Week Two of DWTS will bring about our first eliminations. Based on performances from last week, I would say that Wendy Williams and Mike Catherwood will have the biggest challenges tonight. 23 Million tuned in last week.

Sugar Ray Leonard & Anna: They danced the Jive. Last week, the Judges were kind of hard on Sugar, although I thought that he did pretty well.  In practice, Sugar struggled to own the dance.   Tonight, his number was a cute and  high energy routine. Sugar definitely is the crowd pleaser when he performs and he is incredible likable. I think the Judges will ding him on low energy legs though.  It is interesting, because he moves alot like Sugar Shane Mosley did and I’m thinking that it must be a’ fighter thing’.   Len: You have to make the most of it  and on that performance, I think you are in jeopardy. The entertainment was fantastic, but it  lacked refinement.   Bruno: Pleasant to watch, needs more punch and tightness in the feet. Needs to comeback and kick it. Carrie Ann:  You are so engaged when you dance.   She does agree with the other Judges, his  lower bottom is not as pristine in the movements. He has to get his dancing skills up to his jabbing moves (quick and pristine).    (MAC-7) Carrie Ann: 6, Len-5, Bruno-6= 17 Total Score of 34 out of 60.  Video

Kendra and Louis:  They danced the Quickstep.  Kendra struggled with being a lady and a delicate flower in practice; she is a self-proclaimed Tomboy.  She was moved to tears as she discussed trying to leave behind  her Playboy mansion image and being someone she never thought that she could be.  I think that Kendra can stop crying about such matters, becasue she danced her behind off.  She did have a bit of a fumble when she did one dip, but she worked hard in practice and it showed.  Bruno:  It is very tough being a Lady.  He thinks she was trying so hard that she couldn’t portray the style correctly.  Carrie Ann:  She showed more than learning the choreography;  she showed elegance.  Len:  Postrure was a bit hit or miss.  Improvement in the movement throughout the dance.  Overall, excellent job.  Well done.  (MAC- 7)  Carrie Ann-7, Len-6, Bruno-6=  19   37  out of 60.  Video

Chelsea and Mark:  They danced the Jive.  In practice, it was confirmed for me that Mark seems to flirt like crazy with every partner that he has.  He also promise to bring a new spin to the Jive.  Hmmm…..I don’t know what Len will say about this, because it is a bit too weird for the Jive.  I don’t know why the Dancers try to sneak in some unconventional choreogaphers on Len.  Does that ever really work?  That aside, I think that Chelsea moved exceptionlly well and the choreography was difficult, although it really didn’t seem like the Jive.  Carrie Ann:  She loves choreography like that, but there is a time and a place for that and this was not it.  She wanted to see her do the Jive.  Len:  Mark ….  too much messing about, not enough dance content.  This girl as potential, but  not with dancing like that.  Bruno:  liked the weird and wonderful side of it.  …like lolita in a clockwork orange.  She has talent, he doesn’t disagree with the other judges, but he really enjoyed it.  (MAC)  Carrie Ann-6, Len-5 , Bruno-7     39 out of 60.  Video

Chris J. and Cheryl:  They danced the Quickstep.  In practice, Chris struggled to hold his frame and Cheryl proved to be the hardest Coach he has ever had.  Chris got kind of deep in rehearsal and I think he has performed on a stage or two.  For tonight’s performance: Kudos to Cheryl for going conventional and picking great music and getting us in the mood before they even get started dancing. Loved it!   They are so light and graceful on their feet.  Great performance.  They received a standing O.  Len:  Takes his hat off to him.  He expected him to plod around the floor.  But it was light and breezy.  Well done.  Bruno:  Likes a man who responds to strict leadership.  He responded well to the dominatrix.  Carrie Ann: is loving her some Chris Jericho right now.  (MAC-9)  Carrie Ann- 8, Len-7, Bruno-8= 23 out of 30   42 out of 60.  Video

Petra and Dmitry:  They danced the Jive.  Petra had to really work to conquer her fear of  falling down.  Always the clever Teacher, Dmitri took her to a gym to practice falling on a trampoline.  Hmm….this one was just okay for me.  Although it was flirty and fun, it was also awkward.  Petra seemed like she was counting while she danced, but she had fun; so points for that.   Her long legs were challenged on the high energy kicks, but I think that the Judges forgive her for that.   Bruno:  This girl can go to Uptown girl to floozy at the drop of the hat.  She has to work on her core strength.  Carrie Ann:  thought her kicks were great.  She agrees with Bruno that Petra will have to work on her core strength.  Len:  It’s a fatal combination:  Short skirt, long legs and bad technique, but she did it beautifully (does that make any sense?).  Petra kisses all of  the Judges.  (MAC-6)  Carrie Ann-6, Len-6, Bruno-6=   36 out of 60.  Video

