Melanie Moore wins SYTYCD Season 8!!!

Sasha Mallory takes 2nd place!

Marko Gemar takes 3rd!

Tadd Gaddaung takes 4th place!

Great night of entertainment tonight!  I always enjoy seeing the Judge’s favorite performances of the season and the lead up to the winner.

Here’s the recap!

The show opened with the group routine to Don’t you Wanna Get Hyped by District 78.    This is some serious choreography.  I’m thinking that this has to be some Sonya Tayek’s  work.  My niece offers up one word to sum this dance up:  Awesome!  She is right!  And so am I.  This is Sonya’s work!  Video


Our Judges tonight for the finale are Lil C, Robin Antin, Tyce Diorio, Sonya Tayek, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe.  I heart all of these Judges.

Cat has the final four come out and reminds us that the prize that they stand to win is $250,000 and to be featured in a Gatorade print series ad. 

The Judges offer the Contestants some words of encouragement.  Most noted, Nigel apologizes for his rude comments that he made last night that the guys don’t have a chance against the girls tonight.  I said it too, but he was really dismissive and all the world can hear him, so there is a huge difference.  I’m sure Marko and Tadd’s fans probably blew him up last night on Facebook and Twitter.  Lol.

Judge’s Picks

Mary’s pick:  She picks Sasha and Kent performing Tyce Diorio’s Full of Me routine (You Made a) Fool of Me.  Ridiculously fantabulous.

Flashback footage from the auditions and we get to see the ‘passion’ of  Nigel and Mary’s kissin’ cousin moments this season.  It always trips me out when someone just plants a kiss on someone, because they felt led to do so.  That wouldn’t go over well.  Nigel claims that the passion that Melanie and Marko had when they performed Napolean and Tabs’ I got you routine sparked his kiss….Yeah….. right.    Both Marko and Melanie were awesome in this one. 

Robin’s  pick:  She picked Mandy Moore’s Another one bites the Dust routine performed by Tadd and Lauren.  I love this.  The Michael Jackson moves to Queen’s music is genius.  Love it!

 Lil C’s pick:  The Buckest routine:  Nappy and Tabs’ Hip Hop Routine Let Me get that with Robert and Miranda.

Tyce Diorio’s Top 8 Circus Routine Made Cat Cry and it is her pick.  This one kind of freaked me out a little.

UK Winner of SYTYCD Matt Flint  performs with Jess and Nick to Michael Buble’s Can’t buy me love.  This is Tapp dancing extraordinaire!  Nigel thought this was one of the most exciting routines that he has ever seen and I have to agree.  Video

Mary’s picksMandy Moore choreography to Total Eclipse of my Heart performed by  Melanie and Neil.  This was gorgeous!

Jesse’s picks:  Marko and Allison performed a Sonya Tayek routine I know it’s over

Tyce Pick:  Sonya Tayek routine performed by Top 10 girls.  The Geisha girls.

Footage of last night’s performances.   All of these Dancers have excelled throughout the Season.  I love them all. 


11.5 million votes came in last night!   Cat announces that Tadd is the first to leave the competition tonight!!!  Video

Melanie, Marko and Sasha are safe!

Judge’s picks

Lil C’s PickChris and Ashley performing Spencer Liff routine Please Mr. Jailer.  Such a sassy number.

The Top 4 meet Glee’s Heather Morris, Harry Shum Jr and Naya Rivera.  Melanie, Sasha, Marko and Tadd are given passes to  attend the Glee 3d  movie premiere.   Video

Nigel’s pick:  Spencer Liff’s routine with Sasha and Twitch performing a very hot Soggy Corn Flakes routine to Dorothy Moore’s Misty Blue.  This was so ridiculously funky…and I still think that there may have been something going on between Sasha and Twitch.

Sonya’s pickChris Scott’s Hip Hop routine Top Ten Guys’ The Matrix routine.

Jesse’s Pick:  Argentine Tango  performed by Caitlin and Pasha.

Mary’s Pick:  Marko and Melanie performing Travis Walls Contemporary piece Turn to stone.  Return to stone.


The Dancer who leaves the show in 3rd place is MarkoVideo

Both Marko and Tadd are cursing Nigel out for possibly leading the vote away from them.

Final Eliminations

Before the announcement, we see Footage of Melanie and Sasha’s SYTYCD journey.  Nigel is right, these two can go anywhere and be Stars!  They are Beautiful Dancers!

Melanie wins SYTYCD with 47 % of the votes!  She deserves it!  I’m Happy for her!