The Show starts with the Pros performing  to Jennifer Lopez’s  ‘On the Floor’Video

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Our three Athletes’ performances are recapped.

Hines Ward earned a 23 score for his Quickstep and he is safe!

Chris Jericho earned a 23 for his Quickstep and he is safe!

Sugar Ray Leonard earned a 17 for his Jive and we are left in suspense, they are still in jeopardy.


Guest Performance

Chris Brown performed ‘Yeah 3x’  and in light of his latest controversy, he definitely brought his ‘A’ game.  Chris Incorporated a little Michael Jackson in his performance.  I hope that he gets control of his issues, because this boy is meant to be a Star.  Video


3 Actors are on the chopping block.

Kirstie Alley scored a 20 for her fabulous Quickstep and she is safe!

Chelsea’s Jive was not well received and she scored an 18 and they are safe!

Ralph Macchio’s Jive scored him a 21 and kept him at the top of the litre board and he is safe (Duh….winning)


Backstage Footage:

Brooke talks to Chelsea & Mark, Ralph & Karina and Kirstie & Maks about how happy they are that they made it through.

 We see some Footage and introduction of the DWTS Troupe who will be performing throughout the Season.    Video      Video


Romeo pleased Len with his Quickstep and with a score of 23, he is safe!

Mike Catherwood improved with a score of 17 and his fate is still in Jeopardy!

We learn a little about how our Stars have bonded with their Partners.

Guest Performance

Chris Brown performs his #1 hit Forever.  I know this is his hit, but whenever I hear it, all I can think of is that You tube video that inspired The Office to spoof their Wedding scene.  Hilarious!  Video


Backstage Footage

Brooke speaks to Petra, Wendy and Kendra backstage about their anxiety.

Wendy improved this week with her Quickstep and earned a 17 and she is in jeopardy!

Petra’s Jive had mixed reviews and she earned an 18 and she is safe.

Kendra shined with her pleasing Quickstep and she earned a 19 and she is safe.


Final Elimations:

Wendy and Tony are the first couple back in the competition.

Len has great respect for Sugar Ray and Mike & he admires how hard they have worked and he feels that they have done a great job.

Sugar Ray is safe!

Mike and Lacey leave the Competition!  He is very gracious with his speech that he rehearsed earlier today (I’m sure that he knew) and he exits a Gentleman.  Well done!  Video