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Celebrities Attends the UK premiere of new film “Burlesque” in London

Celebrities attended  the UK premiere of  new film “Burlesque”, held at the Empire Leicester Square in London. 

Christina Aguilera was looking quite vampish and curvy as can be! 

Cher rocked some new hair…..Hmmm…..I’m hoping that this is a wig.  Cher’s natural color is soooo much better!

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Christina Aguilera’s ‘Express’ Video Will Look Like This…


I cannot wait for ‘Burlesque’ to hit the Big Screen.   Here is a sneak Peak of what Christina will be offering  to her fans.  Christina and Cher belting out songs just makes me happy at the thought of it!


Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie’s ‘Me Time’

Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie were seen entering the Voyeur Nightclub in West Hollywood, CA  on July 22nd.  Looks like the two Mommies left their Toddlers at home an had a little fun time out.



American Idol Results 5/26/10!!!! The Winner is…

Alright! The finale is finally here!  I honestly don’t know who will take it, because both Crystal and Lee deserve it.

Ryan says that less than 2% separate the finalists after the votes came in last night.  Wow!!!  Either way, we know that they both have a record deal.

Ryan introduces the Judges and while everyone focuses on Simon and that this is his last night on American Idol, I am more focused on Randy’s Wardrobe…..WTH?  Every season, he dresses up for the finale and he is a mess, year after year. 

Ryan checks in Toledo, Ohio where Crystal Fans are going crazy.   In Mt Prospect Illinois, Lee’s fans are equally excited.

The Top 12 take the stage and perform ‘School’s Out’. Well at least this will be the last of the group performances for the year.   Orianthi is playing the guitar.  Okay, this is just wierd now…They have all of these school Kids looking like Goth Vampires…Oh, Alice Cooper takes the stage.  I guess that explains the make-up.  Video

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Christina Aguilera Filming ‘Burlesque’

I’m really  looking forward to seeing Christina Aguilera on The Big Screen.  Here she is on location in Hollywood filming ‘Burlesque’


Celebrities Come together for ‘Hope For Haiti’ Global Benefit

Celebrities came together to participate in a Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief  for Haiti.  The event was broadcasted in three locations: The Kaufman Studios in New York, CBS Television Studios in Los Angeles and at The Hospital Club in London.  The Event was given by MTV studios in an effort to provide Relief for the Millions of Haitians devastated by the 7.1 Earthquake last week.  Big name celebrities donated their time and performed Inspirational Music (available for purchase on Itunes).  All Celebrities clearly checked their egos at the door.  Well Done!   For more information on how to donate, Click Here

Mary J. Blige


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Celebrities Celebrate Halloween 2009!

It looks like many Celebrities had a great time time this Halloween!  Many attended Mariah Carey’s Party at the M2 Ultra Lounge in NYC and some were partying it up in Vegas or Los Angeles.  One thing is clear is that they take the day pretty seriously, by the looks of some of these costumes.

CoCo and Rihanna got sexy at Mariah’s Party.

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