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SNL: Mark Wahlberg Talks to Christmas Animals

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I guess this is SNL’s subtle way of letting Mark Wahlberg know that they don’t think that he can act… all!!!

SNL Spoof: Obama & The Party Crashers!

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This was the best spoof of the night!  Saturday Night Live pretty much sums up how ridiculous it is that the Party Crashers made it into the WH State Dinner and took pictures with everyone and their Mama.  Funny Stuff!

SNL- Alec Baldwin as Tony Bennett

Alec nails Tony Bennett in this spoof!

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Bill does not want to screw Hillary!

Bill Clinton sets the record straight on Hillary’s Sec of State appointment!!!

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Tina Fey is retiring her Sarah Palin Impersonation on SNL!



Say it isn’t so!  Tina Fey is going to retire her inner Sarah?  Noooo!!!  She does Sarah Palin better than Sarah Palin does.  I would much rather watch Tina Fey!  She is so hilarious, but hey, we knew that this day was coming.  Now that the election is over are we actually going to be privy to Sarah Palin interviews for Fey to spoof anyway?  But Fey’s main reason that she will not portray Tina anymore:

“I have to retire just because I have to do my day job,” reveals the creator and star of NBC’s 30 Rock (which experienced a 20 percent ratings uptick for its Oct. 30 season premiere). “I think [Kristen] Wiig would do a really good job.” As for whether there’ll be an official Palin torch passing, she says, “Maybe we could get a real torch. Or I could give Wiig the Palin wig.”

Guess again Tina.  I don’t even know who Kristen is, but there is no way she should try to come up after Fey.  She nailed it!


Sarah Palin on SNL Presidential Bash 11/03/08

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This was interesting.   She seemed to be very uncomfortable, it could have been funny, but her delivery was waaaay off.

John McCain opens the SNL Presidential Bash! 11/03/08

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