Hahahha!  Who says that?  He changed to  ‘Man in the Mirror’ by Michael Jackson.  Jacob got a little cocky and stated that if his performance isn’t appreciated, then that will mean that America is not able to to look at themselves in the mirror.  Really?  Jacob has an ego!  Wait?  Is that Siedah Garrett (she wrote the song) on the stage singing with him?  Nice touch.  This song fit him and I am glad that he was feeling it.  Nice job.   Steven calls Sedah back out who modestly.  Steven:  Everytime you sing, you bring a little bit more of the party.  Jlo:  You make everybody know that if you believe in yourself, you can do anything.  Beautiful and perfect.  Randy:  He loved that he was true to his moral conviction and he had to do him.  He is so proud of him.  He has found his Jacob moment.  Jacob moments all over it.      Video   866.436.3701

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American Idol Recap 3/24/11

Last night’s Motown Night pushed the Idol Hopefuls to bring some of our favorite Soulful songs  to the Competition.

Over 30 million votes came in last night.  Ryan promises that we may be shocked.

Tonight Sugarland and American Idol Alum Jennifer Hudson are the Guests.

The Contestants have had a problem with their pitchiness over the past weeks.  Mark Anthony came by to assist the Contestants with their pitchiness.  He gave them a crash course on how to perform in front of large audiences.  Last night, Mark came in to watch backstage and see if his critique helped.  He didn’t always agree with Jlo’s advice last night (she will deal with him later on that one).   American Idol definitely came up when they got Jlo, because Mark Anthony is a huge perk.  He is there tonight…..wait is that Ice T next to him?   Video

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American Idol Recap 3/23/11


Tonight is Motown Night on American Idol.  I really want to believe that this should be the easiest night of the season!  The songs are so familiar that it should be a shoo in for the Contestants!  Should be!

This week is super important, because after this elimination, the top 10 will be named and we will see who will be on the 2011 tour.

A nice video package with Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson discussing the birth and growth of Motown Records.

The Contestants have over 400 songs to pick from with 50 #1 songs among them.   The Judges are super optimistic that the Contestants will score big tonight.  I’m hoping….

Steven says that Motown music is ‘Make out music’.  Never thought about that, but I guess he is right.

Casey Abrams:  He sang ‘ I heard it Through the Grapevine’ by the late great Marvin Gaye.  Casey says that he was raised with the Motown Sound; one of the benefits of having older parents.  I’m hoping that he can control some of that growl for Marvin’s sake.  Hmm…I was trying to be optimistic.  This show is going to be hard for me.   Marvin’s smooth crooning was such a staple, I don’t know if I am ready for this.  I guess it was okay, but I wasn’t in the zone.  The crowd is up on their feet for Casey.  Steven: loves him.  Perfect pitch and out of control ego.  Jlo: agrees and she likes that he is so specific to who he is.  She thinks that he is the guy right now.  Randy also agrees and he loves that he knows who he is and always does him and we loved him.  I guess I gotta rewind.  Casey was singing to a girl-friend of his in the audience.   Video

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American Idol Top 13 Recap 3/3/11!

Tonight, American Idol will have the largest amounts of cuts on in one show.  I cannot believe that the top 24 will be reduced to 12 tonight and then with the edition of the Wilcard, we will have our top 13.

40 million votes came in over the last two nights! 

Our Top 24 enter the room and at this point, it is anybody’s game.  In an unprecented move, American Idol will cut ½ of the Competition tonight.

More than likely, there will be 13 chosen tonight to advance.  America will pick the top 10 and then the Judges will pick 3 WildCards.

Videos and more recap after the jump!

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American Idol Recap 2/24/11


The top 40 started the elimination process last night and tonight, we will finish the journey to revealing the top 24.  So far, we have 5 Contestants whose dreams came true and 5 whose hearts were broken.  American Idol shows a recap of last night and I was reminded of the Academy Award performance  that JLo gave last night.  I really do admire her acting skills (true statement, she had me at Selena).  JLo was crying last night  like someone just told her that her twins are in danger.  Come on now, she just met these kids!  JLo is able to pull it together and continue with the cuts.

Karen Rodriguez: She is very excited and I honestly hope that she makes it through, because I like her energy and her voice.   She sang  a song from Selena that would speak to Jennifer’s tender heart .  JLo is loving it, but she points out that during the course of the competition, she has lost her way, she says that this  was a tough one for us….You’re inYes!  Jlo says that Karen had her when she sang her song ‘If you had my love’.   JLo laughs at the reasoning of Karen singing her song and says ‘It was a number one song, she ain’t no dummy’.  Hahaha!  Video

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American Idol Recap 2/23/11

61 hopefuls are still in the competition hoping that they will make it to the top 24 tonight!

The Idols will perform a Beatles song tonight and they need to nail it to advance.  Can we say ‘pressure’?

The show starts with the Contestants on buses on their way to Vegas.  1/3 of the contestants will be cut tonight.  Last night, they formed into duos or trios.

A lot of stress and tears as they prepare for their performance!  Lauren Alaina is really tearful and worried about going home.  yeah right, Alaina would have to forget all of the words and tell Jlo that she can outsing her for her to get sent home tonight.  That’s just my thoughts.

Videos and the rest of the recap after the jump

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American Idol Recap: Group Round 2/16/11


Group Round is always the most challenging on American Idol, because most of these contestants have never sang with a group of people and if they have, they have never sung with a perfect stranger.  The contestants are going to be tested to prove how resilient they are. 

American Idol always has a trick up their sleeve.  The contestants  who won on Day one decided to get a jump on the group round and they started forming groups and practicing right away.  The got a shock when they learned that their groups had to be a mixture of day one and day two people, so they had to regroup.  This development was probably Ryan’s idea.  This is when things get  cutthroat.  

Various contestants are trying to get accepted into any group, but it is pretty difficult to get in.  They actually have to audition their way in and there is no mercy from the group members.  Tiffany Rios (who is the obnoxious girl from last week) cannot buy her way into a group.  She is finally able to find a nice girl named Jessica to have mercy on her and form a duo.  Duh!  You don’t insult everyone in the competition and then think that someone will want to have you in their group!  She says that she is a choreographer and she is amazed that no one wants her.  16 year old Scotty McCreery and 15 year old Jaycee also cannot find  groups .  Finally, everyone finds a group and now they can concentrate on trying to blend their styles in. 

One thing that is different this year is that we have alot of Stage Moms on the scene, since there are so many 15 year olds needing to be monitored.

Videos after the jump…

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