Kirstie and Maks:  They danced the Quickstep.  In practice, Kirstie struggled with the obvious of being quick for the Quickstep.  She is hoping to be confident in heself, no matter what weight she is and she has figured out that to reach her goal weight, she has to reach the finals.  This is an enjoyable performance.  The music could have been better.    Carrie Ann– You’re so in your element.  She loves watching her dance.  The connection between her and Maks is unstoppable.  Fabulous.  Len- Most light and fluffy, lost energy, but it was good, wasn’t great.  Bruno:  Don’t worry about the weight, because you have talent.  Started beautifully, but it wilted in the middle and never quite recovered.    (MAC-8)  Carrie Ann-7, Len-6, Bruno- 7   43 out of  60.  Video

Tom jokes that Len is a bit cranky and he thinks that he needs his  blood sugar checked.  Lol, Len is pretty cranky!

Mike and Lacey:  He danced the Jive.  Mike had the lowest score last week.  He hopes to explode in Bruno and Len’s face with his fiery dance moves (lol).  Mike plans on dancing off his you know what off.  There is something endearing about Mike.  He is tons better than last week, but he  would have to be.  He definitely has worked hard on this, because he was acually on beat.  Len:  Better than last week, but don’t get exited.  It was flying all over the place like a wasp at a picnic, but Len was smiling all the way through it.    Bruno: some moments were very very good.  He looked like a fly stuck on fly paper.  Carrie Ann:  She was impressed at times, but he has to be consistent the whole performance.  (MAC-5),  Carrie Ann-6, Len-5, Bruno-6= 17    30 out of 60Video

Romeo and Chelsie:  He danced the Quickstep.  He struggled wth figuring how to be a Gentleman and controlling his flirting.  I think that Romeo did really well with this dance.  It’s funny though, this song ‘You are the one that I want’ from Grease would have ben perfect for the Jive.   Bruno:  You are the one to watch.  He loved the transitions.  Great musicality.  Can improve on the posture.  Carrie Ann:  Can be a little more formal.   Len:  That was the best dance of the night!  I liked it (what you say).  (MAC-9) Carrie Ann-7, Len-8, Bruno-8= 23    42 out of 60.  Video

Wendy and Tony:  They dancd the Quickstep.   Wendy has to bring it tonight and  in practice, she struggled with mastering the moves inspite of her massive boobs.  Wendy was definitely better tonight, but I don’t know how quick the steps were.  I was falling asleep in the midde.  Carrie Ann–  Wendy definitely improved.  In the middle got low, but bounced back.  Len:  it was an improvement.  Bruno:  Starting to have some good movement.  A step in the right direction.    (MAC-6)  Carrie Ann-6, Len-5, Bruno-6= 17    31 out of 60Video

Ralph and Karina:  They danced the Jive .  Ralph was the top scorer last week and he is hoping that he doesn’t embarrass his kids at this point.  He brought in his family for support and critiques.  Cute.  After tonight’s performance, all I can say is that Ralph is in this to win it.  Even though, he was a little wild at times;  this was the best  Jive of the night.  He  had pretty good kicks and that is what we want to see in the Jive.  Standing O.  Len– It was Ok, it was too overdone.  He attacked a little too much and it got too frenzy a bit.  He tells the Audience to shut up as they criticize his comments.  Bruno:  Has a huge likeability quality, but Len is right.  Kicks not as sharp,  needs to watch those hands.  Very pleasing to watch.  Carrie Ann:  You have to be sharper, but you’re so much fun to watch.  (MAC-7)  Carrie Ann-7, Len- 7, Bruno- 7= 21   45 out of 60.   Video

Hines and Kym:  They danced the Quickstep.  Hines taught Kym some slang during their rehearsals  Funny stuff.  Hines definitly brought it tonight.   Bruno: Forget about Part time lover.  You can be a full time dancer.  You Led with ease, confidence.  He liked the fine details.   Carrie Ann:  His posture and technique left her speechless.  Len:  Frame was terrific.  Loved it.  (MAC-8)  Carrie Ann-8 ,Len-7, Bruno-8  23  44 out of 60.   Video

Weak Links:  Petra, Mike, Wendy